NM is one of the states struggling the most with hiring

The Land of Enchantment has struggled to return to normal following the pandemic lockdowns, especially regarding workforce participation rates.

Nationally, the workforce participation rate is a dismal 62.6 percent, “one of the lowest rates in decades,” as WalletHub notes.

New Mexico ranked 10th in the WalletHub survey for states struggling the most with hiring, following only Montana, North Carolina, Mississippi, Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana, West Virginia, and Alaska, which took the top spot.

New Mexico’s most recent job openings rate was 6.8 percent, while over the last twelve months, it was at 7.15 percent. 

The state of New York was struggling the least, with a recent job openings rate of 4.50 percent and a rate of 4.73 percent over the past year. 

“WalletHub compared the 50 states and the District of Columbia based on two metrics, the rate of job openings for the latest month and for the last 12 months. These metrics are listed below with their corresponding weights. WalletHub then used these metrics to rank-order the states and the District from those that struggle the most with hiring to those that struggle the least,” wrote the outlet. 


13 thoughts on “NM is one of the states struggling the most with hiring”

  1. Odd how I can not get hired. I am 58 and accomplished. My business as a home inspector is down by a lot, due to lack of housing on the market (not new built homes) higher interest rates. Who is going to trade a 3% for a 7% mortgage rate. The migrants may be taking many unskilled jobs. Many application say bilingual is good but not necessary They lie you have to speak spanish to get too many jobs here. Time to leave NM for better opportunities for jobs, education and lower taxes.

    1. Agreed. I’m 57 and retired from Sandia Labs and can’t get hired anywhere. I call it ageism though I can’t prove it.

    2. Same here brother. I’ve been applying for a year and have had to resort to the gig economy for work and to pay bills. I don’t buy the whole struggling to hire, more like refusing to hire.

  2. Why is it so difficult to find competent, reliable contractors
    (not sub-contractors) for residential work?? We need windows replaced, ceiling fans replaced, new wiring in our home. Just can’t find anyone to do the work. Some projects we simply can’t do on our own and need an experienced professional.

    1. And if you do find them; most are not actually licensed, some contracted under other business names who are are rookies and not licensesed. They want to charge in phases, and then leave you at their mercy to finish the job. They don’t pull permits. Some want you to purchase the supplies, and bid for labor only, so in the end it voids their warranty, of which most don’t know. Because they say it is material defect, when they tell you what product to buy. Worst of all they charge top dollar and pay no taxes.

    2. So true Charlie, I live in a townhouse <1300 sq ft., it needs stucco first bid 20K with an eight month waiting list! Landscaping the front yard 25’ x 25’ a postage stamp, for some rocks and cleaning out the old plants…$7,500 dollars! With a six month wait. If can find someone the price and wait are insane.

  3. The problem here is not finding a job. The problem is finding one that pays enough to afford rent and utilities, car payments & insurance and rental insurance. I moved back here two years ago and couldn’t find a place to live. I have plenty of OJT experience from Government to Civilization positions held. They want a college degree for you to make the type of money it takes just to afford rent.. so, I think states like Texas & Oklahoma are the best places to stay put.. and they wonder why high school graduates leave and don’t come back. As much as I love New Mexico.. it faces me to look back at going back to the South. The pay is better.

  4. I never could find a job here unless I knew someone. If you don’t have that edge, you need to figure out how to meet people who know people.

    The problem with speaking Spanish is people get offended if I lapse into it. In AZ, they appreciated it that I even tried. In NM, I am blaspheming if I speak Spanish to a Spanish person!! I started learning Spanish when I was ten – it was required! Nepotism is everywhere but NM is particularly bad.

    There is privilege here but it isn’t white.

  5. I am a social worker and cannot get hired. I can’t prove it but I do believe it’s because I’m 68. I have lots of experience in many fields.

    1. From what I’ve observed by going to Walmart they have a smorgasbord of everyone working for them. Beginning with the elderly, many long haired hippie people, a couple with excessive tattoos, and believe it or not even the technological generation who rarely get off their phones long enough to get a good nights sleep. I say to anyone willing to do what a robot has yet been hired to do, go apply at Walmart. They are willing to hire anybody who’s willing to do the required job.

  6. They need to add more jobs in Sunland Park, NM. More stores, we need Gas Stations, Grocery stores, home essentials items etc!!!

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