SOS Toulouse Oliver ‘reviewing’ ways Trump could be booted from NM ballot

According to a report by Democrat blogger Joe Monahan, far-left New Mexico Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver’s office is “reviewing the legal theories” that could boot 45th President Donald Trump from the state’s 2024 election ballot.

ABC News reported, “The argument to disqualify Trump from appearing on primary or general election ballots in 2024 boils down to Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution’s 14th Amendment, which states that an elected official is not eligible to assume public office if that person ‘engaged in insurrection or rebellion against’ the United States, or had ‘given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof,’ unless they are granted amnesty by a two-thirds vote of Congress.” 

Despite an extreme amount of exonerating evidence showing that Trump was not guilty of any crimes on January 6, 2021, with explicit directions to rally attendees to be peaceful while calling on then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi for higher security at the U.S. Capitol, Toulouse Oliver is trying to use this trick to keep Trump off of the ballot.

“We’ve been getting inquiries into our office about this. All candidates for [the] 2024 elections are required to file with our office in February 2024. We are aware of and are reviewing the legal theories regarding the 14th Amendment that conclude Donald Trump is ineligible to run for President,” Toulouse Oliver’s office wrote to Monahan.

“If Donald Trump files in New Mexico to run for President, we will make a determination at that time based on our understanding of New Mexico law and the requirements to run for office in New Mexico. Any determination about a specific candidate’s eligibility for the ballot will be made after the candidate filing day in February 2024,” the statement continued.

“Some Dems would relish keeping Trump off of the NM ballot but other more pragmatic ones point out that Biden has already beaten Trump here once and stands a good chance to do so again. That might not be as easy with another GOP presidential nominee, although the Dem would be favored over any R in blue NM,” wrote the blogger.

The news comes days after a poll commissioned for the far-left New Mexico Political Report found the 45th President within single digits of Joe Biden, showing that Trump’s support in the state is significant. 


39 thoughts on “SOS Toulouse Oliver ‘reviewing’ ways Trump could be booted from NM ballot”

  1. Civil war is coming. How else can our voices be heard. Politicians do not do the will of the people. Both sides are not for the people. We must stop paying taxes. March on every city and county office and the state house. DEMND OUR VOICES BE HEARD. Not everyone is for late term abortions, giving up our firearms and only electrical vehicles. That is what is going to happen unless we take to the streets.

    1. You are right! There is no other way to save this state and this country. Civil war would potentially destroy this country too, but there would be far fewer liberal, brain-dead Marxists turning this country into Venezuela to deal with on the other side.

      1. Biden and his administration have destroyed our country. You are deaf dumb and blind to his actions if you think this country is moving in the right direction. Another 4 years of this administration will ruin anything left of this country making us look like Mexico. We might as well let Mexico take us over 5 million illegals in our country being given health insurance cell phones and social security money. We have nothing left biden giving trillions to Ukraine which will make Biden family richer. It’s sad we are not the country we use to be.

    2. Amen. Uless our God and Savior intervene, Civil War may be the only thing Demoncrats understand, if that. God bless.

  2. After what this pair of treasonous tyrants pulled during COVID this is no surprise. To-lose Oliver even treated electors to cast their votes for Biden. As history teaches, seizing power is one thing keeping it is another. We are watching the darkest times in American history.

  3. Maggot Screwloose isn’t a lawyer and has no legal training, so exactly where does she get off? Her boss can’t run for Governor again…at least not for 4 years.

    Maggot’s husband (yes, she does actually have one…though she tries real hard to hide it). Do a little research on Allan Oliver to see what her point is and who she panders to.

  4. I am no Lawyer but In a federal election states cannot stop any part or person in the process.
    Maggie if you see this post (which I highly doubt) but if you do you are an ignoramus and need to crawl under a rock.

  5. Stephanie McKenzie

    I believe in God, and in prayer. I pray everyday for New Mexico, that godly values (I am convinced that most of New Mexicans do have godly values) will reign in New Mexico. I would hate to see a civil war, that is exactly what the leftists want to happen, divide us so we start killing each other. I will not give up praying for New Mexico, I will not comply with any mandates, I never wore a mask and I will never wear a mask. If they want to come for this great grandma go ahead. But be warned MLG and your sycophants, you are fighting against God and He always wins.

  6. It’s almost as if they want a civil war. Because THIS is how to start one.
    Both evil bitches need to be taken on a one-way helicopter ride.

  7. This wanna be Amber Heard will not see any of her husbands or sons ever sign up for the military. She is surrounded by cowards.

  8. Trump has not been, and may never be, convicted of any of the bogus charges. There is no current legitimate reason to keep him off the Primary Election ballot or General Election ballot in New Mexico, or any other state.

    But socialist Dems do not believe in the correct application of the Rule of Law.

    Toulouse had better not commit an illegal or impeachable manipulation of a presidential election.

  9. If the are so sure Biden will win why take Trump off the ballot it will make them look like the marxists they are. It sounds like they they are worried the the people may want something different to what they want. It is time New Mexicans stand for their conservative values.

  10. On a side note, I cannot look into MLG’s eyes. All I see is evil and it makes me literally turn away every time. She is indwelled with an evil spirit, and NM seems to like to vote for her. People need to wake up!

  11. “Despite an extreme amount of exonerating evidence showing that Trump was not guilty of any crimes on January 6, 2021, with explicit directions to rally attendees to be peaceful while calling on then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi for higher security at the U.S. Capitol, Toulouse Oliver is trying to use this trick to keep Trump off of the ballot.”

    This is absolutely ELECTION INTERFERENCE!

    Let voters decide who they want to be their next president.

