Xochitl Torres Small takes thousands in campaign cash from anti-oil, pro-population control groups

Wednesday marks the 50th anniversary of “Earth Day,” first started by Democrat Sen. Gaylord Nelson (D-WI), which eventually led to the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency. Ever since, radical environmentalists have weaponized the agency to promote the “climate change” conspiracy theory, which asserts that carbon dioxide is responsible for natural disasters and a changing climate. The conspiracy theory comes despite tens of thousands of scientists rejecting the claim that “climate change” is man-made, and little evidence provided by “climate change” truthers that human activity is the culprit for a supposed changing climate.  

New Mexico’s freshman Rep. Xochitl Torres Small (D-02) represents the fifth-largest congressional district in terms of land area, a mecca for oil and natural gas production, which fuels 39% of New Mexico’s state general fund, according to the New Mexico Oil and Gas Association. As of January 2020, New Mexico produced over one million barrels of oil per day.

Although Torres Small likes to portray herself as a “moderate,” on the energy issue, she is no friend to oil and gas producers in her district. She made that perfectly clear by her endorsement of New Mexico’s radical “Green New Deal” legislation, named the “Energy Transition Act,” which you can read more about here. The Act aims to wipe out energy producers by 2050 through heavily-regulating carbon dioxide, and incrementally imposing hostile rules, to deter oil & gas business from the state, definitely not a bipartisan bill in the slightest.

Xochitl told the Albuquerque Journal that she believes “climate change poses a threat to our way of life in New Mexico – the years will get hotter and drier, and water will become an even scarcer resource.”

Xochitl is a fan of Barack Obama’s Paris Climate Agreement, voting for a House resolution to block President Trump from withdrawing the U.S. from it. The accord, which the U.N. itself has called a sham, is a costly and aggressive move, with “no objective standard [each country] must meet or emissions reduction it must achieve.”

Xochitl Torres-Small co-sponsored a bill with the New Mexico congressional delegation which would designate thousands of acres of land untouchable to energy producers, while cloaking it as “public lands” legislation around the Chaco Canyon area in New Mexico. 

As a water rights lawyer, Xochitl worked to “prioritize water conservation and efforts to combat climate change.” She is endorsed by the leftist anti-oil & gas group League of Conservation Voters, where they called her a “champion for a clean energy economy.”

Now, in her bid for re-election, Torres Small has taken thousands of dollars from radical environmental groups that aim to wipe out oil and gas. During the 2020 election cycle, Torres Small has already taken $15,951.72 from these groups, according to FEC reports. Contributions originate from the “League of Conservation Voters,” “Environment America,” and “Population Connection,” which is a radical group with the goal of “prevent[ing] pregnancy,” including promoting abortion to “save the environment.” Torres Small has taken tens of thousands from abortion up-to-birth groups EMILY’s List, Planned Parenthood, among others. 


2 thoughts on “Xochitl Torres Small takes thousands in campaign cash from anti-oil, pro-population control groups”

  1. Not so much shame on The person who will take the money freely given. But WOE to the ones organization who fill their coffers when they know they vote against them! This alone is wicked.

  2. How much time do you have to hear what is going on in Carlsbad, New mexico and the oil?I hve been fighting, Congress, The state of New Mexico, EPA and who would hear what I have to say. First the Code inforcer has all the pictures and letters and what ever but I do not know if they will let any one have them. There is 5 accords they a person in Georgia bought and brought in OIL TANKERS to work on. I have a small farm with pistchio trees, Peaches, Apporcots, Plungranits, Plumb trees and then all the vegies. So far the oil people has Sprayed chemicals on the land in the air and it is affecting our drinking water because they also take the brin wter with over 600 chemicals and DUMP it out on the ground to work on there tankers, They also have no toilets and they would just drop there pants and do there business than they got travel trailors and the septic lines just ran on top on the ground, when it really started to stink I called the code inforcer the only people controling here in the county, I am 2 to 3 BLOCKS from the city limits. They gve them 14 days to clean up, than they had a oil spilll and ran on my place and neighbors and they cleaned up some than they left because we were looking to sue them and now they have people they say are from CUBA and they started doing the same and the other day I called the sheriff and 6 or 7 cars showed up with the chief becuse I had called them i 5 years over 200 times and nothing is being done. They came out and said before they could do any thing they had to have a letter grom out Gonornor before they could do any thing. Noise all hours of the night and now with every thing being shut down they are still starting there engines and having them rum, for hours at a time, They are about 500 feet from my front door. They have a tanker truck with real BLACK smoke coming from the stacks and they have ran this for almost 3 hours with all the black smoke. I do not use ant chemicals, peatisides or any bad chemicals. The state will do nothing, The county will do nothing, The Washington will do nothing, EPA will do nothing, Our Govrnor at one time said my claim has been denied. So the oil people can come in our and your state also and POLUTTE ALL THEY want than leave and we are stuck with the damage and rebuild our lands, OH, we have 2 ways to come in this place and they have with there tankers tasken out both Telephone poles, a gas line and they are still here polutting. This is people the state and the oil companys do not regulate or stt and make sure the company working fo them takes care of the lands and air quality. I would like to see them staying at least 5 miles away where people are growing food. Thanks.

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