On podcast, MLG admits to buying votes and talks about the ‘New World Order’

In a recent podcast interview with Greg Sargent of “The New Republic,” a far-leftist group, Democrat New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham stirred controversy with statements admitting to blatant voter manipulation and hypocrisy on key issues. Amidst an array of contentious topics, Lujan Grisham’s remarks on the “New World Order” and her reflections on policy and demographic responses drew particular attention.

Lujan Grisham, who made the controversial decision to remove National Guard troops from the border early in her tenure, said during the interview that more politicians need to embrace unconstitutional public health orders to get issues like immigration fixed. 

“I think southwestern governors can show an impact in workforce development, in public safety and security, and in ways that are more meaningful but can sort of set the model in the same way. Not every state should or will embrace a public health order to deal with particular high-cost, high-stakes gun violence emergencies in their communities. But I think you’ll see them talk about it in more of a public health context, and I think this way, it isn’t a fight between extremism on either side of an issue,” she said.

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The governor added, “The same issues are expected to be addressed here, and Hispanics and Latinos both want that. For example, if I had to wait in line to come here, then other people should too. But they also recognize you can’t get a visa anymore. They recognize that all of the drama about all the nefarious activity at the border — they recognize that more of that nefarious activity is organized crime at ports of entry.” 

However, she nor her legislative allies have proposed any legislative action to alleviate the border issue. At the same time, political leaders like State Rep. John Block (R-Alamogordo) have led the Republican effort to help secure the state’s border, which has fallen on deaf ears to Democrats in the Legislature.

Her interview highlighted what many see as a pattern of failing to address the tangible crisis at the border — a crisis amplified by her early actions as governor, which directly contributed to the current state of affairs.

“I’m not gonna give it up now for this extremism effort in this country and around the world,” Grisham declared, framing her political stances as a fight against what she labeled as a rise in fascism and sexism.

It is notable that the governor repeatedly tried to declare Republicans as “extreme,” while during her tenure as governor, she has pushed for the most extremist policies in the country, including abortion up-to-birth laws, executive orders and bills banning all gun possession, hiking prices on gas, and enacting socialist programs that are costing taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

“I see it in my state with, you know, MAGA extremists, not with everyone else, but certainly there. And I can see that the risks are greater for me as I campaign or go out publicly. They are really angry, but I think it’s intimidation and insecurity and a New World Order, which I hate using that language. But we’re talking about fascism and sexism and inequality, and I think, uh, it somehow makes some people feel better about themselves. And Trump plays into that, I think, very effectively, but it’s incredibly dangerous,” she told Sargent.

When asked about citizens exercising the right to vote and potential fears of violence during the 2024 elections, Lujan Grisham said, “I hope not, but I don’t think it’s outside the realm of possibilities. Just look at the Trump era pre-, during, and post-COVID. Anyone making any policy decisions was at risk. Certainly, I was threatened. Any of our marches or protests were met with far too many individuals who were very angry and were carrying automatic weapons and rifles that does not create an environment where people can, in fact, peacefully protest. That level of intimidation is purposeful.”

It is worth noting that the governor applauded Black Lives Matter/Antifa rioters who protested in the streets and bucked her own public health orders during her years-long COVID-19 lockdown. In her above statement, she also incorrectly claims that New Mexicans counter-protested these marches and riots with “automatic weapons,” which did not happen. Automatic weapons are illegal in the United States, per federal law. 

The governor did not shy away from touting her socialist educational policies, implying that initiatives such as “free” college and pre-k were key to garnering votes, particularly from younger demographics. She said, “So, in New Mexico, free college, free daycare, free universal pre-k, leaning in to make sure that every New Mexican reads, not just at but above grade average, which is something we haven’t leaned into.”

She then admitted, “And I think with the rhetoric with every other issue except the economy, Biden needs to lean in hard for his successes there. He needs to lean in hard for education. I will tell you, I got voters in record numbers — younger voters — because of free college,” Lujan Grisham stated, in an admission that these socialist programs are actually a mechanism to buy votes.

Her commentary also ventured into the realm of identity politics, criticizing Hispanic men who didn’t support her while at the same time trying to court their votes. “I had economic messaging work to do with Hispanic men, in particular, in rural areas,” she confessed, acknowledging a need to recalibrate her strategy to appeal to this demographic.

The interview also saw Lujan Grisham attacking her own constituency, specifically Hispanic men in rural areas, suggesting that their disapproval of her stemmed from outdated sexist ideologies supposedly revived by the Trump era. She accused MAGA supporters of sexism and intimidation, categorizing their political passion as “MAGA fury” and claiming it was rooted in a fear of losing power.

Moreover, Lujan Grisham criticized the GOP’s approach to immigration, framing it as failure and fear-mongering. “They would actually want a candidate not to poison the debate and not to create fear and anger, which is racist, but to actually resolve some of the problems,” she said, trying to position herself as the more reasonable and solution-oriented leader despite her administration flatly ignoring border policies.

Also, in the interview, Sargent asked the governor about the bill she just signed, S.B. 5, banning some guns at polling places and if it was meant to increase public safety, specifically at the polls.

She responded, “Certainly not in the day-to-day violence that we’re seeing playing out in far too many communities in New Mexico. But if you’re gonna take measures and you’re gonna focus on — we all have a constitutional right to be safe at work and at our churches, grocery stores, movie theaters, and homes and neighborhoods, then I think it’s really valuable we have this piece of legislation that I signed into law yesterday that says ‘Look, we care about polling workers and we care about creating safe spaces for people to exercise their right and privilege to vote.’”

