Hiding something? AG, SOS deploy panicked ‘voter risk advisory’ amid Otero audit

On Wednesday, far-left New Mexico Attorney General Hector Balderas and Secretary of State sent out a panicked “voter risk advisory,” apparently trying to fear monger Otero County residents into not participating in the county’s 2020 election audit where canvassers are going door-to-door asking if voters cast ballots in the 2020 General Election.

But Toulouse Oliver and Balderas are making it sound like canvassers from the “New Mexico Audit Force” conducting the audit are somehow attempting to demand personal information, which is not happening during the audit process sanctioned by the County.

The fear-mongering advisory reads: 

The Otero County Commission recently authorized a controversial “audit” of the 2020 election to be conducted by a third-party organization called New Mexico Audit Force. Part of the New Mexico Audit Force’s activities involve deploying canvassers to go door-to-door throughout Otero County interrogating voters about their personal information and their participation in the 2020 General Election.

This activity has caught many Otero County residents off guard as they are being approached at their doorsteps by New Mexico Audit Force canvassers who are not employed by Otero County, yet who are claiming to be representatives of the county. According to the Otero County Attorney, these canvassers have not been subjected to any background checks and according to Erin Clements, director of the New Mexico Audit force, when speaking to the Otero County Commission, “We would introduce ourselves as ‘New Mexico Audit Force’ and not mention the county at all.” There are estimated to be about 60 canvassers currently in Otero County.

It further states multiple inaccurate statements, bullet-pointed below:

  • Who you vote for on your ballot is secret. No one, not even election administrators, can tell what your ballot choices were in any election.
  • Through publicly-available voter data, it is possible to tell your party affiliation (or lack thereof) and if you voted in a particular election. But, again, your specific ballot choices are always secret.
  • You are not required (nor can you be compelled) to provide information about who you voted for, why you voted, any personal information, or what your voting experience was like to anyone.
  • You are not required to participate in this so-called “audit” or provide any information unless you choose to do so.
  • New Mexico’s county clerks and Secretary of State already has mandatory vote count verification and election audit procedures in place after every election to ensure the accuracy of election results. New Mexico also uses 100% paper ballots in every election and voting machines are never connected to the internet.

Voting machines in New Mexico ARE, INDEED, CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET contrary to the claims made by the two politicians and the “audit” process conducted after the election by the Secretary of State’s office is in no way equivalent to a forensic audit, like the one being done in Otero County.

Following the panicked press release, Erin Clements, who is leading the New Mexico Audit Force, wrote the following on Telegram:

[T]he press release today was because the SOS is losing her grip and is stooping to use her office to repeat a story started by a doxing, blue-haired low-life.  

Only guilty people act like that. 

It blows my mind how extremely scared these people are of a little door-to-door verification of a little database and a little recounting a few paper ballots in a little red county where no one is even expecting any elections to be overturned.

Read more from Erin Clements on the press release via Telegram here.

The apparent attempt at delegitimizing the Otero County audit must make New Mexicans ask the question, “What are Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver and Attorney General Hector Balderas hiding?”


6 thoughts on “Hiding something? AG, SOS deploy panicked ‘voter risk advisory’ amid Otero audit”

  1. This looks like panic. I thought AG Balderas was about revealing and prosecuting fraud but evidently not.

  2. We the people demand fair, open, and honest elections. 2020 was a disgrace- we were bamboozled. Election night was a cluster for Biden because their algorithms didn’t give them enough votes. They had to quit counting in multiple states so they could play catch up. Thank you canvassers for trying to make this right. Dishonest elections have consequences.

  3. I hope the NM Audit Force is looking into the registration process and the absentee ballots because, in my opinion, that is where the fraud is hiding. The SOS is pushing very hard for the absentee process to increase for a reason. At 7:00 pm on election night when the polls are closed everyone who is in government and running the elections basically know the numbers. Those government officials know the amount of votes that are needed to change the outcome of an election and this is when the absentee numbers kick in. Hence, the main reason why absentee ballots are so important to those who would want to change the outcome of an election.

  4. Corruption never ends in democrap NM

    The entire state elections should be audited. As long as Dominion systems are used in NM, democraps will cheat. They are scared but not very scared. They are evil and they have no remorse. Plus NM residents love our state being last at everything. If they did not they would rise up and start pushing back on democraps and their horrid policies. But our people don’t care, they are lazy or their not very smart. Sorry its true.

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