Alexis Martinez Johnson running for mayor of Santa Fe

On Thursday, the former congressional candidate for the Third District, Republican Alexis Martinez Johnson, has announced her run for the mayorship of Santa Fe.

“I believe in the potential of this city, but only if we abandon the divisive rhetoric and join under common goals like having safe infrastructure,” she said in a statement. “As the next Santa Fe Mayor, I will prioritize safety, responsible modernization, and cultural heritage.”

According to the Albuquerque Journal, She’ll also begin the process of collecting enough nominating signatures and $5 contributions to meet the city’s candidate qualifying requirement while signing the paperwork on Thursday to become a candidate.

During the nomination for CD-3 in 2020, she only received 11% of the party insider vote from the GOP convention. Still, she earned enough signatures to appear on the ballot and ended up winning the Republican nomination. Although she was unsuccessful in her run against Democrat Teresa Leger de Fernandez, she garnered the third-highest percentage of the vote by a Republican in the District’s 38-year history with 41.4%. 

Martinez Johnson now joins two other candidates, incumbent Mayor Alan Webber and city councilor JoAnne Vigil Cobbler for the spot. Webber is a far-left extremist who sat idly by and instructed city police to stand down while domestic terrorists toppled the 152-year-old obelisk in Downtown Santa Fe. Vigil Coppler opposed the Mayor’s actions and supported Hispanic culture, unlike Webber, who partnered with Marxist anti-Hispanic hate groups.

In her 2020 run for Congress, Martinez Johnson was supported by conservative Congressman Paul Gosar (R-AZ), who said at the time, “Elites from the east and west coast want to determine the fate of New Mexico’s elections. I want you to know that Alexis will bring true conservative representation to New Mexico’s 3rd District. Choosing to support Alexis in the General Election will help fight off the elites from the east and west coast.”

Martinez Johnson has stood up for many commonsense principles on the campaign trail, such as family values, pro-life positions, and support for Northern New Mexico’s mixed cultural heritage. 


2 thoughts on “Alexis Martinez Johnson running for mayor of Santa Fe”

  1. It doesn’t matter who runs when DOMINION VOTING SYSTEMS rig the entire elections. People should be fighting to get these machines OUT OF NM!!!

    Enough of this “election” nonsense from the Republicans. There are no elections anymore. We are under siege. Wake up and start speaking against the election fraud.

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