It is unclear why the governor is now creating new constitutional “rights” when she herself claimed while signing an illegal, anti-gun executive order that no constitutional right, including her oath of office, is “absolute.” She also openly admitted that the anti-gun law relating to polling places would “certainly not” help alleviate crime, proving it was just another Democrat feel-good messaging bill.

The governor’s dialogue with Sargent revealed much about her political strategy and low views about her constituents. Her candidness may resonate with the fringes of her base. However, her words appear to only evidence her prioritization of partisanship and political gamesmanship over the substantive issues facing New Mexico and the nation.


31 thoughts on “On podcast, MLG admits to buying votes and talks about the ‘New World Order’”

  1. Where to begin…

    There is no constitutional right to be safe although MLG has done her damndest to make sure that we are not. Throwing open the borders, encouraging communist/anarchist protests, attempts to disarm everyone and doubling down on a fairy tale clean energy strategy for the state come to mind.

    Clearly she is driven by the far left and is working to achieve their utopian future.

    1. I agree 100%. She is doing everything she can in the limited time she has left in office to destroy New Mexico.

      1. Her loyal is in the globalists, thats become obvious. NM is one of the poorest states and it benefits greatly from oil and gas but she keeps standing in the way of good economy destroying everything good in her path to advocate for her selfish pursuit of the LGHDTV+ agendas.

  2. There you have it folks.
    A globalist, a tyrant and a fool!

    As a Hispanic, Latino and a few other things I do not want to be considered by MLG as anything near her ideology or thinking! She does not represent me or most Hispanic New Mexicans.

    Angry! Yup! Simply because MLG refuses to listen to the people of NM. She is listening, but not to us!

    Good Luck Nuevo Mexico! MLG is determined to sink this ship and plant a U.N. flag in place of the Zia!

  3. Buying votes, disparaging men and specially Hispanic men…denying fraud in elections..etc etc….I wish somebody would ask her how much $$$$ she made on the 51million$ DOMINION VOTING SYSTEMS? Like the rest of the DemocRat Socialists, she is a liar and hypocrite.

    1. Also, remember the money she and the hospital admins received for each Covid death. $35-45k for each death by ventilator.

  4. Homicide is not a preventable crime. The only way is to be able to defend yourself. 140,000 illegals living in NM, along with 40,000 anchor babies and rising.

  5. When I was younger, Satan hid in the shadows and whispered in our ears… Today, She is walking proudly amongst us and laughing at our stupidity.

  6. MLG, you are disgusting, rotten to the core and a public health menace to our beautiful New Mexico. I’m praying for our voters to wake up and see the minion you are. Hitler had many minions who played a part in the termination of the Jews. A quote my dad always said “ you give them enough rope and they will hang themselves”. Start praying MLG.

  7. Many years ago, my father warned us children of the “communist dialectic.” Terms like “democracy” and “equality” would be used with a totally different (sinister) meaning to dupe followers. MLG and other political leaders in New Mexico are fluent in this language. I’m so glad he’s not around today to see his wisdom transformed into reality.

  8. The sooner Loserjan is dragged out of the roundhouse in handcuffs and banned from ever holding public office again the better the Unite States of America will be!!!

  9. The Governor is a female HITLER SHE WORSHIP SATAN and is destroying New Mexico all Democrats were born to Satan their parents I wonder if had any kids that lived ALL DEMOCRATS CAN MY A**The Governor her parents wish she was never Born

  10. We left Nuevo California (formerly known as New Mexico) for Texas after 40+ years because of Loony Lujan and her far left cabal in Santa Fe. The people of NM complain about the califorina-esque ideas and laws that come out of Santa Fe. NOTHING will change in NM as long as the people of NM reflexively elect or return far left liberal Democrats to Santa Fe

  11. We left Nuevo California (formerly known as New Mexico) for Texas after 40+ years because of Loony Lujan and her far left cabal in Santa Fe. The people of NM complain about the califorina-esque ideas and laws that come out of Santa Fe. NOTHING will change in NM as long as the people of NM reflexively elect or return far left liberal Democrats to Santa Fe.

  12. Almost all has been said and all true. I want to add however that the reason she behaves thusly is because she responds only to her true masters, the globalist, communist “elite. I.e Soros and other NGO’s that are neither elected nor held accountable by citizens. She believes that her job is to rule over us as a member of the club of career perpetual politicians and bureaucrats. They have no need to pander to voters since (s)elections are always assured by voter manipulation. Therefore the arrogance and condescending attitude toward the “lizard people “. Me and you.

  13. Have you seen any MAGA extremists in NM? I sure haven’t seen any. She must mean any republican that supports the constitution. The only extremists I see is MLG and her supporters. The true Marxist followers. And Carl Marx was a pig. Never showered or provided for his children. He lived off what others would give him. A true welfare person and grifter. But MLG Knows that about him and idolizes him anyway..

  14. Kudos to all the comments above! Get to the voting booths in Nov and outvote the corruption! New Mexico is a beautiful state with so much to offer. We need to stand up and be counted!

  15. What idiot taking national guard off the border .She obviously doesn’t know in 2024 DEA seized 20,900,000 + of Fentanyl pill and 1,440+ Fentanyl powder.Thats potentially 79.6 million deadly doses.2mg could potentially be fatal. Fentanyl is 50 times stronger then
    Heroin and 100 times stronger. 150 or more die or overdose that what when you have open border cartels send many drugs runners and move them through customs. There was big bust of tons of drugs the other this is coming from Mexico.

  16. Followthemoney.org
    Jezebel needs to go. Her mindset is that of a true demoncrat. We must go back to paper ballots.

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