Triggered by ‘Let’s Go, Brandon’ chant, legislator claims Trump is a ‘flagrant piece of s**t’

Far-left state Rep. Liz Thomson (D-Bernalillo) has long been an opponent of conservatives and pretty much anyone who remotely disagrees with her. 

Thomson has long been known for her personal attacks against fellow New Mexicans, demeaning them as “uneducated” for asking questions about the virus jab and claiming in one rant, “Anyone who continues to back the orange traitor (apparently referring to President Donald Trump) after the terrorist attack, is forever branded with a scarlet S for seditionist.” 

She also called concerned parents asking questions about the jab for their kids “low iq voters.” Then, Thomson snitched on fellow citizens to the attorney general regarding pandemic mandates. 

She then compared law enforcers to the Ku Klux Klan and called law-abiding gun owners “thugs.”

Now, she has continued in her personal and explicit political Twitter rants, this time jabbing at 45th President Donald J. Trump.

Thomson shared a post reading, “When you say ‘Let’s go, Brandon’ you might as well advertise yourself as a nearly politically illiterate, unoriginal, cult-following fool who wandered willingly behind the flock of the loudest voices around you into hating a man that you don’t actually know anything about.”

The post continued that Trump was a “flagrant piece of s**t.”

Thomson wrote, “This is spot on.”

During the recent special legislative session dedicated to redistricting, Thomson responded to her fellow legislators who said the maps being proposed were partisan and gerrymandered. She said, “You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit.” Thomson now appears to continue to have a “fit” on Twitter over President Trump, who she still can’t stop hating. 

6 thoughts on “Triggered by ‘Let’s Go, Brandon’ chant, legislator claims Trump is a ‘flagrant piece of s**t’”

  1. So, let’s work something out. It’s not just conservatives who are using this phrase and are unhappy with Joe Biden’s performance as president. You, of course, have Trump supporters, conservatives and republicans, but you also have centrists, constitutionalists, libertarians, ancaps, moderates and even some democrats, who are displeased, as you would with any president. This time, the displeased were handed a family friendly way to say, “F this current president.”, by their political opposition and ran with the polite version, as opposed to the “obscene” version. Yet, during Trump’s time in office, it was perfectly acceptable, even applauded, by the left, for Robert De Niro to get up on prime time TV, during an award show and proclaim, “F*** Trump!”, twice and received a standing ovation. Now, I don’t actually care that he said this, because it’s his right as an American, and I wasn’t offended because I was never a fan of Trump. I didn’t think he would end the world, but I didn’t particularly care for his rhetoric. The point is, the current incantation of “F- the president” is one with manners, while the version of vulgarity gets a standing ovation and is even encouraged, by the left, as long as it’s against their opposition. Then these hyper-left authoritarians, like Liz Thomson whine and cry about the opposition, politely, saying “F- the president”, without the vulgarity, so you don’t have to cover your young child’s ears during a live broadcast, while she’s openly calling for a return to segregation and trying to tell everyone she is supposed to represent, how to live THEIR lives and calling them stupid if they disagree with her BlueAnon psycho-babbel. I was born and lived for 29 years in one of the most liberal areas of this country. I still have many of the same beliefs of freedom and equality for all, that I was taught were tenets of the left. People like Liz, are why the left has lost me. I don’t like establishment republicans, anymore than I like establishment democrats, but those outside of the establishment will get my support, on either side of the isle, IF THEIR POLICIES ARE GOOD.

  2. Conservative Woman need to make a stand

    Typical, feminist leftist b@tch. She needs to take a look in the mirror to see the true evil destroying America. It’s name is liberal feminist democrap.

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