Legislative group ranks Lujan Grisham as worst governor in the nation

The national legislative policy group, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) recently released a report measuring the economic freedom of all 50 governors in the United States. 

According to the group, the report “ranks each governor on their current economic performance and their fiscal and executive policies over their term in office. Governors who were inaugurated into high performing states and continue positive policies may not be able to improve as much as others but receive credit for their positive performance.”

“We believe that to those whom much is given, much is expected. Governors who are inaugurated into poor performing states and improve or try to improve their policies receive high policy rankings. Those who continue those policies receive low ranks for both policies and performance. Newer governors who do not have the long track records to measure are ranked only on the data that is relevant to their policies since taking office. In the case of a new governor who served together with the prior governor, we look at the track record over their most recent term of influence as lieutenant governor,” the report notes.

South Dakota’s Republican Gov. Krisi Noem ranked number one on the report, followed by Utah’s Republican Gov. Spencer Cox and Florida’s Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis. On the bottom of the rankings, however, appeared many Democrat governors of far-left states.

California’s Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom clinched the 48th spot, Rhode Island’s Democrat Gov. Daniel McGee clinched the 49th, and the report listed the worst governor as Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham of New Mexico. 

The report noted New Mexico ranking 49th for “executive policy,” 46th for “economic performance,” and 48th for “fiscal policy.” According to the graph provided by ALEC, Lujan Grisham’s state spending skyrocketed since she took power in 2019. The report also noted the state ranking 50th in its unemployment rate, 49th for federal unemployment benefits and 49th in education freedom. 

State Rep. Stefani Lord (R-Sandia Park) responded via Twitter after the ALEC report went public writing, “We are number one on the ‘worst of’ list yet again! Guess which Governor is ranked as the worst in the nation?” 


9 thoughts on “Legislative group ranks Lujan Grisham as worst governor in the nation”

  1. One would think the Governor views her consistently low scores as if they were a “Badge of Courage!”
    Maybe the fault is ours for allowing them to remain in office. Maybe we are the cowards for letting evil to exist and only just whine like lazy, spoiled children?
    Have we evolved into a species with no spines?
    “Actions always prove why words mean nothing.”
    It’s not quite the same thing but the principle is the same: Jesus drove the money changers from the Temple and he also said that evil cannot drive out evil.
    Again, maybe we are the bigger problem because we complain and rail and then go into the comfortable homes and do nothing.

  2. Change is in the air if we have the spine to travel that path.

    Rebecca Dow will easily eclipse this pathetic administration whose only available plan of action is to repeatedly sue her over falsehoods in order to distract the conversation and tie up her campaign funds.

    We get what we accept

  3. MLG is evil no report needed

    No report was needed to verify she is the worst. New Mexicans are stuck wearing masks. She forces policies the people of NM do not believe in. All you have to do is drive around NM to see all of the businesses that had to shut down and anyone can see MLGs destruction of NM. Liberal idiots will vote for her again. They love being controlled.

  4. Congrats MLG. An honor well deserved… worst governor in the US. I expect that you will continue to work hard to maintain that position.

  5. Poor New Mexico: We continue to be at the bottom of most national ratings due to years of poor leadship of our elected officials, most being Democrats. Elected officials are like dirty dippers, they need to be change often. We need to gather the forces of good leadership and elect them to office. Leadership is about doing the right thing for the right reason even if it cost you an elections. Leadership is about viewing any action we take for the future and long term effects the action may have. Leadership is about getting rid of more laws and regulations than we add. Leadership is about promoting legislation that encourages free market business in NM rather that trying to regulated every business out of business. I have been in the construction business for 40 years in NM and all I have seen is a great increase in regulations that increase my operating cost which is increase the price of my services to my customers. And on and on and on…………………………………..where does it stop?? Nobody knows??? When the legislature is in session I pray that they just do not screw too much up. No man’s rights, property or his burros and pigs are safe when the legislate is in session!

  6. ?WHY do people in NM keep voting for Democrats??!! Don’t they know these are the very people who decide the laws? There are mostly Catholics in this state. The Catholic Church is supposedly against abortion. So, people, WHY is NM the Abortion capitol of the US? I think it’s because many Catholics go to the polls and vote for the very people who believe abortion is ok, even allowing for the death of newborn babies if the mothers decide they don’t want them. Has anyone discovered a “comfort room” yet in any NM hospital? This is where those babies are allowed to die!

  7. NM voted red but our corrupt government conducts equally corrupt elections and has done so for decades. Unless we fix the mess of the 2020 election nothing will be fixed by voting in the future.

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