Teacher’s union chief uses tragic death of UNM student to push for gun grabs

On Saturday, 19-year-old Brandon Travis was fatally shot by a 21-year-old NMSU student-athlete at around 3 a.m., according to the Albuquerque Police Department. 

KOB 4 reports:

During the altercation, both students were shot. The 21-year-old was rushed to a hospital. At this time, we do not know his condition.

State police say Travis had conspired with a 17-year-old female and two other UNM students to lure the 21-year-old to campus and assault him.

Once on campus, Travis confronted the student and shot him. The NMSU student fired back. 

The University of New Mexico is a gun-free zone. The University’s policy states that except for small exceptions for peace officers, “no person may use or possess a weapon on any part of campus.” 

Despite no solid details available immediately after the shooting, far-left American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten used the death of Travis and others in a recent Colorado shooting to push for more anti-gun bills.

“Hatred and guns are a toxic combination. We must get weapons of war out of our communities and off our streets, and protect our most vulnerable so they can feel safe and live free from the never-ending threat of gun violence,” she wrote in a statement.

“And while these two shootings are the ones we’ve heard about, on any given day in this country, more than 100 lives are lost to gun violence. This madness must stop, and we must commit to expanding and building on the commonsense gun safety reforms of the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act that a majority of Americans—including gun owners—support, including a ban on high-capacity magazines and military-grade assault rifles.”

She then went on to erroneously claim if more unconstitutional anti-gun laws are passed, more lives will be saved. 

She said, “And while these two shootings are the ones we’ve heard about, on any given day in this country, more than 100 lives are lost to gun violence. This madness must stop, and we must commit to expanding and building on the commonsense gun safety reforms of the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act that a majority of Americans—including gun owners—support, including a ban on high-capacity magazines and military-grade assault rifles.”

Nationally, Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives are unlikely to get their anti-gun bills across the finish line with a divided Congress as the GOP takes back control in January. In New Mexico’s state legislature, Democrats have already pledged to fund radical anti-gun bills, including one to make people felons if they do not lock up their guns and others to expand “Red Flag” gun grabs.


35 thoughts on “Teacher’s union chief uses tragic death of UNM student to push for gun grabs”

  1. Ever notice that the harder they push for gun control, gun sales go way up? We are waking up in droves and that scares them.
    They won’t stop, but they will fail. Obama had 8 years in office to take guns away from us and he failed. So shall they.

    NEVER, EVER SURRENDER YOUR GUNS! Sadly, we will hear more and more tragic stories like this one. IT’S HOW THEY TUG ON YOUR EMOTIONS AND TRY TO SWAY YOU TO THINKING GUNS ARE BAD! Remember, this is all by design to further their evil agenda. THEY DO NOT GIVE A RAT’S A$$ ABOUT OUR LIVES! Please understand stand that.

    1. Did you ever stop to notice that Obama never “came for your guns”? Did you ever stop to realize that most people who want gun reform don’t want to “come for your guns”?

      I’m Southern by birth, and I know for a fact that such rhetoric as yours is nothing but fearmongering. Even if the government tried to ban guns entirely, you and I both know it’s not gonna happen. They would literally have to tear apart every structure and dig up every piece of property, and they still wouldn’t find more than a small percentage of the guns out there.

      But I’m also a public school teacher; and, unlike the armed law enforcement officers in Uvalde, I know that my job description involves being willing to lay down my life to protect my children. I would greatly appreciate it if 18-year-olds weren’t allowed to purchase semi-automatic rifles unless they’ve been trained by our military. Most of them are too immature and too readily caught up in petty drama and grievances to be trusted with weapons that can literally blow a kid’s head off. Somehow, I don’t believe the founding fathers would feel differently if they saw what was happening today.

      1. You are blinded by a false sense that politicians on the Left bear no ill will, but there are many who have clearly stated that they want to come for our guns. Taking guns or magazines away from law-abiding citizens will do nothing to fix the sickness that is spreading throughout our society that is the true cause of these deaths. There are too many people who don’t value life… starting with late term abortion, and often not even their own. A law or a sign saying no guns allowed will not stop a criminal intent on committing a crime. And statistically, you are no more at risk of getting shot than any other person during a crime. If you truly were concerned about dying, you wouldn’t ride in an automobile where your odds of being killed are much higher.

        1. If people believe that guns are the cause of murders & crime, then keyboards/pens/pencils must be responsible for misspelled words
          Corina S

      2. I’m Texan by birth, and I don’t believe the Founding Fathers would agree with you. The vast majority of legal gun owners in this country are not teenagers. They are responsible law-abiding adults who know how to use guns. As for Obama, he regularly sought to overturn the 2nd Amendment every time there was a shooting that made the news. The Founding Fathers gave us the 2nd Amendment so that we could protect ourselves from a rogue government. Politicians pushing gun confiscation absolutely want to, as you put it, ‘come for your guns.’

