MLG rammed our state directly into a wall — make sure you are registered to vote Republican in 2020

The 2020 primary is right around the corner, and this could not be a more important election for our state. 

This election is New Mexico’s last shot at turning our state red, which is why I want to make absolutely sure you are registered to vote this election.

As our state has been hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen exactly what Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham (MLG) and the Radical Democrats will do in times of crisis — take advantage of a deadly plague as an opportunity to force through socialism far and wide and ram our beautiful state directly into the ground. 

As our state has shut down and commerce has ceased, MLG has taken EVERYTHING away from working families — from their jobs that pay the rent, to the places of worship that give communities hope and light. As promised, she rammed our state directly into a wall.

But while the hard-working people of New Mexico are forced to pinch pennies, uncertain if they can afford to feed their children, MLG and the Radical Democrats let big corporate box stores and late-term abortion clinics stay wide open. 

It may or may not be a coincidence that the same places MLG allows to stay open gave thousands in cash to the Governor’s campaign account. Walmart flushed $7,500 toward her campaign, while the abortion industry threw $22,000 her way.

With this crisis, we now know what the Democrats will do if given power. Even before this crisis, Democrats spent money like it was going out of style, funding irresponsible free daycare programs, raising her cabinet’s salaries by 17%, passing New Mexico’s “Green New Deal,” which will gradually erase the critical oil and gas industry, among other dangerous measures.

Other than her reckless spending, MLG tried to force through radical abortion-up-to-birth and infanticide legislation, passed an unconstitutional assault to the Second Amendment in the form of a “red flag” bill, ripped away counties’ right-to-work laws that protect workers, ordered the New Mexico National Guard to abandon the U.S./Mexico border, and so many other foolish actions.

While New Mexico families remain in poverty and starve as MLG lets COVID-19 ravage our state so she can play politics, it is clear that Democrats do not have New Mexicans in mind. Our state has had nearly 90 years of Democrat rule, and it has done nothing but sink to the bottom of the nation, placing 50th in just about everything.

The 2020 election could not be more critical. We cannot afford to allow Democrats any more time in power. They’ve proven without a shadow of a doubt that if given unchecked political dominance, they will pounce on the opportunity to push through their socialist agenda.

This is our absolute last chance to make a difference — and it’s critical that you are registered to vote and that your party registration reads “Republican.”


The primary election is coming up, and our mandate to send forth the strongest candidates to take on the socialist Democrats should be our highest priority. 

So, please make sure you are registered to vote by clicking this link. Although you may think you are already registered, irregularities are known to happen. Double-checking is an easy way to make absolutely sure you are registered.

If you are not registered to vote, you can easily fill out an online form and register. Please make sure you are registering as a Republican to ensure you can vote in the GOP primary, as well as the general election. The form can be found by clicking this link.

If you are registered as a “Declined to State,” “Libertarian,” “Democrat,” or anything else, please change your voter registration to “Republican” to make sure you can participate in the primary election. You can update your registration to Republican by clicking this link

Lastly, If you are unsure if you can make it to the voting booth to vote this election, don’t let that stop you. Order an absentee ballot to make sure your vote is counted! Request a ballot by clicking here.

Together, we can and will turn our state around, and it starts with everyone reading this to share this critical information with your family, friends, and other loved ones so that they can also help us flip New Mexico red in November. As a team, we can get New Mexico families back to work and lift our great state out of this mess.

John Block is the editor of the Piñon Post and a longtime New Mexico political activist. With the Piñon Post, John looks to bring true representation to conservatives in the Land of Enchantment and cut through the mainstream media red tape by providing independent, fair, and conservative journalism to New Mexico. Follow John on Twitter @JohnforNM or send him an email at

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5 thoughts on “MLG rammed our state directly into a wall — make sure you are registered to vote Republican in 2020”

  1. The lockdown may very be killing New Mexico residents. Utah, one of our closest neighbors, has a larger population than NM but has half as many C-19 deaths. There is no statewide stay-home order in Utah like the one MLG sent out on NM’s Amber Alert network. Confining residents to house arrest has weakened our immune systems. The real emergency right now is to get Lujan-Grisham’s deadly orders overturned before more people die.

  2. It is really pathetic what the Governor is doing to our state,families cannot sustain this quarantine.
    We need to open our state immediately.

