Controversial former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson dead at 75

Bill Richardson, the former Democrat New Mexico governor, 2008 presidential candidate, and former diplomat, passed away peacefully in his sleep at his summer residence in Chatham, Massachusetts, at the age of 75.

Mickey Bergman, Vice President of the Richardson Center, announced Richardson’s passing. Bergman praised Richardson’s hand in intervening in international diplomacy far after he left office.

During his years of diplomatic engagements, he held meetings with figures such as Fidel Castro, Saddam Hussein, Hugo Chavez, and even a few Kims from North Korea.

Jon Franks, who collaborated with Richardson on various efforts to secure the release of Americans detained abroad, including Trevor Reed, a former Marine held in Russia in 2019, mourned the passing of his mentor and friend. Richardson’s dedication to the cause of reuniting families separated by unjust detentions left an indelible mark, and his legacy will continue to inspire efforts in the same vein. Richardson is survived by his wife, Barbara.

Far-left Democrat U.S. Rep. Gabe Vasquez mourned Richardson’s passing, calling him a “titan in New Mexico and abroad.”

Richardson’s controversial tenure as governor left the state with a plethora of new state departments and gave the governorship power over education, which plummeted achievement in the state to be the worst in the nation. 

Richardson was also listed in deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s “little black book,” and had many allegations lobbed against him regarding sexual impropriety.

In a 2016 deposition, Virginia Giuffre, an Epstein sex worker claimed she was instructed “to go to (former U.S. Sen.) George Mitchell, (modeling agent) Jean-Luc Brunel, Bill Richardson, another prince that I don’t know his name. A guy that owns a hotel, a really large hotel chain, I can’t remember which hotel it was.” She claims she was told by Epstein and the billionaire’s “madam” Ghislaine Maxwell to give the former governor “erotic massages.” 

Dozens of accusers say they were underage, some as young as 14, when Epstein allegedly sexually abused them. Richardson denied the accusations.

Epstein purchased a secluded, 10,000-acre Zorro Ranch in southern Santa Fe County, which, according to the Santa Fe New Mexican, “he purchased from former Gov. Bruce King in the early 1990s. On that property is a 26,700-square-foot hilltop mansion as well as a small airplane hangar and airstrip.” 

Epstein called on Richard Branson and Bill Gates to appear alongside him during a 2014 panel about money’s origins at Arizona State University, according to an email from theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss at the time.

According to the Daily Mail, “It was Krauss who revealed this news in a 2013 email to Jim Simons, asking the famed mathematician if he might be interested in a spot on the same panel.

Krauss wrote to Simmons that Epstein was coordinating the panel on the Origins of Money, and said ‘right now he has Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Larry Summers on board.’”


24 thoughts on “Controversial former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson dead at 75”

  1. Jimmy Buffet passed away yesterday also. Him I’ll miss. As far as Richardson, he was a prime democrat crook, just like Manny Aragon. He set the standard for democrats to follow.

  2. I was a witness to his crimes. All forms of political crime to a full level and the legislature was complicit. A disgusting human being. A perfect fit for a sick rigged political system. He should have died sooner and not been allowed to enjoy the fruits of his crimes. I wonder if he thought” Was it worth it in the end”.

  3. I don’t think it’s right to celebrate the death of anyone, even with all the harm he did as a politician, it’s just not right to cheer. It’s more sad that he chose the life he did, and what did he gain from it all? May his family and colleagues choose a different path for their own lives.

    1. Yes, it is not for us to judge. He will meet His maker, as we too will, and God will judge us all.
      He was a son, father and husband let them grieve in peace. He is not here any longer to speak for himself. Don’t tattoo his errors in life in them.

  4. This former Representative was crooked as heck, and he went on to be a worse crook as Governor. He was despicable and had the hugest head.

  5. A Carpetbagger both of his parents owned banks. He was born in Massachusetts raised at his grandaddy’s home in MEXICO. His daddy bought him a slot to try for the Dodgers. He was born with a Silver Spoon in his mouth and he was nothing but a Spoiled Brat. He Was A Criminal Deluxe A Political Elitest Weasel Scumbag Burn Baby Burn!!!

  6. The biggest scam ever placed on humanity was convincing all you normies that evil people like him were going to get theirs after they died. This evil has perpetrated because too many god-fearing people have shoved their head up their ass and let the evil go. You’re just content to let imaginary man in the sky take care of what humanity themselves should be taken care of.

  7. The greatest scam ever put on humanity was convincing simple minded people that evil people like this was going to get theirs after death. The reason why this kind of evil has perpetrated and flourished is cuz God fearing people has shoved their head up their ass expecting God to take care of what humanity should be taken care of

  8. Bill Richardson was a media invention , he was not a native New Mexico Hispanic, he did not grow up in New Mexico but in California. His corruption was always covered up by the state media and in typical state media fashion they created a persona for his political success. He also allegedly did not live in NM except for his terms as Governor. How many more Bill Richardson’s has the communist media invented to our detriment?

  9. I remember the “incidents” at Elephant Butte Lake & Santa Fe that cost people’s lives where booze may have been the culprit. That was all nicely covered up. Let us not forget the Rail Runner Train and how much that cost all New Mexicans daily as a reminder to this person. Yes, Bill was a true New Mexico “DANDY.”

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