NM House narrowly passes one of governor’s extreme anti-gun bills

On Friday, the New Mexico House of Representatives narrowly approved unconstitutional anti-gun legislation that mandates a seven-day waiting period for all firearm sales in New Mexico, amid criticism from Republicans who view it as an unnecessary burden on responsible gun owners and ineffective in curbing criminal access to firearms. The passage of House Bill 129 by a vote of 37-33, with dissent from both some Democrats and Republicans, now sends the bill to the Senate for further deliberation.

State Rep. Andrea Romero (D-Santa Fe), the sponsor, claimed the bill would save lives. In contrast, Republican Representative Stefani Lord of Sandia Park, a staunch defender of gun rights, accused proponents of targeting law-abiding citizens instead of focusing on criminals.

The debate went on for three hours — the maximum allowed under the House rules. State Rep. Bill Rehm (R-Albuquerque) employed a procedural tactic known as a “call of the House” to ensure all members were present for the vote, adding urgency to the proceedings.

Originally, the bill proposed a 14-day waiting period, but an amendment introduced by State Rep. Art De La Cruz (D-Albuquerque), reducing it to seven days, narrowly passed by a single vote with Rep. Anthony Allison (D-Fruitland), who voted against the bill on final passage, not voting on the amendment. The bill now includes a provision for a misdemeanor charge for any sale that contravenes the waiting period, with exceptions for transactions between immediate family members, but not for domestic violence situations or for military, veterans, or police officers.

The bill aims to address loopholes in federal legislation by ensuring adequate time for background checks, a measure supported by the bill’s proponents as a means to prevent impulsive acts of violence. Critics, however, argue that it could disadvantage individuals in immediate need of protection, especially in the most rural areas of the state.

The proposal is part of a broader legislative effort from anti-gun Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, with proposals such as the waiting period bill, failing repeatedly throughout her two terms as governor so far. 


14 thoughts on “NM House narrowly passes one of governor’s extreme anti-gun bills”

  1. We need a list of those who vote for this bill to include if it is approved by the senate. Some folks might say it is no big deal to wait 7 days but NM plans to slowly chip at our legal gun rights until they take them all, it may take 20 years but they are doing it. If your elected official voted for this gun law they are part of the New World Marxist Order. They will take from you until you have nothing and will be happy about it. Soon they will force you to be chipped like a dog, wait, it will happen if you do not vote them out. You will no longer be able to own a gun so what would you do?

    1. Hypothetical situation… Lets say I am already a gun owner and have been…say for 50 years. and…I live in New Mexico of all places…I have… lets say… 28 different guns… with different ammo needs… Why do I need a 7 day waiting period?

      If I wanted to execute somebody, I’m pretty sure the waiting period is redundant as he** don’t you?

      Hypothetically speaking of course because as of yesterday… If I did own any guns at all… I lost my guns to a fanatical land sand shark and they all got eaten up and destroyed along with every round of ammunition I owned…

      Damnit I hated that when that happened.

      This law, is unconstitutional as he**, serving no purpose for the law abiding at all.

      But what it will do is INFRINGE upon my ownership of a new collectable.

  2. The ones that voted for this broke their oath they signed to honor and protect the Constitution. They should all have to step down and go to trial.

  3. Any time these idiots gather in Santa Fe our rights get stolen!!! The sooner we can have Loserjan and her cronies removed from office the better of New Mexico will be! And to have Loserjan arrested and removed in handcuffs will be a glorious day with dancing in the streets!!

  4. Just another hypothetical situation here to ponder for those who seek to disarm, hinder or prevent New Mexicans from self defense…

    If a gun collector had… say 138 different firearms…no make that 157… and they wanted to purchase another one for their collection…and the only reason for the 7 day waiting period is to “save lives”… How many lives is that going to save by prohibiting the sale of that firearm to that person? 2? 19? 36? 198? I really want to know.

    I’ve owed many, many many different firearms in my lifetime..(but that doggone land sand shark destroyed all of mine yesterday)… and yet, preventing me from buying another one according to stupid…is going to save lives?

    Lol… yall are sick and demented in Santa Fe.

  5. …and lol… you know I got a lot of questions about this 7 day thingy…

    Here’s another one. Pawn Shops. I mean what is the purpose of a Pawn shop?

    Lets say I need medication for the co pays and I need $125 right now. Today. Without it, I might suffer from a stroke since I’ve run out of my blood thinners (Eloquist is a $125 co pay for me right now).

    I take in a $1000 gun to get $125. Do I gotta wait 7 days for them to accept it? How is that going to work out? Do I call them ahead of time saying I need $125 as a pawn for a $1000 gun that they don’t get to even see up front to make sure its a $1000 gun for $125? Do I send them photos? Do I give it to them and pray to God that no one catches us since a background check wont be done until the gun is returned to me after I pay $375 to get it out of hock?

    Your all sick and demented in Santa Fe.

  6. 38 years in police work. I’ve been shot at twice in my lifetime, and both right here in New Mexico.
    Both times by a person who should not have had the firearm in the first place.

    Shooting at me from Mexico was the second time. IDK how all them cartel members got guns into Mexico but they did. (Governor Richardson did the right thing with a declaration of emergency 2006 timeframe, maybe the only thing he got right)

    The first time was a chronic misdemeanor at mile post 9 on Columbus Highway who relocated here with his gun owner father from Florida who he tried to kill drunker that all get up and then when that didn’t work out for him, he stated taking pot shots at me in the red and blue lights on the roadway.

    Its not the gun. Never has been. Its the person pulling the trigger.

    To this day, I fear not… a law abiding gun owner and never have.

    Its the criminal that has always worried me.

  7. Oh…and I almost forgot.

    You people in Santa Fe are batsh*t crazy pushing this infringement upon the citizens of New Mexico.

    You are not protecting all of us from the criminal elements, ABSOLUTLY REVELANT AS YOU SHOT DOWN THE BAIL REFORM…but you favor criminalizing the law abiding gun owner.

    This law will not make anyone safer one bit. It will hinder the law abiding citizen from a private property purchase since felons will be weeded out in the first 20 seconds after filing a 4473.

    Again… You people voting for these laws into in Santa Fe are genuine fruitnut cases.

  8. These demons in Santa Fe talk about saving lives but won’t mention the f*cking border and the fentanyl KILLING 100,000 Americans!!! They don’t give a rats a$$ about saving lives. It’s about taking our rights away!!! And how dare that f*cking midget MLG still be in power after all she’s done. And New Mexicans don’t rally together and let them get away with this???? What the hell is wrong with you people. Get off your phone, stop going to work and get these people the f*ck out!!! MLG is letting our state be invaded by illegals but cares about our safety?? Gtfoh. New Mexicans do something now or our livelihood is destroyed

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