NM House passes bill to codify the Green New Deal into state Land Office

On Friday, the state House of Representatives passed H.B. 95, which would codify the “Renewable Energy Office” to fulfill the Energy Transition Act (New Mexico’s Green New Deal) into the state Land Office. 

Currently, the Renewable Energy Office is a function of the Land Office under Democrat state Land Commissioner Stephanie Garcia Richard, but the bill would make this office permanent for all future land commissioners. 

During the debate, the sponsor, state Rep. Tara Lujan (D-Santa Fe), admitted that despite wind energy making up around 30 percent of the state’s energy generation, the industry only brought in an annual $10 million in revenue to the Land Office, while oil and gas produced over $2 billion. 

According to the bill’s fiscal impact report, “The office currently has 39 active long-term

renewable energy leases (27 wind and 12 solar) and 33 lease applications under review.” 

It is unclear if there is an exhaustive list of what is included in “renewables,” but the sponsor noted how nuclear energy and extractive industries, such as oil, gas, and coal, were not within the office’s definition of renewable.

“The Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department contends in-state renewable energy is key to meeting the goals of the Energy Transition Act, enacted in 2019,” the fiscal impact report further states.

The bill passed the House. It now moves over to the state Senate for consideration on whether or not the state will codify the Renewable Energy Office.


16 thoughts on “NM House passes bill to codify the Green New Deal into state Land Office”

  1. Okay wind energy! What is going to happen to the wind energy material when this needs to be replaced? They are not reusable they are dumped, where? Keep our state clean. What is going to happen to our wildlife? These big wind blades kill birds. Good job. Not in my eyes. But they are running over us New Mexicans!

  2. We would get more wind energy if we could harness the liberals exaltation of their hot air. BTW does anyone know how expensive it is to keep the solar panels clean? How expensive it is to insure your home if you have solar panels? And how expensive it is to replace solar panels after a severe wind and hail storm? Of course not. New Mexico is last in education and now with this bill heading to the Senate we will become last in energy production. Get ready to live in the caves again!

    1. Bingo! The earth goes through periods of heating and cooling and has for millions of years. Meanwhile, what do you need to run all of these wonderful “clean” resources? Coal and oil. The “progressives” in this state are the very definition of pooping where you eat. WE ARE AN OIL AND GAS STATE. Always have been, always will be. Where do any windfalls and surplusses in this state come from? Oil and gas. But go ahead…keep voting for these “people” that want to take away jobs and increase your taxes with all of these laughable “innovations” that destroy the environment, ruin our landscapes and don’t offer any real, tangible benefits.

  3. Well, solar panels and bird killing noisy wind turbines might work if the population of this state dwindles to just the mentally challenged members of state legislature. That may very well happen. Suggestion:
    Annex the northern half of NM to twisted Colorado, and us in the southern half can join Texas.

  4. Those bird killing machines, the “blight without light” wind generators produce 30% of our states electricity?? THIRTY PERCENT??? That dimbulb better check her “facts” again, unless these greenies have paved New Mexico with solar panels and oil spewing wind generators
    It’s probably a typo, or it could be a wishful guess to justify the waste of money for her bloated staff.
    Whatever it is, these fool californicators won’t be happy until they have destroyed everything good in the world and us deplorables are huddled in adobe huts, burning twigs for heat and eating bugs. That’s why they are pushing their gun grabs so hard.

    #FJB #Fmlg

  5. What those anti-science progressives don’t realize is that humans cannot do not control the weather.. and also they don’t tell you that Europe is the renewable energy experiment that failed.. it failed so badly that they are returning to coal and gas for its survival.. we could be using that money for the worthless windmills and soul on something much better than trying to change the climate

    1. Agreed. You cannot change mother nature only try to change the consequences. No effort or funds are going to preventative measures or amelioration. Hey Congress go back to math class 10 million is NOT GREATER THAN 2 BILLION! AND economics 101 would say investing millions to get possibly a zero return or to break even is a big fail. We have no real business people in this leadership!

    2. Agreed we can’t change mother nature just try to adjust and prevent damage. BTW mlg 2 BILLION is More than 10 million by far! But let’s put millions in to something that will break even at best . Yep are business and science geniuses at work!

  6. The climate crisis green energy BS is the wealthy globalist elite and governments way to take total control of the people and has nothing to do with environment. It destroys the environment. The people need to wake up and resist because their silence and belief in the propaganda is ruining us all. Inform as many as you can. God help us. Our freedom is at stake and climate change is a lie!!!!!!

  7. Why on earth did those people vote with the dems??? This is the NM version of the “Inflation Reduction Act” that sailed through Congress in much the same way. Earth doesn’t need anyone “helping” with the climate!

  8. Appears we have Republicans that can’t think for themselves either! We are last in education for a reason. This is a case of doing the same thing over and over the same way and expecting a different result, it’s called insanity!! Looks like we could remember what happened to Texas and their stupidity with so called renewables.

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