Soros groups rejoice as MLG, Toulouse Oliver attempt to further weaken NM election laws

On Thursday, scandal-ridden alleged serial groper Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham announced that in tandem with Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver, the pair would attempt to ram through extremist legislation during the 2022 Legislative Session to further weaken New Mexico’s already fraud-ridden electoral system.

According to a press release from Lujan Grisham’s office, the legislation would do the following: 

  • Increasing voter access by extending the early voting period through the Sunday before Election Day, designating Election Day as a state holiday, and allowing 16 year-olds to participate in local elections;
  • Creating a permanent absentee voter list that allows individuals to voluntarily receive mail ballots for each election without needing to make individual requests;
  • Expanding online voter registration opportunities by allowing individuals without MVD-issued ID to register online using their full social security number;
  • Extending the timeline for mailing ballots to voters to 35 days before an election and extending the deadline for accepting voted ballots to 7 p.m. the Friday after an election to accommodate for mail delivery time;
  • Supporting Native voting access by expanding the timeline for indigenous nations, tribes, and pueblos to request alternate voting sites;
  • Improving automatic voter registration by adopting a system that provides a mechanism for eligible individuals to become automatically registered to vote upon completing a transaction at the Motor Vehicle Department;
  • Enabling nominating petition signatures to be securely submitted electronically;
  • Automatically restoring the voting rights of those convicted of a felony who are not currently incarcerated; and
  • Creating an option to vote a straight party ballot.

The fraud-ridden system New Mexico currently has would be further bolstered with fraud, including more opportunities for ballot harvesters to harvest votes from our senior citizens, making it easier to fraudulently submit ballots with a “straight-party voting” option, accepting absentee ballots seven days after an election, letting people sign up to get absentee ballots for every single election without requesting them, nomination petitions available to be submitted electronically, letting 16-year-olds participate in municipal elections, among other fraud-ridden measures.

“On this somber anniversary of the January 6 Capitol insurrection, an anti-democratic attempt to overturn a free and fair election, we are reminded that it is more important than ever to safeguard access to the ballot box. New Mexico will protect the right to vote,” the scandal-plagued governor wrote.

After her announcement, far-left mostly George Soros-funded groups “ProgressNow New Mexico,” “Olé,” “New Mexico Vices for Children,” “Equality New Mexico,” the “Rio Grande Sierra Club,” among others celebrated the apparent attempt for Lujan Grisham and Toulouse Oliver to cling onto power. 

Despite attempts at making straight-party voting return to New Mexico, the New Mexico Supreme Court in 2018 struck it down, with the Court telling Toulouse Oliver the Legislature would have to opine on the question.


7 thoughts on “Soros groups rejoice as MLG, Toulouse Oliver attempt to further weaken NM election laws”

  1. Why wouldn’t Soros be happy with Maggie, she works for him!!! Wake up NM, because of your sleep she is in the position to elect anyone he tells her to!
    “It not who votes, but who counts the votes.”
    Joseph Stalin

  2. “It’s all OK until you get caught.” Past Albuquerque Mayor “Smarty” Marty Chavez
    New Mexico Corruption Capitol of the World.
    “It’s the New Mexico Way.”
    Just Vote for the (D) next to their name.
    Democrat RULE in New Mexico for over 80 years!
    A REAL special kind of STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Sadly, none of our potential Republican governor candidates will say anything about us needing a forensic of the 2020 election. I’ve written letters and sent emails, to no avail. This state cannot live through another MLG term.

  4. Just. wait until the smell of Marijuana fills the city …. Illegal votes.. Commie Governor and SOS…… and murder of babies…… Illegals coming over the border…. not a state I want to remain in.

  5. These communist beaches have:
    – Stolen our ballot box
    – Stolen our soap box
    – Stolen our jury box
    And they would happily steal our cartridge boxes if they thought they could get away with it. They forget that America was founded through rebellion against the “lawful authority” and it’s getting close to the time to give these tyrants a history lesson.

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