FACT CHECK: Santa Fe Mayor Webber did indeed cave to Marxist anti-Hispanic hate groups

The editorial board of the Santa Fe New Mexican wrote an editorial on Wednesday in opposition to a recent newspaper advertisement in the Santa Fe Reporter by a group, Union Protectíva de Santa Fé, claiming Mayor Alan Webber instituted a Marxist “Culture, History, Art, Reconciliation” (CHART)  commission, among other accusations. 

Webber responded to the accusations without necessarily refuting them, but merely characterizing the assertions as “wrong.”

The New Mexican‘s editorial board wrote, “The advertisement, purchased by local fraternal organization Union Protectíva de Santa Fé, is blasting the mayor for decisions the group dislikes. That’s fair game, although calling a process to discuss how Santa Fe honors its history ‘Marxist’ is both inaccurate and ugly. Involving the community in determining how to share our collective history is democratic and should be celebrated.” 

However, Webber did, indeed, cave to Marxists and partner hand-in-hand with them to work on tearing down sacred monuments and statues across the historic city of Santa Fe–our state’s Capitol, which is the oldest in the nation.

The history of “Truth and Reconciliation Commissions” was designed by Marxist-influenced Nelson Mandela in post-apartheid South Africa, which pitted Whites against Blacks and was a complete failure in mending tensions between racial groups. Mandela was, indeed a Marxist and secretly joined the banned South African Communist Party.

Today in South Africa, the remnants of Mandela’s Marxist reign have created even greater disparities between races, with White farmers having their land ripped from their hands by extremists to pay “reparations” for supposed sins of the past.  

With the implementation of the commission in South Africa, it was seen as a total failure as “whites saw it as selectively targeting them, and Blacks viewed its actions as a charade that allowed perpetrators of heinous crimes to go free.” 

Even now, the Washington Post contends that such commissions in America are “McCarthyism on steroids” and “an attempt to use public power to stamp out a particular political opinion.”

Even worse, Webber worked hand-in-hand with Marxist anti-Hispanic hate groups, caving to their every demand, and likely upon their directives told officers to stand down as domestic terrorists ripped down the Civil War obelisk in the heart of Downtown Santa Fe–a monument erected to honor those who fought against slavery. 

One of these groups Webber partnered up with, The Red Nation, is an out-of-state “Indigenous Marxist” group that claims in its manifesto the following:

Our traditions of Indigenous resistance wield Marxism, not to uphold European traditions, but to emancipate ourselves from the colonizers by destroying that which destroys us, and building and rebuilding our nations according to our traditions and cultures so that our human and nonhuman relations and thus all people may live.

The group also wrote in a now-deleted blog post, “the ‘Hispanic’ or ‘Spanish American’ racial identity was a fiction created to make New Mexico appear ‘white enough’ to join the U.S. since both identities privileged a European or Spanish heritage even if the population was mixed or descended from detribalized peoples. New Mexico’s statehood was delayed until 1912 because white Anglos felt the territory did not possess a white majority, so a new ‘race’ of whites had to be created.”

The New Mexican contends that a cartoon drawn of Mayor Webber is anti-Semitic because he happens to be Jewish. But The Red Nation, which Webber partnered up with to enact CHART is one of the most anti-Semitic groups around, which partnered hand-in-hand with a group vehemently opposed by the Anti-Defamation League.

The Red Nation also partnered with anti-Semitic Hezbollah-linked groups for the so-called “Global Day of Rage” in Albuquerque last July. Here are more details from our previous report:

The Red Nation partnered with the Hezbollah-linked group “Al-Awda,” to put on a July 1st parade and rally in Albuquerque called the “Global Day of Rage” against Israel’s occupation of the West Bank. According to a detailed report by the Anti-Defamation League, Abbas Hamideh, the group’s founder has expressed strong support for Rasmea Odeh, a member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, who was convicted of planting the explosives used in two 1969 Jerusalem bombings.

In addition, Hamideh repeatedly praised the work of the Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah, writing, “Happy #LiberationDay #Lebanon! Long live the courageous #Hezbollah!”

He compared Zionists with Nazis, writing, “Yes, the Nazis are still around with a different name: Zionists,” and wrote, “Israel will eventually die just like Nazism.”

Hamideh also said FOX News and CNN are “Zionist Jew network[s]” that are controlled by “Jew Zionist masters.”

Santa Fe Mayor Alan Webber directly worked with Marxist anti-Hispanic and anti-Semitic hate groups to implement the Marxist CHART commission. Despite what the Santa Fe New Mexican editorial board says, the facts behind Webber’s actions cannot be disputed.


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