After longest-serving state senator resigns, GOP rep. seeks to fill seat

House Minority Whip Greg Nibert, a Republican from Roswell, has expressed his intent to be considered for the vacant Senate seat in a southeast New Mexico district. In a press release, Nibert announced his plan to seek nomination from the county commissions in Chaves, Curry, De Baca, Lea, and Roosevelt to complete the unexpired term of former Sen. Stuart Ingle, who served nearly 40 years in the Legislature.

Nibert has been a member of the New Mexico House of Representatives since 2017, advocating for the oil and gas and agricultural industries, which are prominent in Senate District 27. He believes his experience in the Senate will provide a strong voice for the constituents in eastern New Mexico.

Notably, Larry Marker, a small oil producer and conservative activist, had already declared his candidacy in the Republican primary for Senate District 27. On Monday, Marker confirmed that he would also submit his name to the county commissions for consideration.

According to state law, candidates seeking the seat must present their names to all county commissions in the district, which will then vote to advance one nominee to the governor for selection.

In his announcement, Nibert disclosed that all his colleagues in the House who live in or near Senate District 27, including Representatives Andrea Reeb, Martin Zamora, and Larry Scott, have endorsed his bid for the Senate.

The revamped Senate District 27, following recent redistricting, now includes more of Chaves County, overlapping with Nibert’s current House District 59.

Nibert’s candidacy has been anticipated, as he had previously expressed interest in running for the Senate seat if Ingle decided not to seek reelection. Nibert is an attorney who has been with the oil and gas department of the Hinkle Shanor Law Firm in Roswell since 1983.

He has held various positions, including executive director of the Roswell Chamber of Commerce, member of the Roswell Independent School Board of Education, and chair of the Republican Party of Chaves County. In 2016, he was elected to the New Mexico House of Representatives, representing District 59. He was elected House Minority Whip in January.

In recent years, Nibert has been vocal in his opposition to the emergency public health orders issued by Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ingle’s resignation is part of a trend in southeast New Mexico, where longtime lawmakers have either resigned or chosen not to seek reelection, leading to shifts in representation in the region.


6 thoughts on “After longest-serving state senator resigns, GOP rep. seeks to fill seat”

  1. Mr. Block, I noticed you included far more information about Rep. Nibert’s background than that of Larry Marker. Is there a reason you included more information about one man than the other? This article almost seems like a thinly-veiled endorsement.

    Thank you for at least reporting that there is another contender so far in the race for Senate District 27. Our press is always far more valuable when all of the information is reported to The People.

    1. Don’t hold your breath. I’m not a big fan but I’ll take her over any Republican you can toss up. You guys like to pretend she’s destroying the oil industry but the Permian basin is the number one oil producer in the largest oil producing country in the world. Personally , the faster we get off fossil fuels which are the most highly subsidized industry in the world, the better. Of course why deal with reality when you can make fun of her appearance and her height.

  2. Reality is that we cannot survive as a nation or a state without fossil fuels for energy for many many years. Unless you are ready for nuclear energy. She is also a petty tyrant who has no business running a state.

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