Santa Fe school board floats banishing Fiesta Council from visiting schools

Parents and local residents in Santa Fe expressed their frustrations on Thursday regarding a proposed resolution by the Santa Fe Public School (SFPS) that seeks to banish the Santa Fe Fiesta Council from participating in various local school activities.

According to KOAT 7, During the meeting, one participant voiced their concerns by asking, “Why are you taking so much time and attention to divide our history and culture?”

Lynette King, a parent who attended the meeting, expressed her frustration over the situation, stating, “It is heartbreaking to see our community like this.” King argued that the Fiesta Court has played a valuable role in educating youth about the history of Santa Fe and the significance of the 300-year Fiesta celebration.

Over the years, members of the Fiesta Court have visited schools, offering performances that recount the history of how the Spanish peacefully reclaimed the city from domestic terrorist and brutal murderer Popé, who his own people denounced and banished. 

Many attendees of the meeting on Thursday expressed disagreement with the proposed ban, contending that the representation and activities of the Fiesta Court have contributed positively to the community.

However, the proposed resolution has garnered support from a group that chose not to provide on-camera commentary. This group contends that the story presented by the Fiesta Court does not adequately address the struggles faced by Native Americans during that historical period. They argue that the narrative inadvertently glorifies colonization and the subjugation of indigenous peoples.

Despite the differing viewpoints, parents like Lynette King maintain that the involvement of the Fiesta Court in local school activities has been beneficial for children’s education. She highlighted the positive impact on kids: “It’s just, it’s a beautiful thing. It shows kids that they can do this too… They can be a part of the community.”

The SFPS board has scheduled another meeting on Monday at 5:30 p.m. to continue deliberating on the resolution and ultimately cast their votes on the matter. The ongoing discussions reflect the complex interplay of historical narrative, cultural representation, and community engagement as stakeholders weigh the potential effects of the proposed ban on the Fiesta Court’s involvement in local schools.

The Santa Fe schools have continued revisionist history in the past, such as stripping the name of peaceful conquistador Don Diego de Vargas from formerly De Vargas Middle School. The junior high school is now called Milagro.


22 thoughts on “Santa Fe school board floats banishing Fiesta Council from visiting schools”

    1. It’s almost universally ex-Californians (and a few other liberal states). There are a lot of them that have infiltrated NM schools and local politics. I have Joy Garratt in my district that poises herself as a “nice little old lady/retired schoolteacher.” She’s an ex-Californian and a socialist activist. You have a lot of ACORN/Indivisible ladies (it’s almost all women as well) that, now that they are getting older (and they think they can fly under the radar like Joy), are politicking in education. I didn’t vote for her but I have tried my damnedest to spread the word to get her out. RESEARCH THE BACKGROUNDS of your teachers and who you are electing if this irks you like it does me.

  1. AngryTXARNGVeteran

    Naturally the so called ‘group’ refuses to make their selves known. This proves the so called ‘group’ … is a ‘leftist persuasion’. They don’t want the Hispanic Community to thrive. They are targeting them as though they are ‘white’…. anyone surprised by this? Anyone at all?

  2. New Mexican democrats have made a pact with the devil. The current democrat party in America are actually radical communists out to destroy history and replace it with hatred between people to kick off the revolution and create a perfect society, where everybody is equally poor and enslaved except for the administrators at the top. Like Joseph Stalin and Chairman Mao.

    1. It is sad that I have to fully agree with your statement. I am begining to think that a brainwashed by demonrat future of socialism or worse is what our future holds. Wake up and unite people before it is too late.

      1. The Tea Party was trying to tell all you guys that this was happening almost 15 years ago. Some Conservatives a lot longer. But we were “too radical” and racist. It was not just obama. It was Bush also and his bailouts. The brainwashing in our media and schools has taken a toll. It does not look good for a peaceful solution.

  3. The extremist, un-named “cancel group” didn’t want to comment on camera… interesting. They don’t want to show their faces, but they want to control what activities your children participate in.

  4. Revisionist history! Yes there were some tragedies back then and people didn’t think like we do now. But it’s no reason the liberal communist whitewash history. The irony is communism, in history has been shown to be a million times worse than what happened to the Pueblo natives or the Spaniards who were also slaughtered by the Pueblo natives. I’m a half white/half Mexican American and I can tell you that Malcolm X was not wrong about white elitist liberals being the enemy we should be watching because they are wolves in sheep’s clothing only looking out for their fellow elitist white lemming like communists who do everything they say by rote. They worship at the altar of the World Economic Forum, Soros, Gates, Gore, and Fauci. You will own nothing and be happy is their motto. Except they will have everything that they say we can’t have. Criminals! Apparently, the Pueblo natives and Deb Harland have no problem with screwing the Navajos out of oil and gas revenue in Chaco Canyon. Hypocrites!

  5. Jesusita Larrañaga

    Shame on you, Santa Fe School Board! What else will you be taking away from our, predominantly, Hispanic community.

    The Fiesta Court going into our schools and talking with our children, dancing with our children, celebrating our culture is a beautiful, positive, experience. PLEASE DO NOT take this away from our children.

    Our Santa Fe leaders, beginning with the Mayor, Santa Fe City Counsel, and now Santa Fe School board are, publicly, shaming our Hispanic Culture, our Hispanic Community, our Hispanic Children. The other races, cultures, and history, in our community are not being targeted. Ask yourselves, why ours.
    History, in any race, culture, is beautiful, ugly, violent. peaceful. We can’t change history. We can embrace the positive and the beautiful part of it for our children.
    Our children have so much negativity to deal with on a daily basis. Taking this away from this away is another negative. If you do, you are shaming out Hispanic children, shaming our culture, our community. Please don’t make our think that they are less. They deserve better, and so do our elders and our community.

  6. “They argue that the narrative inadvertently glorifies colonization and the subjugation of indigenous peoples.”

    Like their COVID-19 narrative?

  7. George is 💯 percent correct that vile communists are behind this to continue their division of American society. Their attack on Spanish European history is to ensure that People of European descent don’t connect the dots and unite against the oppressors, the neo Bolshevik’s who are behind it all. Rest assured, the “barbarians” are not at the gates, they’re in the halls of Congress and the roundhouse in Santa Fe.

  8. We need more voices not fewer! We need The Tribes to share what happened to them when the displaced Tribes from the trail of tears were settled here, (there were almost 10 years of conflict no one hears about), the Japanese that were interred here during WW2, the Mexicans fleeing the tyranny in Mexico, the tuberculosis patients shipped here to live out their days. This list is not exhaustive or even current (in the past 50 years) Our history is deep and heartbreaking and vibrant and sad and joyful and OURS! We are New Mexico!

    1. That’s history. Get over it. Try the “history” of Russia or any African nation if you want heartbreaking. America is a great place. Our Founders made it so. That is what is important. Not voices for multi-culturalism or social justice.

  9. Democrats are slowly moving our state and nation towards a Marxist ideology. Part of the process is to redefine or eliminate history that does not fit their agenda. In this case, they not only want to ignore the positive aspects of Spanish migration, but also ignore the thousands of Pueblo natives who were killed by other tribes as they fought with each other over territory.

  10. These old biddies are angry that they believed the 1960’s bs about not having children. The ones I know are angry, alone, and have nothing to do but subjugate the rest of us to their “legacy”. They also have time on their hands and want everyone’s lives to become as bitter as theirs.

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