NM AG says Meta is ‘single largest marketplace for pedophiles’

The New Mexico Attorney General, Raúl Torrez, has initiated a lawsuit against the social media giant Meta, accusing it of facilitating child trafficking on its platforms. Torrez expressed his concern, stating, “Meta is the ‘largest marketplace for predators and pedophiles globally.’” 

This legal action coincides with congressional hearings where Meta’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, along with other executives, is being questioned about their platforms’ role in online child sexual exploitation.

Dima Solomin, Unsplash.

Torrez’s investigation into Meta has revealed alarming findings, suggesting a significant problem with child sexual exploitation on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. He mentioned, “There was an explosion of sexual interest from users attracted to the undercover accounts,” highlighting the severity of the issue. Internal documents from Meta have estimated that around 100,000 children face sexual harassment on Facebook and Instagram daily.

The lawsuit aims to hold Meta accountable for its alleged failure to prevent the use of its platforms for harmful activities against children. Torrez emphasized the need for Meta to prioritize user safety, especially for children, stating, “Fundamentally, we’re trying to get Meta to change how it does business and prioritize the safety of its users.”

Meta has defended its practices, asserting that it employs sophisticated technology and experts to combat child exploitation, reporting harmful content to relevant authorities and disabling accounts that violate its child safety policies.

This legal battle, still in its early stages, seeks to bring about significant changes in how Meta operates, with a focus on enhancing the safety and protection of its youngest users.


14 thoughts on “NM AG says Meta is ‘single largest marketplace for pedophiles’”

  1. Isn’t it ironic how they could easily shut down in people critical of COVID jabs but can’t get pedos off FB? Things that make you go hmmmm.

    1. But…so far nothing has ever been done about the trafficking enabled by the open border. Richardson was named by Virginia Giuffre as an Epstein client. He’s dead and hopefully burning in hell…but we have our governor, who attended parties with Richardson at Zorro, and Melanie Stansbury/Theresa Leger who worked for Maxwell. Nothing has ever been done about them, either. Apparently, consequences here depend on who the guilty party is.

  2. Where is the Parental Responsibility of Protecting their child and not allowing them to use FB and Instagram without supervision?

  3. Where is the Parental Responsibility of Protecting their child and not allowing them to use FB and Instagram without supervision?

  4. Yes social media has temptations and BADGUYS influencing children and stealing identities. The REAL question is: When are parents going to be parents again and be held accountable? Too many “parents” hand those kids a phone or Ipad or the like and tell the kid “Go play-I’ve had a hard day at work”.. Parents need to be involved in their childrens lives and quit using electronics as baby-sitters!

  5. It is all a show, a distraction. Nothing will come of it and no one will be punished. If you want this stopped censor Facebook by not using it. Politicians are not going to do anything because it “violates their first amendment rights” but it is ok if you are censored. That’s not a violation of your rights! We are in clown world!

  6. KittybugsABQ@aol.com

    Of course pedos use it. This country has far, far too many of those and not just on FB! Is it an “oops” or is it built in?

  7. I agree that parents need to be more prudent in allowing their children to be on social media and smart phones in general. Children need to be children for as long as possible. Let the kids be kids!
    Why has Facebook even allowed this to occur on their social media site at all? Why have they not been held accountable before? If I were the parents of these children who were victims, I would look at legal options. This is just horrifying. Thank goodness people like AG Torrez are speaking out against this horrific activity.

  8. Are we supposed to believe that Zuckerberg didn’t know this was happening? Why isn’t he being held criminally liable for this activity? It’s his company after all. These poor parents! An apology is supposed to make it all go away? I agree with the previous comment….if these were my children, I’d be looking at legal options too! So very scary what our world has turned into.

  9. Why isn’t there a criminal investigation? Zuckerberg had to know this was going on and allowed it? That’s a crime right?

  10. Marsha Blackburn excoriates Zuckerberg after “Teenagers for Sale” ads on Instagram didn’t violate his terms of service. Instagram did not take this down until a congressional staffer exposed what was happening to a safety committee.

    “Do you know how often a child is bought and sold for sex in this country? Every two minutes a child is bought and sold for sex… That’s not my stat…This content was taking down after a congressional staffer went to Meta’s global head of safety. Would you please explain to me why explicit predatory content does not violate your platform’s term of service or your community standards?

    “It does… ”

    “You didn’t take it down until a congressional staffer brought it up.”

    “It made be in this case we made a mistake…”

    “I think you make a lot of mistakes.”

    Love how much these tech companies are being exposed!

    Is he not the head of his company? Does that not make him responsible for the actions of his company?

    I think he should be arrested immediately! Think of if this was anyone else!

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