      3. Rhetoric? Fearmongering? Tell me Cydna, the teacher, how much research have you done?
        Have you heard of the Great Reset and all it involves? What about the 16 year plan to destroy America and what roles Obama and Hillary Clinton were to play in it?
        Did the governments in Canada, Australia, New Zealand confiscate the guns from it’s citizens and how is that working out for them? Think it can’t happen here if people don’t wake up?
        Why would our own government want our guns and why under Obama, and now Biden, are there so many shootings happening?
        Do your own research and start thinking logically and not with your feelings. Our founding Fathers would not have “felt” differently today as they knew this would happen in this country and gave us a safe guard by way of our Constitution.

      4. You and I agree there is too much gun violence these days. The risk of being caught in a mass shooting event (while slim) is increasing. Outlawing guns will reduce some of it if there’s no availability to a firearm under normal circumstances, but by your own admission you can’t get rid of every gun out there. It still doesn’t get to the root cause>>>mental health and a generation of youth who no longer hold their own and other lives as sacred.

        The Oklahoma City bombing used readily available farm fertilizer to kill hundreds and 911 used commercial aircraft to kill thousands.The taking away of guns from law abiding citizens won’t ultimately solve the mental health crisis pervading America any more than banning drugs will solve the fentanyl deaths. We must practice the oftentimes used, ‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’ strategy. That begins primarily at home and supported in the classrooms. Don’t confuse that with a woke agenda with elementary kids being taught sex education and that we’re all innately racist. It does mean teaching kids at a young age to respect each other and holding them accountable when they don’t. It’s not allowing disruptive behavior in the classroom and weeding out and appropriately dealing with those who do before it escalates. It’s no different than treating cancer. Identify and handle early if you want to keep it from spreading. Unfortunately we’re now reaping what was sowed. A generation of youth who lack basic moral code:

        Last, your comment that “most people who want gun reform don’t want to “come for your guns”..I respectfully disagree. You’re correct if they banned guns it would be difficult to confiscate the already owned firearms; however, the government has the means to make them useless by regulating them out of existence. They’re doing it through legislation making the firearm industry more easily sued and vulnerable to being put out of business by saying their products are responsible for the deaths. They tax it’s ammunition so heavily that only the wealthy can afford to buy it. It’s no different then a car becomes useless if people can’t buy the gas. They pass laws that make the risk of even using a gun for self protection as a risk to one’s financial being and sentenced to extensive incarceration. I have a son in law who conducts conceal carry license classes. It’s eye opening how the laws side more with the criminal than with the legal gun owner. They don’t have to confiscate firearms to make them useless.

    2. Right on, a law cannot stop anyone who wants to kill someone. There are so many laws that no one can enforce them. We need to get back to the ten most important laws- simple. Seems that every politician wants to make new laws just to make the news. Don’t ever surrender your constitutional rights there are people still in DC jails who refuse to plead guilty to the crime of committing peaceful demonstration and they will be held and not charged until they plead guilty in order to go home. Give great Thanksgiving to what we have and hold onto freedom as long as we can.

  2. Absolutely correct, if you know anything about history you’ll see that commies always advocate for citizen disarmament . They’ve got to disarm us before they can enslave us. The states and cities with the strictest gun laws have the highest crime . Violating our constitutional rights is something the marxists have conspired to do for quite some time now. Resist!

  3. Hey Stupid Democrats! The Bad Dudes with the guns do not care about your gun laws and regulations. Look at the recent Gay Night club shooting spree in Colorado Springs. Colorado has Red Flag Laws and gun magazine restrictions and see how that worked out.

  4. I think we should ban Guns from Black Americans…the senseless violence will be stopped and am sure the The American Federation of Teachers & Democrats across the country would approve wholeheartedly…PJS

    1. The Second Amendment does not exempt Americans by race. Sounds like easy fix to some , but we are all Americans and the Second Amendment protects all us to own guns regardless of race. We can not pick and chose who can and can not own firearms.

  5. Doesn’t it realize that there are many ways to kill people, and taking guns away from the good guys isn’t going to help.

  6. A very racist comment. Shootings are happening by ALL Races.
    Our great governor should reconsider her “CATCH & RELEASE” & “NO BAIL” laws as part of the problem. BUT…
    She was voted in to continue her corrupt policies, so now we just have to live with it.

    1. No, we have to keep exposing the ills that plague our state. We need to keep asking questions about where the money goes. We need to keep informed and Pinon Post is an excellent source.
      Race is not the problem, with violence it is hatred for oneself that allows one to do the unthinkable.
      Let us give a great Thanksgiving for the first responders and civil citizens that still reside in the US.

