After leftist paper claims GOP candidate ‘distances’ herself from ‘Trumpian poison,’ she fires back

On Friday, the Santa Fe New Mexican editorial board lauded state Rep. Rebecca Dow who recently announced for governor.  

In the editorial, the paper writes, “Republican state Rep. Rebecca Dow has announced she will run for governor, and her candidacy offers the opportunity for Republicans to remember their roots — conservative values, fiscal prudence and common sense — while distancing the party from the Trumpian poison that threatens to strangle the GOP.” 

“Her voice will add to the debate in the GOP primary for governor, which is getting crowded,” continued the piece. 

The editorial board notes, “Elections that serve voters and lead to improved governing must start at the local level. After competitive primaries, Democrats in Santa Fe County too often run unopposed in November. That’s the wrong way to approach politics and, in the end, bad for government, because it lessens the opportunity for compromise and only hardens the far edges of party dogmas already out of control.”

But the Santa Fe New Mexican, which now wants to come off as an impartial voice, despite bashing Republicans on the Fourth of July, praising rioters for tearing down the Soldiers’ Monument obelisk in the Santa Fe plaza, and other divisive statements. 

After the editorial board bashed pro-Trump candidates as spewing “Trumpian poison,” Dow shared the article and wrote on Facebook, “It’s time for New Mexico to thrive. 48 hours after our official launch and the momentum keeps growing. Dow has focused her campaign on improving education, increasing child well-being, as well as calling out embattled Gov. Lujan Grisham for her scandal-ridden tenure.

In a comment provided to the Piñon Post about the New Mexican’s bashing of Trump supporters, Rep. Dow said, “It’s a typical progressive tactic to distract from the failed policy of MLG (Michelle Lujan Grisham). I’m focused on advocating for the everyday New Mexican and the hard task ahead of creating hope and opportunity for our children.” 

Dow joins Sandoval County Commissioner Jay Block of Rio Rancho, businesswoman Karen Bedonie of Mexican Springs, financier Greg Zanetti of Albuquerque, and ex-Gary Johnson staffer Tim Walsh of Albuquerque in the Republican field to take on Lujan Grisham.

2 thoughts on “After leftist paper claims GOP candidate ‘distances’ herself from ‘Trumpian poison,’ she fires back”

  1. Ummm, I don’t see a “fires back” comment from Dow. Instead, I’m seeing more distraction and avoidance of America First policies. Is she going to help NM families by making sure our southern border is secure? It appears as though Dow is pro-life and pro-2nd Amendment, which is excellent, but so is Mitt Romney. Conservatives today, as shown by the election in 2020, stand behind Donald Trump’s policies-even if they don’t always agree with the Trump persona.

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