‘It’s theirs now’: Border agents concede N.M. mountain to Cartel control

A video posted by reliable Fox News reporter Matt Finn shows illegal immigrants ravaging a mountain in Sunland Park, New Mexico, while Border Patrol agents apparently won’t defend it, calling the mountain the Cartel’s.

Finn wrote in the video post, “Unbelievable. A Border Patrol agent in Sunland Park, NM just told us a mountain in the United States is ‘not ours’ anymore. ‘It’s theirs.’ Referring to Cartels.  We literally spent five minutes on Mt. Cristo Rey and a group of illegals breezed by.”

Mt. Cristo Rey is adorned by a 29-foot-tall statue of Jesus, which was erected in 1940 after the vision of Fr. Lourdes Costa “ who in 1933 after looking out the back window of his residence in the community of Smeltertown, envisioned erecting a monument at the summit of this glorious mountain.” 

Since the purchase of the mountain and the building of the Jesus statue, Mt. Cristo Rey has become a holy place for Catholics for generations.

But the criminal illegal immigration seeping across the border by way of the mountain has led to vandalism and desecration. Vandalism and gang-related graffiti have scourged the holy place.

Ruben Escandon Jr., vice president and spokesman for the Mount Cristo Rey Restoration Committee, told KFOX 14, “I continuously question why they were not going to put up a fence on the Southside directly behind the monument and their answer was the terrain was too treacherous.”

“The price tag to fix damages and restore Mt. Cristo Rey is between $15,000 to $20,000, according to Escandon. The restoration committee depends heavily on donations, which are often collected during the annual pilgrimages done in October,” the outlet reported.

The illegal immigration scourge, which amped up again after Joe Biden was inaugurated in 2021, has gotten to its worst peak in the history of the country. States like Texas have done their part to stem the flow into their state, but with the robust actions in Texas, illegal immigrants are now flowing through New Mexico, with Border Patrol apparently not able to stem the illegal flow on Mt. Cristo Rey.


54 thoughts on “‘It’s theirs now’: Border agents concede N.M. mountain to Cartel control”

  1. I say take all the democrats and the republicans who will not protect our homeland at the southern border, and remove them from office as fast as possible, or Mount Cristo Rey will not the last thing taken here in New Mexico by the Cartels and the Illegals. We are losing our nation and it is all because of the politicians who will not do their job to protect our borders. Here me Michelle Lujan Grisham and ll You stupid democrats? Nothing good will come from this, and we will see a huge spike in Fentenal desths coming to your neightborhood soon.

      1. MLG and all the other politicians don’t hear you because you are not their voting demographic. They will only take action when one of their loved ones is harmed. The hell with the rest of us.

        1. Clare A May, retired

          Wrong. No action taken even then. Only when it is actually her and her alone. Then, and only then if she ends up dead will any action be taken…and then? Itll be a big funeral and thatll be it.

          And then ?

          Then it will be back to what it is now.

          There isnt a nice solution left on the table to stop illicit immigration.

          If we give Mexico 20 billion dollars a year? Sure…something might happen until Mexico needs another 20 billion dollars…and then Mexico can give it to Cuba and Venezula.

          Since we can give 20 billion dollars which is right now at AMLO ‘s request… (el comadante de mejico) we certainly can give another 20 billion dollars a year or every 6 months for that matter because thats what friendly neighbors do in todays feel good unicorn left liberal majority democrat political party rule.
          SARCASIM people…thats sarcasim…

      2. Yeah, sure, the Hart-Cellar immigration act of 1966 and the Reagan Amnesty of 1986 were done by Biden and Mayorkas.

        1. Desdichado, you might want to check your facts: The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965, also known as the Hart–Celler Act was passed by the 89th Congress when both chambers had a Democratic supermajority, and with the election of President Lyndon B. Johnson (D) to his own term in office, maintaining an overall federal government trifecta. This is the last time Democrats or any party had a 2/3rd supermajority in the Senate.

          The Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA or the Simpson–Mazzoli Act) was passed by the 99th Congress and signed into law by U.S. President Ronald Reagan on November 6, 1986.

          The Immigration Reform and Control Act altered U.S. immigration law by making it illegal to hire illegal immigrants knowingly and establishing financial and other penalties for companies that employed illegal immigrants. The act also legalized most illegal immigrants who had arrived in the country prior to January 1, 1984.

          You might also look at the actual and relative numbers of “immigrants”, particularly those before roughly 183 here: https://www.migrationpolicy.org/programs/data-hub/charts/immigrant-population-over-time

          BTW, The term “immigrants” (also known as the foreign born) refers to people residing in the United States who were not U.S. citizens at birth. This population includes naturalized citizens, lawful permanent residents (LPRs), certain legal nonimmigrants (e.g., persons on student or work visas), those admitted under refugee or asylee status, and persons illegally residing in the United States).