  3. Seeing the actions of our elected and appointed governmental overseers has caused a lot for research into the possibilities of a common citizen to run for her position.

  4. Why aren’t the republicans demanding Grisham and her harpy cartel be removed from office per sections 3 and 4 of the 14th amendment and condemning the lock down as a violation of our founding documents and their oaths to protect our God given rights? May 1st everyone should just go back to normal, like the amazing mayor of Grants is doing. Contact your sheriffs and demand they defend your God given rights and arrest her and end this shut down immediately. What is it going to take for people to see thru this scam?

    What Grisham has done is unconstitutional and null, void and without effect. Why should we support the enablers the silent cowards the republicans who won’t speak out against this martial law and violence of the state? It is unbelievable how stupid the people of new mexico are and not capable of discovering that this is not about anyone’s safety; its about economic devastation, starvation, and a forever police state. This is why she was put in office amid gross fraud and criminal malfeasance; to carry out the globalist communist plan to destroy society. Look it up the information is everywhere.

    What Grisham says are all lies. Several states and countries are not locked down and have very few deaths. The doctors are committing fraud, murder and racketeering by labeling everyone as a covid death so they can pocket huge amounts of cash, and even killing people with ventilators, as this is not an appropriate form of treatment. Many doctors have already spoken out about this all over the world. If this was a true pandemic, people would have already dropped dead everywhere. This thing has been around since November, its not logical to lock up healthy people, and it is outside the jurisdiction and authority of any public servant to put people under house arrest. Everyone needs to file a complaint with the Dept of justice and demand she be removed. Already many have signed a petition to get rid of her a year ago, for her criminal behavior.

    Do people not understand what is going on with our food supply? Do people not understand even the u n has said tens of millions will starve to death because of this? I will never look at other people the same way again and I am disgusted with the idiots who are going along with this charade. Let’s look at the issue of masks. Has anyone heard of microns? What size are viruses and other organisms? How many microns is your silly mask you are wearing which is cutting off your oxygen supply and breeding bacteria? This is just part of the psy op to divide people and silence them. Social distancing is a fraud too and not based on science. They just want to see how high you will jump when they shout jump.

    Look up the tests, they are contaminated and they do not work. The cdc own website says they are not to be used for diagnosis and are inconclusive. They have not identified, nor proven any particle as the cause. This is unscientific and the emotional rhetoric needs to stop immediately. They are labeling without proof, and being told to label without proof all cases as covid. Follow the money.

    Then we have the communists who want to get paid by the state to do nothing and do not want to work. That is even more disgusting. In the old days, it was shameful to accept hand outs and people worked hard and were proud of that, and had honor. Parents really need to look at what they have allowed the state to do to their children by indoctrinating them into slavery.

    WE have a crisis, all right, a crisis bigger than most can comprehend. It is a crisis we will never recover from if we do not immediately change our priorities and stop making the state God, and obey without question or thought. If the people do not take personal responsibility and learn what their God given rights are and fight for them, we will be locked down forever. Grisham is never gonna give the go ahead people. She has no facts and evidence to have ever supported this nonsense in the first place, and even less now. Is there anyone out there who is willing to take legal and lawful action and take back our Republic and rightfully claim it as ours, as the masters we are over our lives? You are being held hostage, a pawn in this nasty partisan game to replace our founding documents with the communist manifesto. Do not fall for it. These insane people have been in power too long, only because the people will not claim responsibility for their own lives, and hold their public servants liable for these ongoing crimes against humanity. She thinks you are all idiots, wards of the state to be controlled by her and that you are not capable of knowing what is good for you. Why else would she and her lackeys continue to treat you with such contempt? We must remind her that she works for us.

    Everyone needs to use their time wisely and research and learn. Turn off the tv programming. They are lying to you too.

    What about the children? This is unacceptable abuse of our children to deny them their God given rights to play and be happy. They depend on us to protect them, and we have failed.

    Remember what Trump said. “They are not after me, they are after you, I am just in the way.” He needs us to stand up and defend our right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. He can not do this alone. The only way Grisham wins, and for evil to triumph is for good people to sit back and do nothing.

  5. We can vote Republican BUT the ballot harvesters will determine the election JUST as they did in the last election in the 3rd Congressional District. Herrell was declared the winner but ballots were found to change that fact. It was successful, SO they will do it again, but not just in that one district. They’ll do it all over the state and all over the country.

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