Vasquez’s shocking allegiance to extremist open borders groups revealed

GreenLatinos, a radical environmental and “social justice” organization, is currently calling on Joe Biden to reject stricter border security measures being considered in Congress. The move has sparked controversy, shedding light on the debate over immigration and border security policies within the Democrat Party.

At the forefront of this call is Gabe Vasquez, the founder of the Nuestra Tierra Conservation Project, an environmental advocacy group. Nuestra Tierra lists GreenLatinos as a community partner, emphasizing their collaboration to address issues. In September, Nuestra Tierra took to Instagram to highlight their partnership with GreenLatinos and the Office of New Mexico’s U.S. Rep. Gabe Vasquez.

Jessica Loya, the Policy Director at GreenLatinos, has also been linked to Vasquez through political contributions. Loya donated $350 in 2022 and $275 in 2023 to Gabe Vasquez for Congress, further solidifying the ties between the two entities.

However, Vasquez’s stance on border security has drawn significant attention. Before entering Congress, Vasquez characterized the border crisis as a “non-existent threat” and criticized previous border security efforts as “ill-informed” and “in bad taste.” 

He advocated for the elimination of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency, alleging a lack of humanity in its operations. Since taking office, Vasquez has consistently voted against measures aimed at bolstering border security, including hiring more Border Patrol agents, deploying advanced technology to the southern border, ending catch-and-release policies, and streamlining the asylum process.

Vasquez’s position on border security remains ambiguous as Congress engages in negotiations over proposed border security legislation. While Vasquez is a member of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, which has publicly opposed Joe Biden’s efforts to tighten border security, he has yet to express his stance on the matter.

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) has criticized Vasquez’s affiliations and statements, branding him as a “radical open border activist.” NRCC spokeswoman Delanie Bomar emphasized the company one keeps, stating, “The saying ‘Show me your friends, and I’ll tell you who you are’ rings truer than ever with Gabe Vasquez.”

In response to Vasquez’s recent claim that Republicans are politicizing the border issue due to the upcoming elections, CNN anchor John Berman pushed back, highlighting the genuine concerns surrounding the border situation.

The debate over border security intensifies as immigration remains a critical issue, with 302,000 illegal immigrants crossing the southern border in December alone, an issue that directly affects Vasquez’s district. Vasquez’s stance on border security and his association with GreenLatinos is now under increased scrutiny as the nation grapples with this complex and contentious issue.


17 thoughts on “Vasquez’s shocking allegiance to extremist open borders groups revealed”

  1. Vasquez has proven his allegiance to radical Latino environmentalists by promoting the idea that mountain ranges in Luna County be designated a national monument. This is nothing but a socialist land grab to take land from “greedy, capitalist ranchers and miners.”

  2. Ref or green? There are also red Latinos. Good conservatives like Gabe Ramos and Luis Terrazas of Grant County, and Mayra Flores of the Rio Grande Valley, in Texas, to name a few.

  3. New Mexicans continue to elect/vote-in extremists like Vasquez, then are shocked (or not) to find out what is really behind the curtain.
    Red or Green? How about the Truth! How about standing for good and not evil.
    Even within the Rep. Party, there are those who veil themselves in an attempt to hide what is really lurking underneath. New Mexico, you have slumbered long enough. Time to wake up and see what has been done to destroy such a beautiful state/country.

    1. I agree with you! The democrats are trying to turn NM into little California.
      California is turning into a 3rd world country.

  4. “There are also red Latinos. Good conservatives like Gabe Ramos and Luis Terrazas of Grant County …”

    Thumbs up to both of these gentlemen!

    1. Thumbs down. You obviously don’t know that 6 million illegal immigrants are in USA. Which makes the population of 33 states.

      1. Actually, I think there are close to 35 million. For15 years they have been saying 11 million. 10 million more came in under Biden. The intervening 10 to 15 years a million per year. Add it up. I’m for deporting them all. So is Donald.

  5. he’s a worthless wonder. He was worthless as a city councilor. He’s going bye bye next election and I can’t wait. I hope the rest of the state wakes up and get’s rid of all of the commmies ruining the state now.

  6. Stop injecting race into the…RACE. Start injecting what he is:

    “A Juarez Mexico Raised Unicorn Rainbow Far Left Liberal Lunatic Killing at Birth Suffering from Mental Health Issues”

    Who has seriously undermined and is affecting and infesting our way of life.

  7. I agree in not putting in race. NM is one set of people who want good for citizens all not just one race. Vasquez is more for the illegals than New Mexicans. Sounds like his support is like representative Omar, whose priorities are for non citizens not US citizens. If a New Mexican votes for Vasquez they are saying illegals are more important than our and our children’s futures. A vote for Vasquez is a vote for the NMO and the destruction of the US and New Mexico.

    1. I recognize your stance & mine (not putting race into the RACE),


      I understand how these Rainbow Unicorn Far Left Liberal Infacidal Execution Raised in Juarez Mexico Birth Maniacs are…

      All they see is that you mentioned race… and that is the only thing they can see…So they immediately brand you as a bigot and that, in their simplistic overzealous knee jerk mindset, justifies that you, (and I) are wrong and they are right.

      I know they are sick and suffering from serious mental heath issues.

      No one in their collective right mindset could ever endorse executing a child at the moment of birth. No one.

      There is no excuse for them so I will not give them any. They are sick and demented and beyond reasoning with, so avoid reasoning with them as it cannot be done.

      Identify them as who they are, point out that they are sick and demented. Then let them try to defend their infacidal maniac behavior. They cannot, will not or like my so called Representative Gabe Vazquez has done to me, THEY WILL NOT ANSWER AND AVOID THE TOPIC ALL TOGETHER!

  8. Not surprised, when we have an evil governor who celebrates murdering babies (abortion) up to birth and all her comrades are doing her bidding. New Mexicans need to wake up and stop electing these criminals over and over again. As long as they (Democrats) have control of the round house, one cannot expect anything different. And here in ABQ we have Keller who does her (evil queen) bidding as well. Do we know exactly how many illegals and terrorists that have crossed the border illegally are here in NM? Of course not… Just because you have always voted democrats in office does not mean you should continue to do so. WAKE UP New Mexico citizens before (if it’s not already) it’s too late. God have mercy on us all.

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