Woke Las Cruces mayor: ‘Climate change,’ policing are city’s top concerns

On Wednesday, Las Cruces Mayor Ken Miyagishima gave his first “State of the City” address in over two years, where he promoted multiple woke left-wing policies and claimed the biggest problems the city faces are “climate change” and “policing.”

The Las Cruces Sun-News reported, “The mayor mentioned the threat of climate change on the city and the human species and celebrated the council’s actions to combat it, including a resolution to convert the city’s fleet to electric vehicles, a commitment to transition off natural gas, a policy to require carbon-neutral energy for new buildings owned or subsidized by the city and upcoming building code revisions to make all new buildings ‘electric-ready.’”

Miyagishima also spewed anti-police rhetoric, claiming not all policing needs a “badge and a gun.”

“Our hope is that personnel trained in social intervention will soon be taking lead on calls to assist people suffering from mental illness, addiction and homelessness, and to respond for child welfare checks and threats to commit suicide,” he said.

He also alluded to Critical Race Theory and diversity hiring in the police force, saying, “In a city like Las Cruces, our police force isn’t an occupying force – our officers live among us as neighbors and friends.” Miyagishima added, “The path to optimal policing lies along the path we’ve just been talking about – considering our different backgrounds, fears, and expectations, and how life is experienced by all those involved.”

The speech comes as Democrats nationwide have attempted to ram through extreme enviro-Marxist proposals, such as in New Mexico with the Energy Transition Act, also known as New Mexico’s “mini” Green New Deal. Other cities such as Albuquerque have clamped down on police activity, instead, delegating certain 911 calls to social workers. Miyagishima appears to want to follow in these footsteps in Albuquerque.


9 thoughts on “Woke Las Cruces mayor: ‘Climate change,’ policing are city’s top concerns”

  1. Where is all this electric energy coming from? What about jobs, good paying jobs to fuel the economy? More important issues in Las Cruces than climate change.

  2. Wow, as bad as my hometown, Albuquerque. Took a drive down from Rio Rancho yesterday and my heart broke over the run down, crime ridden, tent city shambles I saw. And now 24 new pot shops ready for next month. Thanks tree hugging progressives!!!

    1. I’ve lived in Alb. for 60 years and I have never seen anything like what is going on. It is truly sad, I was driving to the base last week and there was a guy pooping at the curb. Empty strip-malls with for lease signs everywhere. Bums begging on every street corner with homeless pushing carts. I thought I was in a third world county.

  3. Unfortunatelyt the climate change policies are making us weak with Putin and the rest of the world…. we were energy independent under the last Administration.. with gasoline at a dollar 89 when Trump left and now it is $4
    Even John Kerry is worried about all the destruction going on in the Ukraine will be bad for the climate that is all they worried about
    Their stupidity about energy and climate is astounding

  4. The dim-wit Las Cruces mayor is simply parroting the sophomoric rhetoric of the Democratic National Party. I join with legions of other common sense Americans and look forward to a Red tsunami in November. Let’s go Brandon!

  5. So called “progressives “ are really communists that have been trained by the “one world government “ groups that are destroying America. In order for them to succeed all people must be dependent on government. We see the results of their insane policies daily with homeless street people, drug abuse , lawlessness and despair now “normal “ . These demonic people and their insanity must be rejected and we must once again turn to God to heal this state and our country. These “people “ must be removed from their positions of power and replaced by patriots that will abide by our constitution and restore our God ( not politician) given rights .choose wisely .

  6. New Mexico is lost, thank democraps

    Just another idiot democrap ruining our state. New Mexicans keep voting these greedy psychos in. So why cry? We got what we asked for, democrap corruption and BS climate change morons. Keep up the good work New Mexico, hope we are ready for more bread lines.

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