As ABQ fails, Mayor Tim Keller floats running for another term

New Mexico’s largest city, Albuquerque, has become a warzone under Democrat Mayor Tim Keller, being one of the deadliest cities in the United States, and crime forcing businesses to flee after skyrocketing crime led to devastating losses. 

Murder and pillaging are the norms in Albuquerque, with tent cities, and waiting times for police to arrive at the scene of a crime can take 40 minutes or even longer.

For crime alone, not to mention the other slew of issues the Democrat mayor has passed, including $30,000 crosswalks, bans on plastic bags (that are now overturned), and bureaucratic “equity” offices, Keller is hinting at yet another term in the city despite the abysmal record.

In response to a question from New Mexico PBS about seeking another term in 2025, Keller said, “That’s certainly what I’m looking at right now. It’s not a secret.” 

“I’m talking about groundbreakings in the State of the City, but if we’re looking at completions, we’re looking at like 2026, 2027, and so right now, that’s driving me to say, ‘Hey, I want to make sure to be here to stick around for that,’ and even getting out of consent decree,” he continued. 

The major shift from the far-left mayor toward seeking another term comes after he won the 2021 municipal election for a second term against two candidates, one of them being former Bernalillo County Sheriff Manny Gonzales. 

He won about 56 percent of the vote to Gonzales’ 26 percent and the radio talk show host’s 18 percent. Both candidates appeared to have split the vote in Keller’s favor and avoided a runoff election since the mayor narrowly won above a 50 percent majority. 

‘“The foundation that we’ve built to deal with crime and homelessness includes things like the Gateway Center, and our community safety department, and even the 100 new officers we have in the pipeline at the academy, and our crime-fighting initiatives through the Roundhouse to stop the revolving door – so this winter is really important,” claimed Keller on election night.

So far, Albuquerque remains failing in its supposed attempts to stem the effects of crime, and KRQE 13 News reported that Keller has so far failed to meet his 95 percent operational compliance level at the Albuquerque Police Department.

Does Tim Keller deserve a third term as Albuquerque mayor?

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8 thoughts on “As ABQ fails, Mayor Tim Keller floats running for another term”

  1. It’s unfair to blame all of this on Keller.
    There was already loads of crime before he was ever the mayor.

    1. Nancy Tannenbaum

      “Unfair?” Well, this aging hippie is “in charge” NOW and like the rest of his ilk, he is doing as little as possible beyond the typical liberal/democrat stupidity of virtue-signaling, as in his plastic grocery bag jaunt.

  2. Keller , like most demo-commie mayors in other states has turned Albuquerque into Portland southwest. While he welcomed antifa and BLM to burn and destroy much of downtown, he also enabled a group with Marxist ties to destroy and remove a statue of Onate representing a Spanish culture that predates both Mexico and America. His Marxist policies are manifested in the crime violence, drug addiction and homelessness that now identify Albuquerque as a failed city.

  3. Mayor Keller, has on a few occasions, brought in his very best leadership in the city to come up with solutions. This is chaos is the best Keller and the “group” have come up with. To say these issues existed before is true, but not the entire truth. The whole is that under Mayor Keller, Albuquerque has sunk deeper and lower into despair.
    Crime is out of control, homelessness is beyond rediculous and the future is not looking any better. Another term? NO!

  4. Berry was horrible. Keller is even worse. He says his job is not complete and that he wants to finish getting APD aligned with the DOJs recommendations. When the DOJ stepped in and castrated the police department, this is exactly when crime really exploded. Yes, there have been some rogue cops, but to tie the hands of the entire department because of a few over the top cowboys is not the answer. I had to drive up Central last week around 10PM. What an eye opener. From University to Tramway, it was an absolute freakshow. Wall to wall with homeless, prostitutes, drug altered and crazy people. Scary as hell. Keller and his policies are an abject failure.

  5. Tim Keller is nothing but a LIAR!!! Tim personally came to my grandfathers’ house when he was running. Like all politicians made promises. He said specifically our neighborhood would be the safest it’s ever been. Not only did that NOT HAPPEN (it’s currently the worst it’s ever been)Tim Keller has turned all Abq into a dumpster fire! He is a sell out and joke just as much as the governor is. They are both CROOKED.

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