Violent leftists continue savagery as they deface GOP signs, campaign offices across the state

Over the past few weeks, as tensions have risen due to the imminent November 3rd election, leftists have begun their perennial election year savagery, attacking, stealing, and defacing Republican political signs and campaign offices across the state. 

As Piñon Post reported earlier in September, Republicans have faced an onslaught of destructive behavior toward their political signs this election cycle, more so than in previous years, as the GOP looks to re-elect President Donald J. Trump, elect a Republican delegation to the state’s three seats in the U.S. House of Representatives and one to an open U.S. Senate seat, and flip the state Legislature back to Republican hands.

The Republican Party of New Mexico issued a press release condemning the recent wave of violence toward their political signs and offices, with Chairman Steve Pearce writing, “All of these crimes are acts of hate, a message has that no place in our society at any time. Earlier this year vandals defaced our Albuquerque Headquarters, but the DA failed to prosecute the suspect. This kind of criminal behavior must stop and these vandals must be punished.” 

The acts of vandalism include Trump/Pence signs tagged with swastikas and the word “Biden,” referring to the Democrat nominee for President, and the phrase “Black Lives Matter,” referring to the violent leftist political movement which has unofficially partnered with Antifa and other left-wing groups to cause havoc in American cities and burn down neighborhoods in the name of “social justice.” One sign had the acronym “A.C.A.B” scribbled on it, presumably meaning “All Cops Are Bastards,” according to the release.

At Juan Tabo and Montgomery Boulevard in Albuquerque, a man took a machete to a Trump/Pence sign, violently chopping at the sign. At the northeast corner of Academy and Eubank, a large sign was stolen. The video has since garnered over 140,000 views on one Twitter post sharing the video.

As reported on earlier, other campaigns have faced the wrath of these intolerant leftists, but possibly none more than state House of Representatives candidate Isabella Solis, who has posted repeatedly about her signs being defaced with hateful messages such as “F*ck Trump” or the signs being ripped into shreds. Solis is running against far-left Rep. Joanne Ferrary, a militant pro-abortion advocate. 

Solis wrote in a Facebook post, “Our political process is rooted in our freedom to choose. Please don’t limit anyone’s expression of choice or the freedom of speech we all enjoy. This should not be what the community is about. We are running based on integrity and the change that Dona Ana County needs and we will not be deterred. Destroying these signs is a felony.” 

In one post from the Republican Party of San Juan County, they showed similar vandalism in their area, with Trump/Pence signs tagged and other Republican signs vandalized. In one rare act of vandalism on a Democrat sign, the vandal appears to have mistaken Democrat Ben Ray Luján’s sign as a Republican sign and written “F*ck Trump” on it. 

This is unfortunately not likely the last Piñon Post article on the Democrat intolerance toward opposing political campaigns before the election, however, it may be an indication that leftists are scared for a November loss and are trying to tank GOP campaigns up and down the ticket, by hook or by crook. 


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