  12. I still wanna know why my vote was in one county? BUT I voted in my county. Still no answers. Speak up Maggie. You cheated everyone’s vote.

  13. Toloose is a manipulator a liar, and a cheat. She will stop at nothing to rig the election in the Dem’s favor. Why people? Why do you vote for these evil people? I just can’t understand how these supposed Catholic’s vote for this garbage. New Mexico is two faced. Does anyone have any integrity anymore?

  14. Toulouse-Oliver is a card carrying communist! I guess she wants to light off the Second Civil War in New Mexico! This is so wrong on so many levels. First, our constitution provides that a person is presumed innocent until proven guilty. President Trump has not been found guilty of any of the multiple charges lobbed at him state Soros bought DAs or the communist run and WEF bought DOJ. They also know they will lose every current charges against him. It’s a concerted effort to stop him at all costs because they know he will win. At this point, they know that, and their morals and credibility is taking a back seat to their criminality. They know that if Trump wins, which he will, all of the crap they, the Federal Government, the Red States, the FBI, and the CIA are doing to undermine conservative values and the traditional American way of life. If she is successful by the crony NM Democrat way, one of two things will happen. Either we begin removing these dictators physically either peacefully or by force or it will be the beginning of something they will regret, a civil war. C’mon, Maggie, even with your stone cold communist heart, do you place your communist ideology above the people of New Mexico? This is wrong on every level and you know it, just like you tried to run a single party ticket and do everything you could to destroy Manny Gonzales when he displayed a centrist role and met with president Trumps on crime. You are truly a walking pea mole of election interference. This state and this country are not for sale to the WEF, Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, or BlackRock and their subsidiaries in Vanguard and others. I will not be happy owning nothing. See you in the unemployment line in 2024!

  15. I want to know exactly what she and the democrats are afraid of. Are we the citizens not allowed to vote for whom we wish or does the dictators tell us who we may vote for.
    They don’t just hate Trump but are deathly afraid of him because he is a fighter for America and it’s legal citizens while the democrats are in bed with China and other foreign countries and illegal foreign nationals.

  16. The election system is fake and completely rigged. Dominion Machines, First Net( covert internet system) and SERVIS( covert servers) is all they need to seize power, our lives and wealth. No body elected Michelle Lujan Grisham or Maggie Toulous Oliver. They were picked by evil men to be their “useful idiots”. Most of the legislature and judiciary are the same. Resist. Resist. Resist.

  17. Queen michelle and princess oliver seem convinced that President Trump is a bad person and that everyone knows it so why waste time and money to keep him off the ballot? Per their rhetoric it appears they feel that nobody would vote for him. Could it mean that they both need stool softeners just thinking about him being on the ballot as that thought scares them into an inability to defecate?

  18. Trump gave aid and comfort to the enemies of the United States? While Biden is in bed with the Chinese Communist Party. They own him. And Biden destroyed our sovereign border and let 9 million criminal invaders walk across. Maybe we need to find a way to get Biden off the ballot. Should be easy. That goes for Harris and Newsom too. All communist traitors to America.

  19. So much spew of hate given in these comments. It is sacrilegious to claim conservative views…that’s all it is, don’t mix conservatism with our creator. It’s sad that this country is seen as either red or blue. A sad Era is the undoing of basic humanity. Let thee without sin cast the first stone. Yes SOS is overstepping her duties…so on that I agree with so called conservatives.

    1. God expects us to fight evil. That is what we are supposed to do. The Democrat party is the evil party and needs to be extracted from our great nation.

  20. NM cannot take him off the ballot, they’re separate. Those are criminal trials under different criminal laws that Congress has passed or the state of Georgia has passed. And even if former President Trump were convicted, under those prosecutions, they would not disqualify him from running as a candidate. NM is so corrupt.

  21. No, they’re separate. Those are criminal trials under different criminal laws that Congress has passed or the state of Georgia has passed. And even if former President Trump were convicted, under those prosecutions, they would not disqualify him from running as a candidate.3 days

  22. All of the Comments here are against MLG and Maggot ruining our State because if Trump wins….they’ll be w/out a position where they can steal the Taxpayers money and fluff up their homes for free….! It is time that people of New Mexico wake up and see the light on these evil Satanic worshipers and reek havoc to their hearts content. There is NO room in our State for likes of these low life subcultures to remain in any Office of the State Gov….!

  23. Maggie Toulouse-Lautrec (Toulouse-Lautrec is my least favorite painter) has been fooling around with voting rules and laws as long as I can remember. Why is that? She isn’t a legislator – changing laws isn’t within the scope of her position. Speaking of said position, she certified her own re-election. Katie Hobbs in AZ who cheated her way into the governor position did the same thing. I don’t believe you are supposed to certify your own election. She and dear Maggie Election-Fraud are friends. MLG gave her an approximately $50,000/year raise. I think it quite interesting that all of the major positions are all dems (senators, reps, judges, SoS, etc.). And they’re STUPID, too!! Take a look at all of the Biden admin-nominated judges – lefty dem activists and DUMB, which means they will take direction without complaint. And who are they really taking direction from? Not Biden – Biden’s old boss. There are others but his old boss is the ringleader…and on his third term!

  24. She’s the biggest left wing nut job. How in the hell do people like this get elected? Is this state that full of dumb asses? When are they going to wake up an realize before it’s too late. Yes sadly I believe civil war is coming and it’s not left vs. right, it’s wrong vs. right. God help us before it’s too late.

  25. Well then you BEST take biden off too because he’s been selling classified stuff to our enemies for centuries and yall still let him in the white house ignorance at its finest

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