Vasquez has tantrum over TX border barrier, demands Gov. Abbott tear it down

Far-left Democrat U.S. Rep. Gabe Vasquez, a supporter of open borders and vehement critic of a border barrier between the U.S. and Mexico, is calling for the removal of the razor wire fence that the Texas National Guard has installed on the banks of the Rio Grande along the border with New Mexico. 

The fence is part of an effort to prevent illegal immigrants from entering Texas, which has its own barriers protecting it from Mexico. The move is meant to stop criminal aliens from entering the U.S. illegally through Mexico and jumping into Texas illegally. In a letter to Texas Governor Greg Abbott, Vasquez criticized the construction of the fence and labeled it an “unconstitutional barrier” between the two states.

Vasquez argued that the fence violates the U.S. Constitution, specifically the right to travel within the United States, which the Fourteenth Amendment protects. He contended that this amendment allows American citizens to travel freely between states and that the fence restricts this freedom.

He criticized the lack of consultation with New Mexico officials and the International Boundary and Water Commission, which is responsible for applying boundary and water treaties between the United States and Mexico.

While the New Mexico Attorney General’s Office is monitoring the situation and is prepared to take action if necessary, it noted that the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that the federal government has exclusive authority over immigration enforcement.

The Texas Military Department stated that the Texas National Guard has fortified the border between Texas and New Mexico with 18 miles of concertina wire to prevent migrants from entering New Mexico illegally. This move has sparked opposing views from New Mexico’s Democratic and Republican parties.

The New Mexico Democratic Party and the Texas Democratic Party Chair Jessica Velasquez called for the immediate removal of the razor wire fence, citing environmental damage, community division, and harm to vulnerable illegal aliens. 

In contrast, the New Mexico Republican Party Chairman and former Congressman Steve Pearce criticized Democrats for wanting to remove any barrier along the southern border, especially when threats like fentanyl, cartels, human traffickers, and individuals on terror watchlists cross the open border daily.

Vasquez and Abbott have divergent views on how to address immigration on the southern border, with Vasquez accusing Abbott of approaching the issue in a “very political way” and taking measures that harm the region’s unity.

Back in 2018, Vasquez described the border crisis as a “non-existent threat” and criticized then-President Donald Trump’s border security efforts as “ill-informed” and “in bad taste.”

In 2020, he went further, calling for the elimination of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), claiming that the agency had “no regard for humanity.” 

Throughout 2021, Vasquez repeatedly voiced his intention to dismantle Trump’s border wall, going so far as to state, “Tear what’s left of it down” and “Let’s tear it down.” 

He went on to label the border wall as the product of a “crooked, racist administration” and commended Joe Biden for halting its construction, characterizing it as a “racist, environmentally destructive, massive waste of money” and a “glorification of xenophobia.


21 thoughts on “Vasquez has tantrum over TX border barrier, demands Gov. Abbott tear it down”

  1. Screw Vasquez and anyone else. Texas has not cut off roads. The damn democrats and our Nazi Governor have done nothing to protect New Mexico from the illegal invasion of our border. Vasquez and the governor are complicit in terrorists coming to invade our country right along with O’Biden.

  2. Stephanie McKenzie

    Gov MLG threatened to close all highways in and out of New Mexico during the Covid lockdown. Gov. Abbot has not blocked any traveling between Texas and New Mexico unless you are illegal. Gabe should keep his mouth shut, he obviously still does not think there is a problem at the border or he would be happy with Gov. Abbot’s actions. New Mexico’s witch of a Governor should be ashamed that she is doing nothing to stop the invasion of illegals including traffickers, cartels, and terrorists.

  3. Vasquez and every democrat are determined to turn America into a third world country. Why. He has no business pretending to represent the people of his district. He represents to Marxists that put him in power. Among all os his other sins, he’s just plain STUPID. Can’t wait to vote against him in the next election.

  4. I hope all dems who support an open border are held to account when the first terrorist bomb goes off. It going to happen!

  5. Vasquez is another example of a incompetent person being voted in due to his surname and him being a “brown nose” sucked up to Loserjan!! A BIG Thank you to the Governor of Texas for doing his part to protect America!!

  6. What role in the NM congressional delegation does Gabe play? Moe? No, insufficient leadership. Larry? No, too cerebral for Gabe. Must be Curly.

  7. Duane Dittbrenner

    I commend Gov. Abbott. Half of all Americans can’t get loans to secure their bills much less buy a new car yet Slim Biden wants loans given to illegals to buy homes, cars, etc… Yet Slim Biden won’t help the American People at all. They want illegals here so they can vote for them. Another way to cheat the Americans out of a good President. All the Demoncrats are Pure Evil To The Core. Vasquez needs to sit down and shut the hell up. I vote all the Demoncrats that hold offices give up their enormous salaries to the illegals that they so admire for reaking havoc on our Great Nation. Vote all the non-americans out of the offices and vote in real blooded Americans who will serve and protect us at all costs. Non-americans should have NEVER been allowed to hold an office. I was a Democrat when it meant something but walked away from them when it was clear they were hurting the Americans instead of putting us first as they swore into office to do. Oust them all on election day. Every last one of them. Let’s clean our USA up and get rid of the trash

  8. Hey, Gabe, the 14th Amendment allows AMERICANS to freely cross state lines. Newsflash, Gabe, Illegal aliens aren’t U.S. citizens.

  9. Enjoy your ill gotten position and throw your hissy fits because you will be out the door. Then call somebody who cares. People like you need to be kicked out of the USA for impersonating an American.

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