Rep. Herrell, narrowly defeated by Democrat, files paperwork for 2024

On Wednesday, it was revealed that Congresswoman Yvette Herrell (R-CD-2), who narrowly lost reelection to far-left Democrat Gabe Vasquez, had filed with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) for the 2024 election.

Vasquez’s campaign wrote about the news, “Gabe is preparing to serve New Mexico’s working families in Washington this January, but in the meantime, we need to rebuild our campaign’s funds to prepare for the rematch ahead.”

The campaign claimed Herrell is a “far-right extremist” in an email, despite the Congresswoman not being extremist in the slightest. Vasquez used this type of rhetoric on the campaign trail to attempt to discredit Herrell.

Herrell hinted at another run in a November 17 email, writing:

No doubt, we are heartbroken for New Mexico, especially knowing we lost this seat by LESS THAN 1% in a district that was intentionally re-drawn to take me out of office by a much greater margin. In fact, we had amazing gains in every Democrat county – including Dona Ana County where we took 43% of the vote – which was a five point gain from just two years ago! 

I can assure you, it wasn’t for a lack of effort by our amazing campaign team. We knocked over 100,000 doors, made over 75,000 calls and made countless trips throughout the District. Unfortunately, the slim margin did not trigger an automatic re-count of the vote total, and our team could not identify any irregularities that would have warranted requesting one. 

After reviewing the outcomes, we can see by our data that voter turn out, by both parties, was lower than anticipated, but sadly, lower in some of the large Republican counties that could possibly have tipped the scale. 

It has been my greatest honor serving the people of New Mexico in the capacity as their US Representative in Congress. We were able to deliver solid results for our state – even while serving in the Minority. Our Constituent Services team closed over 2000 cases with a 98% success rate! I could not be more proud of how our team made a difference.

We know our work in Washington was not completed, and hundreds of people from all over the District and colleagues in Washington have asked me to stay in the fight…all options will be on the table – so stay tuned.

Again, thank you for your support, prayers and kindness, and thank you for believing in me the way I believed in myself!

The report from Herrell’s campaign was filed on November 22, 2022, right before the Thanksgiving holiday break.

Herrell won the election in 2020 against Democrat incumbent Rep. Xochitl Torres Small. She lost reelection to Vasquez in the November 2022 election by around a mere 1,000 votes after far-left Democrats in the state legislature gerrymandered New Mexico’s three congressional districts to favor Democrats.

The gerrymandered maps are currently in litigation and could be overturned, returning the Second District from favoring Democrats by four points to the previous map, which had the Second District favoring Republicans by 14 percentage points.



13 thoughts on “Rep. Herrell, narrowly defeated by Democrat, files paperwork for 2024”

  1. Stolen NM elections, nobody cares about

    Her election was stolen by liberal gerrymandering of our state map, and the same stolen elections done in places like Arizona. What’s sad is there is not a single brave Republican, conservative representative ready to stand up and fight for our state and for what is right. New Mexico is a communist country, run by democraps.

  2. Run Yvette run. Now that MLG defeated Ronchetti we need a real leader in NM. Just one will do until you run for Governor in 2026.

  3. Open border supporters MLG and Gabe Vasquez will continue to ignore the many issues we along the border face; Yvette will tackle border problems head on.

    1. How do you vote for UNI party? How do vote with cheaters? They own the CORPARATIONS They OWN the Machines that control the votes ! A US CITZEN is a slave under the fraudulent 14th Amendment never ratified . Blacks were not freed we were all put under there fraud enslaved . Like the constitution they rolled out after the Civil War Fraud. Its all there for you or any to research. Correct your status become a Sovereign ( new Mexican, american state national ) as your birth right gives you. Form a common law court and take these cheaters fraudsters treasonous citizens down. Stop complying participating in the fraud .

  4. The commies know they cannot win so they CHEAT. We need to pull together and stop this nonsense. Seems like it is already too late since the conservative voters are not shouting the truth enough.

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