Lujan Grisham’s 7-member panel votes to limit gas cars in close vote

At the Rio Grande Foundation, we have written extensively about Gov. Lujan Grisham’s disdain for “democracy,” let alone a representative republic, but last night’s (Thursday, November 16) vote by her un-elected EIB takes the cake.

Unsurprisingly, despite overwhelming numbers of New Mexicans in opposition, the SEVEN member Board voted on a mere 3-2 basis (in support) to mandate a drastic increase in the number of EVs sold in New Mexico.  You can find the list of all seven members here while the vote was as follows: Bitzer and Trujillo voted NO, and Ely, Garcia, and Suina all voted YES. Two of the Board’s seven members DID NOT VOTE: Honker and Cates.

In other words, MLG couldn’t even get an outright majority of her un-elected board to support her policy to force cars that New Mexicans don’t want on them. That sets aside inherent biases and conflicts of the members, like Sandra Ely being a paid employee of the Environment Department AND being married to prominent, recently retired environmental attorney Steven Michael.

There are numerous reasons to litigate. We’re confident that lawsuits will arise from this “kangaroo court” in which massive policy changes are initiated by a board acting without as much as a majority of its own membership.

Paul Gessing is the president of the leading free market economic policy think tank and taxpayer watchdog group, the Rio Grande Foundation. This article originally appeared in Errors of Enchantment.


42 thoughts on “Lujan Grisham’s 7-member panel votes to limit gas cars in close vote”

  1. Like I said New Mexico Politicians don’t care about New Mexicans. They want us to ride the bus ,a bike, most of all an electric car which the majority can’t afford.

    1. If you can’t afford an electric car buy a hybrid! There no more expensive than typical gas only car, and if you want to complain complain about the over priced giant trucks!!!

      1. There’s plenty of us that have a small amount of money, and as soon as a semi-reliable vehicle in that price range pops up we’ve got to buy it. I hate my car but I had no other options at one point.

      2. I just bought a used Ford Expedition. It is one of the biggest SUVs you can buy. It is a Turbo 6 cylinder and gets 20mpg. It will last me 15 years of good care. “Climate Change” or Global Warming; Call it what you may, is a fantasy. I buy and burn what I want and so will the overwhelming percentage of people. If we do not buy them they cannot make you. Unconstitutional.

  2. The maniacal, tyrannical, midget in Santa Fe is repeating her past bad
    actions as she displays her firm grip on the genitalia of the EIB members. Those that voted in favor of MLG’s outrageous and repugnant mandate, despite the volume of objections, shows that MLG does not care about NM citizens, she only dictates from the throne, which in this case is the toilet upon which she’s flushing away NM’s future.

  3. All this will do is drive New Mexico auto dealerships out of business. I’ll just go out of state to buy my car…unless she’s going to prevent us from even driving a gas or diesel vehicle on NM roads….then I’ll move! All leftists are self destructive….they just want to take us out along with them. Every decision they make turns to poop! If it weren’t for people in society with some common sense and a work ethic sustaining things, society would implode. And there are getting to be fewer and fewer of those people! That’s why were seeing society implode like it is!

    1. Um. No. You won’t be able to go out of state to buy a car. Because you won’t be able to get it registered out of state. And you won’t be able to get a license in the state because it won’t be an EV. Like the other commenter said, she’s going to have you by your genitals.

      1. Breaking the law and jury nullification will work. Plus, the law can be changed. If you do not sell gas in the State we should not pump oil. Oil revenue is almost half the State budget. Anyone see the rub?

    2. I moved away from my native state, best decision I ever made. I do miss the beauty and good friends of New Mexico but definitely not the commie democRATS clowns that are destroying the way of life for the Hard Working citizens of the state. Won’t be long until NM is on par with Venezuela and Argentina as the leftist totally destroy the state. Better get out while you can as New Mexico decays everyday into third world status and freedoms are taken away by a midget dictator!!!!

  4. Grate (spelling intentional here) to see such massive government interference with the market and citizen’s (oops, that’s a bad word) life decisions – this is nearly a dead ringer for how the socialists do it in China. An un-elected ultra-minority shoving decisions down everyone’s throat (economic or otherwise).
    Anyone going to have trouble purchasing those cars? Getting around when there aren’t charging stations (and it takes hours and hours to recharge)? Who is giving her a cut of that soon to be EV market? She’s not even legislating the money into her pocket, just executive ordering it. She should skip the middle man and just order citizens to put money into her account.

