NM Planned Parenthood admits it is nothing more than an abortion mill

Amidst an ongoing influx of patients from Texas, where pro-life policies protect children from abortion, Planned Parenthood centers in New Mexico have finally admitted their true purpose: performing abortions — not true health care. 

The overwhelming demand has led to modifications in services and referrals, according to a report from MedPage Today titled “Planned Parenthood of New Mexico Limits Non-Abortion Care Due to Surge From Texas.” This situation, however, raises concerns regarding the allocation of resources and priorities in reproductive healthcare.

“Planned Parenthood clinics in New Mexico are prioritizing abortion” services due to an increasing number of patients arriving from Texas. The state’s life-affirming laws have prompted individuals to seek services in New Mexico, where abortion up to birth is legal. 

In response to the surge in demand, Planned Parenthood has been redirecting non-abortion patients to neighboring clinics for family planning, wellness exams, and other maternal health needs. This strategic move aims to “keep wait times down for abortion care. Currently, the wait time is 14 days for an abortion appointment at one of their clinics,” as reported by the outlet.

Adrienne Mansanares, President and CEO of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, highlighted what she perceived to be staffing shortages. 

One of the most contentious aspects of the situation lies in the clinics’ approach to abortions. While one location in Albuquerque provides procedural abortion care, three locations attend to medication abortion in person and through telehealth appointments. The timing of appointments for medication abortion is limited to four weeks.

Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains has reported similar challenges in Colorado and Nevada, which are also part of the organization’s network. The surge in out-of-state patient volume from Texas following the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization U.S. Supreme Court decision, which put the abortion issue back to the individual states, has increased New Mexico’s abortion patients due to the anti-life laws employed in the Land of Enchantment. “56% of New Mexico’s Planned Parenthood abortion patients are from Texas, according to data from Planned Parenthood,” the report notes.

During the 2023 legislative session, far-left Democrats rammed through $10 million in state funds to open a new abortion mill in Las Cruces to service Texas as its back-alley abortion mill. It had bipartisan opposition but still passed due to anti-life Democrats holding a comfortable majority in both chambers of the New Mexico Legislature.

In conclusion, the surge in demand for abortion care in New Mexico highlights the complexities of reproductive healthcare access and allocation of resources. The prioritization of abortion services due to out-of-state patients underscores the need for comprehensive reproductive health planning to ensure timely and equitable care for all patients.


13 thoughts on “NM Planned Parenthood admits it is nothing more than an abortion mill”

  1. Governor Martinez could have, for a time, shut down these places. I will not say “clinics” because it sound too much like a medical facility which these are not. By shutting them down it would have cost them. She could have even protested at the entrance of them as governor. If we do not start fighting like the democrats, we will lose our State and Country.

    1. You are correct and it is happening a little at a time like cooking a frog, put them in cold water and slowly turn up the heat and they don’t know to jump out of the pan, they just stay there and die. That is what is happening to America. We all need to fight back at the elections, and make people accountable for what they have done to take down America. It’s disgusting. I will keep praying for God to expose these people and to take off the blinders of those who do not truly see what is happening.

  2. Will Not Go Quietly

    How about people just mind their own damn business and get on with their own lives which I’m certain have their own challenges and skeletons.

    How about women AND MEN starting taking better care NOT TO GET PREGNANT by giving them better access to birth control without GUILT.

    How about those show show so much concern for the unborn fetus than that of a fully developed and birthed fetus stop being bloody hypocrites and self serving moralists.

    How about you stop being a bunch of hypocrites when it comes to women’s bodies and women’s health care. That includes mental health.

    Get off the “moral high horse” and DO SOMETHING CONSTRUCTIVE to help.

    1. William George Norris

      Save it Will Not Go Quietly! why don’t you cowboy up and use a real name, you coward. The fact is, is that abortion is an abomination to the One True God, the God of the True Catholic Church. The fact is is that these babies are born with original sin on their souls and when they are not baptized into the true Catholic Church they go to the fires of hell forever. Even if you aren’t Catholic, the natural law tells you that these babies are living beings and that killing them is murder. Wake up and grow up!

      For your ONLY hope of Salvation, please visit http://www.JohntheBaptist.us

    2. Couple of issues with your logic here, friend …people do not need to mind their own business about policy that there taxes pay to fund, quite the opposite, in fact. If I’m paying taxes to pay for your abortion (or someone in TX’s), then I get to voice my opinion on it. You want us to shut up, pay the bill yourself and close down PP. Also, you are quite right about preventing abortion- it’s cheap and easy…keep your legs closed and his pants zipped up unless you are ready to face the consequences of your choices. Bam! Problem solved!

    3. Planned Parenthood will give you birth control for free. I know because I would go there. Shhh-t when I was in high school the medical center on campus would give condoms to 18yo and younger.

  3. My parents chose life for me: (against Dr.’s advice for a medical abortion.) I’m 83 (& yes abortions were done in 1940), they may not have been legal but they were done for medical reasons. I grew up, graduated High School, married, had children, graduated College, worked in Special Education, cared for elderly parents, have been a decen citizen all my life, & I’m thankful my parents chose life for me & so were they. Abortion is not birth control, & it’s not health care. It’s a medical intervention & it is a risk to mother & child.

  4. All I can say is I hope most of the democrats that think they are Catholics they enjoy what happens to them when judgment day arrives. You cannot be a Catholic if you push for abortion. Not sure how other christian religion’s work but would think it was the same way. enjoy your eternal homes.

    1. I’m Catholic and they are strongly against abortion of the unborn. There is a very short point where they believe the fetus is a human like us. I don’t think you can be religious and support abortion. I don’t know if you heard but apparently Bidumb is a second Catholic president and supports abortion. If you are pro-abortionist you should not even get married in the church of God.

  5. post playtime abortions are NOT birth control!! Planned parenthood is a well funded killing organization and nothing more!

  6. It’s weird that they call themselves Planned Parenthood. It almost sounds like they are an organization for planning for parenthood when in reality they are strong believers of abortion. Maybe they should change there name to Unplanned Parenthood.

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