          Thank you for your irrelevant and misleading opinions masquerading as facts.

    1. I agree!!! And deport all those Dems and RINOs, along with every illegal country invader. Take this damn country back using whatever means is necessary.

      1. I AGREE. Set up a firing gallery, show some strength and real protection for America. Just as what was done in the Watts riots. Didn’t take long to get things under control.

      1. And you’re a typical idiot democrat. Evil is in your heart, Joe. You will have to answer for your part in this invasion.

          1. The next battle will be in your front yard and living room and with some of these very criminal aliens you seem so intent on protecting. I hope you are ready but most likely you will be a statistic…..

      2. They just don’t get it. The elites WANT the poor migrants here. They WANT to return the country back to the time before collective bargaining. They wealthy and the serfs. Until we get the idiots to realize who the enemy is, they will continue to blame poor people who are only seeking a better life.

      3. Naww, Trump is not strong enough. He is a negotiator, not a leader.

        But, we don’t HAVE a leader. So right now we are trying to get the negotiator in as the lesser of two extreme evils. Yes, Trump is an idiot, but he’s a hell of a lot less of one than Joe Buh Buh Buh Buh Biden.

      1. When voting starts to matter?

        Right now, the only vote that really counts is the one delivered at 200 feet per second. The democrats have flat-out proven that they control the vote, and don’t care about showing it any more.

        Why do you think any vote matters after 2020?

    2. Yet you fail to understand all the migrant trains started under Trump who said he was going to close the border! Did he? No, he built a wall that is already falling down, and pocketed tax payer dollars in kickbacks. He separated children and deported migrants, not illegals. Now you have the likes of Abbott and Deathsantis bussing people against their will north without paperwork or any background work done at all. THATS HUMAN TRAFFICKING! So you were saying about Democrates. They are all Republicans and the cause of your woes. Biden and the Democrats created a bill to cope, the Republicans spit on it.

      1. What a fool you are! So much propaganda in your statement, you insult our intelligence with your lies. Trump built a big beautiful wall, right up to the day he left office. The metal was there, contracts were paid, all biden had to do was finish the construction. He cancelled it and sold the metal for pennies on the dollar. Biden on his first day of office reversed all that Trump put in place to stem the flow of illegals. It has already been proven that the kids in cages were images from the obama administration. The media lied and got caught but never retracted it. Trump knew cartels were trafficking children through the open border and using them to claim family entrance, so he made sure they were dna tested to assure that kids legitamately were with family. If they were not of course they seperated them and tried to find their real family. I would expect nothing less considering the predators that use open borders to traffick children for sex and organ harvesting. Ending this was a huge goal of the Trump adminstration, and they put much effort into eradicating this. Desantes and Abbott are just sharing some of the load of illegals from an overwhelmed state as a result of bad democrat policies. Why should border state citizens suffer when they did not vote for it? Sanctuary cities are only getting what they virtue signaled for. And every one volunteered to get on that bus. The only trafficker is Biden and his corrupt regime. Lastly the ridiculous border bill was basically an amnesty plan for illegals and more foreign aid for other countries borders. If you bothered to read the text of the bill, you would learn it advocated for thousands of illegal migrant entrance daily into perpetuity. So no future president would be able to reverse it. It would be codified into law. That was not a border bill that was an amnesty bill and our NM reps who voted for it will be facing treason charges.

      2. The human trafficking we see taking place is driven by the globalists and the UN, and they have the full cooperation of the Biden administration. Trump resisted, but the courts undermined his policies. I suppose you don’t even remember what you had for breakfast, do you?

        You should be embarrassed to have expressed such a misinformed opinion. There’s no doubt you carry your misinformed opinion to the polls to vote, as well. It is people like YOU who have allowed this country to be destroyed.

  2. Well maybe you should be talking to the Restupidlikkkan Congress that refused to pass the strictest immigration bill ever.

    1. We need the laws enforced. We don’t need Stricter laws. We have good laws.
      They just need to be enforced. Which MLG won’t she doesn’t care! Albuquerque supposedly a sanctuary city get rid of Keller and all his Comrades that might be a good start right there.

    2. Ramona…let me share a little history with you that you obviously never learned. Democrats were the party of the kkk. They were the southern scottish rite freemasons who were also the confederates. They were the party of slavery and Jim Crow. They voted against civil rights. Republicans were the abolishoneers. Lincoln was a republican and freed the slaves. Many of the first republicans were black men.

