Another top Lujan Grisham official leaves administration

Another Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham administration official is leaving, this time State Police Chief Tim Johnson, who announced his retirement Tuesday after heading the force for four years.

The governor has appointed W. Troy Weisler to take Johnson’s place. Weisler is currently the deputy chief for strategic development, special projects, communications, and recruiting.

“I am grateful to the governor and to the people of New Mexico for entrusting me with this great responsibility,” said Deputy Chief Weisler. “Society is changing, technology is rapidly evolving, and the need for public safety and honorable men and women to serve has never been greater. State Police now has access to unprecedented resources, and I am looking forward to quickly deploying them to address the most pressing needs of law enforcement and the people of New Mexico.”

NM State Police Deputy Chief Weisler

“I admire Deputy Chief Weisler’s dependability, calm disposition, and laser focus on the task at hand,’ said Chief Johnson. “His leadership and experience have greatly assisted me during the last four years and he is perfectly suited to take command of NMSP. I have no doubt the department will move forward in a manner which will serve our communities well.”

New Mexico State Police Chief Tim Johnson

The move by Johnson comes after a particularly violent few weeks for the department, including a Saturday biker gang shootout in Red River that left three dead and many injured. 

The latest departure from the Lujan Grisham administration is not surprising, as her entire reign has been marred with a lack of continuity in any department, with short-tenured cabinet secretaries and appointees leaving for various reasons from her scandal-plagued regime.


15 thoughts on “Another top Lujan Grisham official leaves administration”

  1. Glenanne Johnson

    I became permanently disabled as a state government employee under her at New Mexico tech and she covered it up by abusing her position and all of her appointments assisted in public health, attorney general, workman’s compensation etc; she is truly lawless

  2. When you reelect someone who believes they are above the law, you get what you get. Can we get a conviction after she is through?

  3. When you decide to arrest her please deputize me so I can be on the team that escorts her out of the roundhouse in handcuffs!!

  4. As a “People of New Mexico” I DID NOT hire this Pouge. He’s a for sure Stooge for a for sure Weasel. NM is a Demorat Cesspool and it’ll only get worse. 3 Years and Retirement comes and after my family being here since 1860 I’ll be packin my trash and headed for Better Pastures Texas or Oklahoma.

  5. I wish the new NMSP Chief much success in the position. He will have his hands full. I am hopeful that he can bring the technology that he mentioned to use and enforce the laws of the state, staying clear of the politics as much as possible. Difficult in any position of state or federal service. Time will prove his service and reputation.

  6. She worked with Bill Richardson. So she doesn’t know how to lead she is a follower. But that’s what the people wanted, so that’s what we the rest have to deal with till her term is up or unless she would be impeached.

  7. Just a bunch of haters and you are misinformed us to all that she has done and tried to do!! It would be best if you got informed!!

    1. You’re right. She killed the oil industry for sure in our state. Oh yeah, that was the industry that generated the most taxes too. She legalized abortion upto birth. Built an abortion clinic on the border to bring in Texans to have abortions. Oh, and don’t forget…made it to where the “doctors” don’t have to contact parents of a minor that is wanting an abortion. Should I go on? You get informed!

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