  7. The root cause , which the anti constitution persons do not under stand is the heart of the person that pulls the trigger NOT the GUN they USE.

    Thou Shall Not Kill – is what the perp needs to get inside of them

  8. Wait. A UNM student lures a NMSU student into an ambush (an illegal act). Both students are illegally carrying firearms on campus. The UNM criminal and his gang physically assault the NMSU student and during the altercation the UNM student shoots at the NMSU student and wounds him. The NMSU student shoots back, killing his assailant.

    Sounds like our state universities need to look into armed and violent criminals among their students.

  9. The left goes soft on crime so lawlessness will increase and then they scream more gun control is needed to stop crime. Stupid is as stupid does

  10. Perhaps those advocating for criminalizing and disarming legally armed law-abiding citizens should display their virtuousness by placing a sign on their lawns and front doors proclaiming that “This Is A Gun-Free Zone.” And if they are sincere about their hatred for guns, they should never call the police as the police are armed with…GUNS. The NM “governor” and all politicians seeking to disarm legally armed law-abiding citizens should publicly eliminate their security personnel as they, too, are armed with…GUNS. As our (s)elected rulers, they should be proud to demonstrate how ‘enlightened’ they are.

  11. Just out of curiosity, what is statistically the chance of removing all guns from the criminal element? Or is it simply easier to remove all weapons from law abiding citizens? How often is this ever suggested? Can the two elements be compared? Can the criminal element ‘outgun’ our police officers? Just asking.

    1. I cannot quote statistics, but history and logic suggest that the criminal element will continue committing crimes as in stealing guns and using them. Our (s)elected rulers are not interested in actually preventing crimes using firearms as gun-related crimes are necessary to bolster and assist their main quest to disarm all Americans, thus ensuring weakening and preventing objections to their violation of our right to defend ourselves from a rogue government bent upon achieving absolute control.

  12. Until you get the squatter in the roundhouse and pretty boy Keller to secure our borders,drop the sanctuary city/state attitude, remove no cajones judges and NO MORALS lawyers that keep letting punks out of jail we will see crime go up and our rights be taken away! I WILL continue to “pack”! and by the way FJB!

    Did no one read this story? This is a WIN for the right to keep and bear arms as well as Darwin in Action! Too bad mr. Travis lost his life but the “play stupid games” rule is on display here. Travis & Co. (All geniuses, no doubt) lured this NMSU student to an ambush – a 17 year old femme fatale promising a good time while Travis and two other guys hid, waiting to give him licks of another kind. The ambush went south, Travis started shooting, as did the intended victim, and poor Ol’ Travis ended up taking the Room Temperature Challenge! MEH…

    ALL the genius accomplices should be charged with Capital Murder – the plan, a conspiracy, was to kidnap and assault this young man – all felonies. New Mexico law provides that ALL parties involved in a criminal conspiracy that results in the death of anyone shall be charged with Capital Murder.

    The intended victim should be given a banquet in his honor, a parade and the Keys to the City for his crime fighting efforts, plus a new box of ammunition.

    Poor Ol’ Travis? Roll his carcass into a ditch and let the coyotes have a feast.
    As for Randi the idiot teacher, let this be a lesson to her – stay out of N.M. and STFU. And the tubby Lil’ Not MY GOVERNESS mlg? Just STFU….

  14. Open borders, liberal judges, gutless law makers, clueless mayors and governors are the root of problem! The career criminals laughs at your weak and pathetic nature. Democrats will be the ruin of our nation. The simple minded ,uneducated, misinformed voters will follow a Democrat off a cliff. How stupid can people get? Sky rocketing inflation, violence out of control, record gas prices slapping you in your ignorant face and you still don’t get it? You are going to have to pack a lunch if you think you are disarming the law abiding citizens of our great county. You can’t even have an election without crunching the numbers. People are you really this stupid, God help us all!!!

  15. Has anyone else noticed that within the last four years that Albuquerque is getting more and more like Chicago, a shooting a day. Also has anyone noticed that the governor is pushing our state more like Commiefornia as well.

  16. The government doesn’t protect the people, we need to protect ourselves the BEST way we can,
    How come some people make a BIG thing about guns, when so MANY babies are killed by abortions everyday and that is “legal”. Let’s learn the “value” of a human life, born or unborn. How abortions are performed are a LOT WORSE that what any gtun can do.

    1. Because the government violating our 2nd Amendment right is a BIG thing. Much more than you realize, judging by your comment. The 2nd Amendment protects all of our other rights. Also having to do with the sanctity, and values of human life. Do you want to live free or in slavery?

      I can’t speak for everyone, but can honestly say that many of us do speak out loudly against the brutal slaughtering of babies, not so much on this thread because that’s not the topic……

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