Guilty plea unravels gruesome details of trio that trafficked child in NM

23-year-old Bianka Vega, accused of conspiring to traffic a child for prostitution across state lines, has agreed to plead guilty to Misprision of Felony, as revealed by federal court records obtained by Vega, along with co-defendants Cameron Phifer, 24, and Deryan Thomas, 32, was initially indicted in June on grave charges, including Conspiracy to Commit Sex Trafficking of a Minor, Sex Trafficking, Attempted Sex Trafficking of a Minor, Interstate Transportation to Engage in Prostitution, and two additional charges.

The horrific case centers around a missing teenager, identified as “Jane Doe” in public records, who disappeared from her Lubbock home on November 28, 2022. Disturbingly, court documents outline that Vega and her boyfriend, Thomas, took the vulnerable teen from Lubbock to Odessa, Texas, with the sinister intention of engaging in sex trafficking. It is alleged that Phifer, associated with the same “rap music group” as Thomas in Lubbock, was implicated in sex trafficking.

During their time in Odessa, court records assert that Doe was instructed to engage in prostitution by Vega, Thomas, and Phifer. Shockingly, their malevolent plans extended to trafficking in Carlsbad, New Mexico, where Phifer exerted “primary control” over the victim. An ad promoting sexual services, featuring explicit images of Vega and the victim, was reportedly posted on a notorious trafficking website for areas in Roswell and Carlsbad.

The revolting narrative turned darker as law enforcement contacted Vega, who admitted to Phifer that the victim was underage. In a callous response, Phifer allegedly stated, “It’s too late to stop.” Eventually, the victim was left at a hotel in Carlsbad, falling prey to another trafficker.

Thomas and Phifer had previously pleaded not guilty in June, and Vega’s potential guilty plea could lead to a sentence of no more than three years in prison. Meanwhile, Vega remains in custody at the Lubbock County Detention Center. The well-being of the victim remains unclear, as court documents do not provide information on her current status.

This harrowing incident underscores the issue of human trafficking plaguing the nation and shows New Mexico as a haven for human traffickers. All legislation that would increase penalties on these criminals died in the 2023 Legislative Session.

Resources such as the National Human Trafficking Hotline (1-888-373-7888) are a crucial lifeline for survivors seeking help and support.


11 thoughts on “Guilty plea unravels gruesome details of trio that trafficked child in NM”

  1. 1st off, why are we allowing plea deals for this criminal behavior. Stop giving criminals of such horrendous activity a break at all? They had no mercy on the young girl.
    Second, human behavior has sunk to lows that now only resemble that of Sodom and Gammorah. This occurs when the faith community stops living Godly. Too many have become complacent.

    1. I strongly condemn this act of human trafficking specially with kids. They don’t have the skills to defend themselves. This kind of acts from this people should be condemn very severely, they should not have the right to any type of court process or human rights (they don’t deserve it). They should be punished immediately. Because stealing the innocence of a child is extremely disgusting and evil.

    2. Sometimes plea deals are the way cases get cracked open and more people get convicted – but you have to incentivize scum to turn against scum.

  2. The US is well known for having the largest market in the world for child and teen trafficked children. Do NOT let your children go places alone!

    Since all of the legislation failed, I wonder how many “customers/ abusers” are members of our legislature… It seems suspicious to me that they passed the evil “gender-affirming care” bill but none of the bills (that I am aware of) actually protecting children passed.

    From looking at the voting, I have to assume that the NM Legislature approves unusual bills. My question is: WHY? Why do they not want to protect New Mexico’s children??

  3. 3 years in a local prison for human trafficking if caught ? The criminals are writing the laws and are the judges. The low lives that destroy a child’s life, get to resume their lives to prey again. It should be a death sentence, same as they gave the child.

  4. 3 years is a terrible and sad joke. And, that’s the max. That’s the kind of joke that’s not funny.
    Who came up with that penalty? A pedophile law maker?
    Do they even get tracked as sex offenders?

  5. 3 years is a punishment? It must have been a Judge or state representative that called for the services and helped make the deal.

  6. Bring back Capitol punishment. Luke 17:2 anyone who hurts a child and sins it would be better if a millstone were put around his/her neck and tossed into the Sea. Over 80 thousand children are unaccounted for since open boarder began with the Biden administration. The drug trade is equal to the trafficking of children in the money making industry. Bring back Capitol punishment.

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