    ELECTION INTEGRITY. Without it, NO ONE has a voice. You want to get rid of the corrupt, oppressive socialist party in this state? Demand free, open, secure elections for citizens only.

  5. MLG is a wannabe Gavin Newsome. Bad NM policy may ingratiate herself to the CCP and pave the way for cheap Chinese EVs.

    1. Can’t you see it now? Old geezers like me on a TRICYCLE (two wheels in back and a steer wheel seventeen feet in front.) Looks like China Town. Beep! Beep! It could be so cheap it could run on flash light batteries.

  6. I say No Mandates! If those who want to buy the electric vehicles let them. Those who don’t want to shouldn’t have to. This is The United Sate of America 🇺🇸. What an idiot socialist communist Governor we have.

    1. Im 71 and have trouble walking long distances and am unable to maintain balance on a bike. Closes grocers are 7 miles away and not enough money for deliveries. Good way to jeopardize seniors and the disabled.

  7. So freaking glad we left a communist state. Makes me sad as I have lived there my entire life. MGL is a problem along with her other dictator “Friends”. If we didn’t have Santa Fe and Albuquerque with the majority of the votes that Monkey would have been voted out years ago.

  8. Not a surprise. Whatever Gavin Newsome does she is right behind. Take heart though if he ever makes a sharp turn it should break her neck! There needs to be a reshuffling of the deck chairs in the state. Albuquerque and Santa Fe have had there say for to long. We need 2 reps. And one senator from each county the only way the rest of the state has any representation.

  9. I am thankful that someone has guts to stand up for our environment. It is obvious that republicans have no care for hour environment at all. I applaud our governor.
    And her panel for doing something to try to make our planet a little better place for our children and grandchildren.
    This project may not be finished in most of our lifetime. But our children and grandchildren will definitely be.
    Using EV. Petroleum vehicles origin to quoted as a public school system, It’s time to move on.

    1. Nothing to do with the environment…newer ICE vehicles are cleaner environmentally than EVs. This is all about control; let the free market decide. Let the people vote. This little tyrant is making unilateral mandates to further her political career. Isn’t this why we have a legislature? Let the litigation begin. I’m in.

    2. I’ve always watched in awe of exploding electric cars and bikes. The intensity of the fires is a sight to behold. And don’t forget about all of the environmental pollution mining the materials causes. There has to be a better and less toxic way for transportation.

  10. Stephanie McKenzie

    to Rojo: Can you show me the data that says EVs make the planet a better place? Are you just taking MLG’s word for it, or the main stream media’s? I have researched EVs and there are still a lot of environmental problems with them. If they can come up with an alternative to gas vehicles that are actually good for the environment and are affordable then people will buy them. Otherwise you are just being a puppet dancing to the lies of the left.

  11. What i would love to know how the hell did she get back in i damn sure vote for her and never will you see her plan is to ban guns then she can try to inforce Ev on us just like germany take the guns starve the people take over the people

  12. Where are these going after the EVs are not working? They are not reusable. We will have more trash than we asked for and they are saving the planet! Humm

  13. It is not from the benevolence of the butcher, the brewer, or the baker that we expect our dinner, but from their regard for their own interest.
    -Adam Smith
    Nothing so weakens a government as inflation.
    – J.K. Galbraith
    Reformers have the idea that change can be achieved by brute sanity.
    – George Bernard Shaw

  14. EVs are a solution which does not work for a problem which does not exist.

    Do not comply.

    There comes a time for mass noncompliance, and it looks as if this would be one of those times.

    MLG is worse than laughably incompetent, although she certainly is that. Even a principled person whose actions are rooted in the belief that they are right and beneficial can be incompetent.

    MLG, however, is not principled, nor does she do things on that basis. She is lining her own pockets and enjoying the high life.

    No matter what happens to NM citizens as a result of her overbearing and meddlesome policies, she won’t participate in the sacrifices she expects others to endure.

    My memory is not so short that I cannot remember her selfishness and hypocrisy during her infamous lockdowns over a virus with a 99% survival rate. How many NM businesses were forced to close permanently because of these? Drunk on power, she does not care.

  15. I like my gasoline cars, but whatever happened to hydrogen cars? They had prototypes. The emissions would be water vapor. Does anybody know what happened to that idea?

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