      1. AW-TX and Starseed, you both are my heroes. The factual knowledge you both have to rebuttal the nonsense arguments deserves all my respect and thanks!!! True Americans who love your country you both are.

    3. That’s a bunch of BS, and you know it. The bill would have rubber-stamped Biden’s open borders policies. Biden has all the same legal authority necessary to tamp down illegal immigration that Trump had and used effectively until activist courts undermined his policies. If you think you’ll get by with that kind of BS, you’re a dolt.

    1. Do you not realize OBiden ordered the BP to stand down?? And our governor is complicit in this. They are all Marxists who want to destroy this country. Soros and others pay them big bucks to be traitors.

  3. Wait….what? Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t there a bipartisan immigration package that would have been a great relief to this issue? Didn’t tfg tell his minions to nix it because HE didn’t want Biden to get the credit? So look at and blame your Republican reps!! Point that finger at self Maggots.

      1. Found the fool who never actually read the bill.
        It would have stripped the ability to enforce anything and thrown open the gates.

    1. You asked to be corrected.

      The bill would have rubber-stamped Biden’s open borders policies. Biden has all the same legal authority necessary to tamp down illegal immigration that Trump had and used effectively until activist courts undermined his policies.

  4. Wait….what? Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t there a bipartisan immigration package that would have been a great relief to this issue? Didn’t tfg tell his minions to nix it because HE didn’t want Biden to get the credit? So look at and blame your Republican reps!! Point that finger at self Maggots.
    Be part of the solution.

    1. The bill would have rubber-stamped Biden’s open borders policies and stripped border patrol of the ability to enforce anything.
      If you actually bothered to read it you would know that.
      But you never will because you are a leftist POS.

  5. Do you mean the failed bill that provided $60b for Ukraine, $20B for Israel (you OK with what’s going on in Gaza?)and $20b for to hustle in more illegals? Such a deal.

    1. You are correct viejo Ray , the commies cleverly put all kinds of other items in that bill to circumvent the fact that most Americans are tiring of supporting corrupt tyrants like in Ukraine or the murder of innocents like in Palestine.
      Since demento supposedly rules by decree, why doesn’t he issue one to seal the border and return America to Americans?

  6. À solution might be possible if the politicians would cooperate and work together, but Republicans know that if a solution were proposed the Democrats would get the credit, making voters wonder why vote for a Republican? We saw this exact scenario play out recently when Sen Lankford sent a Republican leaning proposal to the House where Johnson refused to let it come to the floor for a vote.

    1. You mean the bill the democrats proposed that would have completely stripped border patrol of power to enforce anything and thrown open the gates and given amnesty to millions.

      You don’t want a solution because you are a leftist POS that wants to hand the country over.

  7. There’s plenty of blame to go around but stop putting it on Trump and his patriotic supporters. Point your fingers at Democrats and RINOs in DC and NM for this scourge of illegals destroying our country. When Trump takes office next January you can bet the flow of illegals will be reduced to a fraction of what it is today. MAGA!

  8. Republican House passed a Bill, HR 2 , a strong Immigration Bill ,this year that Dems nixed. So, let’s get all the info out there, not just Democrat propaganda.

  9. As per usual the delusional defenders of not protecting America can’t see the forest for the trees. How blind and how absolutely stupid can one be? Just enforce the law and quit circumventing it! What is so hard to understand? Changing the influx of ILLEGALs by calling them immigrants does not change the fact that they ARE illegal. Do the sanctuary city advocates get restitution from the cartels and terrorists? Seems to be a reason to not obey the law.

  10. They are criminals committing a crime just by crossing our border. They should be treated as the criminals they are. 1st is misdemeanor. 2nd time a felony. Why TF should we foot this huge $$$ bill and why TF does anyone expect us to be less than furious about it?
    Wait until they breech your property and your home…then lets see how Libs feel bout it. Hell, I am willing to give em a ride to North Santa Fe. Throw em over the Gov mansion wall.
    The trolls on here can suck my D!ck.

  11. Do you not get it yet? Brandon and O Bummer SOLD our country. There are an estimated 400k military aged jihads here NOW. Wait, just wait until the sleeper cells are activated. Stock up peeps, you’re gonna need ammo and supplies. This administration has abandoned us, how in your face do you need it to be?
    Trump haters….keep watching the propaganda…it has obviously worked. Hey…you could watch The View! Women that are uglier on the inside than on the outside and thats being nice.

  12. I recall the use of flamethrowers working rather well!! Our Border Patrol has been crippled by the corrupt idiots in Washington and the piglet in Santa Fe won’t do anything to protect New Mexicans. I’m to the point of saying -“people arm up and lets do what our useless President is failing to do! PROTECT AMERICA!!!”

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