Gabe Vasquez walks the tightrope on border security

Amidst the ongoing border crisis and dwindling approval ratings for Joe Biden’s immigration policies, U.S. Rep. Gabe Vasquez, whose district encompasses all of New Mexico’s southern border, has taken a 180-degree flip in his approach to border security. This shift is raising eyebrows among political observers and opponents who point to his earlier border rhetoric as inflammatory and extreme.

Vasquez is now advocating for an increase in the number of border agents, emphasizing the need for cross-border collaboration, and participating in roundtable discussions. This marked change in his stance on border security stands in stark contrast to his previous positions.

Biden’s approval rating on the immigration crisis is a meager 26 percent. After vehemently claiming he would never build any more border wall between the U.S. and Mexico, as his predecessor did, he is now ordering the construction of 20 miles of barrier in Texas — a complete flip-flop on the policy.

Back in 2018, Vasquez described the border crisis as a “non-existent threat” and criticized then-President Donald Trump’s border security efforts as “ill-informed” and “in bad taste.”

In 2020, he went further, calling for the elimination of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), claiming that the agency had “no regard for humanity.” 

Throughout 2021, Vasquez repeatedly voiced his intention to dismantle Trump’s border wall, going so far as to state, “Tear what’s left of it down” and “Let’s tear it down.” 

He went on to label the border wall as the product of a “crooked, racist administration” and commended Joe Biden for halting its construction, characterizing it as a “racist, environmentally destructive, massive waste of money” and a “glorification of xenophobia.”

This shifting stance has raised concerns among those who view it as part of a pattern of behavior. Vasquez previously faced criticism for deleting progressive tweets to create a more moderate image in 2021.

These shifts have led to questions about the sincerity of Vasquez’s positions and his credibility among voters. Critics argue that his tendency to change his rhetoric based on political expediency raises doubts about his commitment to the people of New Mexico.

In response to these allegations, the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) spokeswoman, Delanie Bomar, emphasized, “Gabe Vasquez is an extremist who adjusts his rhetoric for whatever is politically beneficial for him in the moment. Voters cannot trust Gabe Vasquez to put New Mexico first.”

The first-term Democrat faces fierce opposition from GOP former Congresswoman Yvette Herrell, who is polling ahead of the incumbent.

Vasquez’s evolving stance on border security and his fluctuating political rhetoric reflect the broader debate surrounding border policies and immigration issues in the United States. As the border crisis continues to be a focal point in national discussions, Vasquez’s lack of a clear stance on the border leaves voters in the Second Congressional District guessing. 


13 thoughts on “Gabe Vasquez walks the tightrope on border security”

  1. Not sure how he got elected, I know some NM elections are part of the great cheat of 2020. He is a true politician, he is realizing he will not get elected if illegals get free healthcare and $2200 a month but we have citizens living in their cars with no help. He is not see as thePOS he is.

    1. He’s a product of Santa Fe gerrymandering the district. Pure and simple. He’s a puppet, regurgitating whatever the current democratic rhetoric is.

  2. In the beginning of his term he said and did what the party wanted. Now that election time is approaching, he changes his tune to what the people really wanted all along.
    He’s running scared and cannot be trusted.

    1. Well, surprisingly, Gabe did vote today with the majority of Democrats and Republicans in adopting a House resolution condemning Hamas for the horrific attack on Israel. Still, I would not support him for re-election. He does not represent the majority of voters in CD2.

  3. He is a perfect example of what placing people in positions looks like with Dominion. He does not represent the people. He represents the DS.

  4. I think he just represents himself. He probably likes the cachet of being a member of the House in DC without doing the work. I don’t live in CD#2 but I still hope Yvette gets back in! She seems to really care about her constituents.

  5. It’s time to stop the great migration. We have people living in poverty here. They cry for help and what happens? The illegals get the help. We do not need politicians. We need honest hard working folks who are willing to work to make positive changes for the citizens of this nation. The swing set group needs to go. We have politicians who play in their positions and get nothing done to improve our country or our state. I am tired of the rhetoric and the laziness. We need a change that works for us! We the People!

    1. I absolutely agree!! We need working people who know what needs to be done, and they do it. Politicians are nothing but blood-sucking leecesh on our wallets who only care about getting elected and re-elected. Illegals should get nothing and should be deported, or better yet prevented from entering our country.


    All the lefties flip publicly when their positions become obvious election losers, but their thinking doesn’t change. Just like you don’t hear defund the police anymore.

  7. When things start to go bang in the middle of the night due to terrorists crossing with rest of the free sh@t posse, you’ll know who to hold accountable.

  8. Anyone that supports an open Border, as far as I am concerned, also supports Trafficking of Children & Women! Slavery & Pedofilia.

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