New leftist poll shows Trump polling within within single digits of Biden in NM

A new poll commissioned by the leftist NM Political Report sheds light on the competitive 2024 landscape in New Mexico, indicating that 45th President Donald Trump is just a single digit away from securing victory against Joe Biden. The poll, conducted by Public Policy Polling, engaged 767 New Mexico voters between August 23 and 24.

Despite New Mexico’s recent history of favoring Democrat candidates, this poll presents a compelling case for a potential shift in the political tide. Joe Biden holds a modest lead with 49 percent of the polled voters against both Trump and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. In a hypothetical rematch against Trump, the 45th President garners 41 percent of the vote, with 10 percent of voters remaining undecided.

The electoral history of New Mexico, which has leaned Democratic in recent years, cannot be denied. In the 2020 presidential election, Biden was reported to have won over Trump by a margin of 10.79 percent, garnering 54.29 percent of the vote to Trump’s 43.5 percent. Notably, the last Republican to win New Mexico was George W. Bush in 2004, marking a potential turning point for the state’s political landscape.

Breaking down the respondents, 52 percent indicated their support for Biden, while 41 percent cast their vote for Trump; 7 percent either voted for another candidate or refrained from voting altogether.

However, Biden manages to maintain his lead despite holding a higher disapproval rating than approval among New Mexico voters. The poll reveals that 45 percent of respondents approve of Biden’s presidential performance, while 48 percent express disapproval.

The poll encompassed 767 New Mexico voters, utilizing both landline and text message outreach on August 23 and 24. The survey employed a split of 35 percent landline and 65 percent text message contacts. The margin of error for topline questions stands at 3.5 percent, with subpopulations likely to have a slightly larger margin of error. This poll serves as a noteworthy indication that the political landscape in New Mexico may be on the cusp of change, opening the door for increased conservative support in future elections.


17 thoughts on “New leftist poll shows Trump polling within within single digits of Biden in NM”

  1. Good cos this governor is ruining it. And she condones Bidens shady China deals and the Fing crummy economy. That extra dollar a gallon really takes away spending money for other things. He’s wrecking your retirement and making our kids lives with no bright future. No the Dems want to take America down at any cost. Hell no I’m not voting for this non American president. He hasn’t done anything for the people he’s letting thousands, millions of illegal aliens cross the south border And MLG says nothing about it. NOTHING

  2. I trash Dems every time I get a chance on automated phone polls. Just hope it makes some leftist pollster’s heads spin!

  3. Maybe NMs are finally bending over for the dems. Most NMs are conservatives, they want to be in charge of there children, they do not want boys in their daughter’s locker rooms, they want a smaller government, they do not want the government running there lives, they do not believe in killing babies, it is time they realize it and when that does happen, they will vote conservatively

    1. As a former NM resident I am very glad to have moved out. As long as residents keep voting Democrat they continue to get another step closer to goverment control of thier lives. The Republicans are headed down the same road just not quite as fast. I won’t see it in my lifetime but I’m afraid my grand children possibly will see it and I know my great grandchildren will if we as Americans don’t wake up and take back our county.

    1. Because it’s a fixed poll, never in my life I have ever had been called by a pollster, but I have been voting all my adult life.

  4. I still think it was fishy that in November 2020, it wasn’t even 5 to 10 minutes after polls closed that they called NM for Biden. In previous elections, they waited until 9 or 10 to call it. That’s when they had most of, if not all precincts reporting. Then all the shenanigans in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia happened.

    1. That is so true, I was so puzzled about that call but while watching Victory news and watching the amazing upturn on the graph they had it just made sense! Cheating on my mind at that point!

  5. New Mexico will keep voting Democrats and will become a bigger s4!+hole because of it. I love where my place is at but the rest of the state awful!!

  6. Pollsters stopped calling me last year. They do not desire to hear that the NM DNC is nothing short of an insane Fing mistake in human history and should be aborted…like a late term aborted child… So that way the insane NM DNC political party can make more state tourism tax dollars from all the late term (for any reason) aborted Democrats bodies that can fill the donation boxes for organ parts…and the Taxation and Revenue Division can score big time! (sarcasm people…gotta love it)

  7. I spoke with a realtor a few months ago. She said there are lots of people moving here from California and Seattle. I’m sure they are bringing their politics with them – haven’t learned from what they are moving away to escape.

  8. Yes the internet and amazon enable the white liberal locusts to flee the hell holes they create. It’s also the institutionalized patron-peasant relationship of Latin American culture. About a third of Santa Feans are hired into state government based on nepotism alone. Bill Richardson actually eliminated the requirement of a college degree for most state jobs simply because the children of his supporters didn’t have degrees.

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