Santa Fe Mayor Webber will finally have to answer tough questions at town hall

On Monday, September 13, 2021, Santa Fe Mayor Alan Webber (D) will have to face the public at a town hall with his opponents JoAnne Vigil Coppler and Alexis Martinez Johnson. The event will be hosted by the Santa Fe Hispanic Chamber of Commerce at the Drury Hotel and streamed via Zoom. 

Webber allowed insurrectionists to tear down the then-152-year-old Soldiers Monument on the Santa Fe Plaza in 2020, with the Santa Fe Police ordered to stand back and let them destroy the historic monument. Webber’s ally, District Attorney Mary Carmack-Altwies, let the rioters go with no jail time in the name of “restorative justice.” 

Since the desecration happened after being fueled by the Marxist groups The Red Nation and Three Sisters Collective with anti-Hispanic hate, Webber established a Marxist Culture, History, Art, Reconciliation, and Truth (CHART) Commission to tear down Spanish art and culture.

Both Vigil Coppler and Martinez Johnson are critical of Webber’s failure to protect the Soldiers Monument and the creation of CHART.

Union Protectíva de Santa Fé, a Hispanic cultural group, has been running ads and erecting yard signs against Webber’s anti-Hispanic hate. One advertisement featured an essay claiming Webber “has attempted to privatize city services, discounted ‘attacks on our religion,’ and established a ‘Marxist’ process to address potentially controversial monuments across the city.” 

Triggered by the advertisement, Webber lashed out at the group, however, he did not overtly deny their accusations. He wrote, “These charges are wrong” in a statement. “The facts are wrong. Even worse, their intention is wrong: Their purpose is to inflame divisions in our city.” 

Now, Webber will have to face the music when he has to go up against his two opponents who will no doubt criticize his multiple failures as mayor. The election happens on November 2, 2021, via a ranked-choice ballot.

Register for the town hall here.

7 thoughts on “Santa Fe Mayor Webber will finally have to answer tough questions at town hall”

  1. I will put my endorsement for Albuquerque mayor anybody in Albuquerque vote for eddy Aragon..the only Republican that is on the ballot with the two loser Democratic Mayors runners… if he wins Albuquerque Wuhan Lujan will be up a creek

  2. Woke people please leave

    Wake up New Mexico this is the official Democrat white washing of New Mexico. They stole our culture now that want to murder³our unborn. Time to stand up and bring our values back.

  3. Webber is a disgrace! He’s got to go. This dem cesspool stinks and is getting deeper with every dem selected into office. Santa Fe has become just as smelly as Cali. Time to clean up and make this city great again.

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