Democrat state senator silenced popular legislation

Resolutions calling for a convention of the states under Article V of the U.S. Constitution were introduced in the 2023 New Mexico Legislature: Senate Joint Resolution 5 (S.J.R. 5) and House Joint Resolution 13 (H.J.R. 13).  Common Cause New Mexico, a special interest pressure group, proudly claims credit in their fundraising letters for stopping them.

I reside in New Mexico state Senate District 10, whose senator, Katy Duhigg, chairs the Senate Rules Committee to which S.J.R. 5 was referred.  A former State Vice-Chair of Common Cause New Mexico, Duhigg refused to schedule SJR5 for a hearing, taking it upon herself to stifle the process and bury a piece of legislation her organization doesn’t like.

By its 2022 national survey, the Trafalgar Group found that over two-thirds of American voters support calling for an Article V Convention of States to propose amendments that 1) limit federal spending, 2) limit federal power, and 3) impose term limits on members of Congress and federal officials.  In fact, over 18,000 New Mexicans have signed petitions and demonstrated active support for holding a convention.

Duhigg’s tactic of intentionally not scheduling a matter assigned to her committee by the senate leadership is a mishandling of power and an affront to any lawmaker who brings any legislation forward in good faith.  The facts of the Trafalgar poll confirm the citizens of New Mexico and Senate District 10 deserve better.

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30 thoughts on “Democrat state senator silenced popular legislation”

    1. And that’s a good thing. A really good thing. You don’t have to be here you could be reading some leftist rag.

    2. Why is that bad? Or, why is left leaning good? Please reply. This is a serious question because I have no clue why people do not understand the limits on government set by US Constitution and, for that matter, the New Mexico Constitution.

  1. Want Duhigg funded by Soros? COS is a big deal, it is probably the only thing that will curb the DC Congress spending and corruption. NM needs to get off there ass and approve it.

  2. I learned a while back that there are so many democrats in our state legislature that there is almost no point in having any Republicans (my own inference from the data). When they are in session, committees meet even without Republican members there, because they already have enough dems for a quorum. It won’t make any difference if the Republicans are there with the kind of odds we’re dealing with.
    I think it’s interesting how the legislature is that way but most New Mexicans are fairly conservative. Most people oppose abortion yet here we are with the full-term variety of murder. There is plenty of screaming about guns but most people, dems included, seem to have them. The governor, who probably has at least one armed bodyguard seems to think AR-15s are “weapons of war” and wants to take everyone’s guns away.
    She knows how long it takes APD to respond to calls (14 mins.); why on earth shouldn’t we be armed?? She doesn’t seem to know that criminals won’t give up their guns. She also doesn’t seem to know that they’ll replace them within about 30 mins. on the off chance their guns are confiscated. Ms Duhigg shouldn’t be in elective office if she doesn’t feel the need to follow the rules.

    1. its refreshing to know that theres a site here in nm a county that is not dominated by the lefties from what i have seen we are not the minority we just need to work hard to get the truth out and recruit voters who are tired of the corruptocrytes ruininh our state

  3. The tactic at the Roundhouse is to send unwanted bills to what is called the “kill committee” where legislation goes to die. The Governor dictates to Democrat lackeys how the vote will go and the tally is always along party lines. Not once in the almost two decades we’ve been watching has the vote varied.

  4. The sad truth is that in our state, while many New Mexicans may be conservative by nature, they have been conditioned since birth to vote Democrat and to never question that decision. Add that they mostly get their news from left leaning sources that reinforce the narrative that all Republicans are bad and you have a combination that keeps Democrats in perpetual power in this state. These voters never connect the dots that voting Democrat may be contrary to their personal beliefs and values. Republicans will never have the majority unless they can figure out how to appeal to these life-long Democrats. But, given how dysfunctional the GOP is in this state, wining the majority is a pipe dream.

  5. The democrats are left leaning which puts them in the same camp as the devil. Explains why the enjoy killing babies.

  6. Actually an Article V Convention of States is a very bad idea and it’s a good thing it was killed. what they are not telling you is that if they were to get a Article V Convention of States everything is on the table not just the things they listed and what they are really after is killing the 2nd amendment and installing full on Socialism.

    1. By the time an Article V convention starts we will both be dead. It is a waste of time. We will either be: 1. A socialist country. 2. A totally divided country. 3. In a messy, violent civil war. I vote for #2 or 3 as soon as possible.

    2. You are 100% wrong. The Convention of States has the same agenda through the states. Only the three items are up for discussion and the representatives that attend a convention are chosen by state legislatures. The Convention, if called has to have the same constitutional framework that would become the same amendment that would be presented to the 50 states to approve. The amendment would have to be approved by 38 states to be added to the Constitution. Do your own research and visit convention of

    3. Robert – you are entirely wrong. What is your proof? The above described Article V Conventions of States is actually to counter the Marxist move toward Socialism.

  7. Richard Herrera

    The Convention of States would actually help the American people by giving us the opportunity to force a vote on term limits. I personally think 20 years plus in Congress is WAAAY to long.

    1. Exactly! I agree we need Term Limits. We have way too many old, life long Career Politicians. That’s the problem with our country today.

  8. The problem we have is the state and federal gvmnt’s have so much power and have a propaganda media that would make Gerbils blush and we have a public education system that is a total failure.China is on a fast track to WW3 just like Japan in 1939 and American children are more concerned about pride day and tik tok.

  9. Ok How do we get term limits without a Convention of States? Also we have to get Trump back to fire all the corrupt deep state employees who hate Americans. Photo ID, citizen only, one day elections with paper ballots. Oh the democrats won’t like that? That proves they are corrupt.

  10. A convention of states is the only peaceful option the people have left to rein in our federal(feral) government. I would add one thing to the proposed agenda. A federal balanced budget amendment.

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