Pro-energy group sounds the alarm on Biden slowing down oil leasing in NM

Joe Biden, in recent weeks leading up to and after the November 8 midterm election, has been sending mixed messages about American gas prices, which have continued to be setting records throughout his time in the White House.

Energy in Depth, a project of the Independent Petroleum Association of New Mexico, wrote regarding Biden’s continually changing rhetoric on gas prices, “At a rally in New Mexico earlier this month, [Joe] Biden claimed that there has been no slowdown in leasing in the state – although the facts say otherwise. But while campaigning for Democrats in New York state, President Biden bragged that there will be ‘no more drilling’ under his tenure.” 

“These mixed messages have real effects, particularly in states like New Mexico, where a large part of oil and natural gas production takes place on federal lands. In 2021, New Mexico became the second-largest producer of oil in the country, with approximately 54 percent of that production taking place on federal lands. Royalties and other payments from the oil and natural gas industry make up approximately 35 percent of New Mexico’s budget, which funds essential infrastructure, education, and healthcare priorities.”

Biden erroneously claimed at the rally for the reelection of anti-energy Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, “I know we have a lot of leases out here in New Mexico for oil companies. And we haven’t slowed them down at all. They should be drilling more than they’re doing now. If they were drilling more, we’d have more — more relief at the pump. But the oil industry hasn’t met their commitment to invest in America and support the American people.”

But according to an analysis from the group, the Biden regime has significantly slowed down leasing in New Mexico, right in the middle of a global energy crisis. Energy in Depth “took the total number of parcels offered by the Bureau of Land Management in New Mexico during a given Presidential administration and divided it by the number of years each president was in office to get the average number of parcels offered each year – and the results are startling.”

Biden has offered massively lower numbers of parcels for sale than the past two presidential administrations. The group said the Biden administration has offered 90.7 fewer parcels annually than the Barack Obama administration and 93.7 fewer than the Donald J. Trump administration.

“[T]he Obama and Trump administrations held an average of 3.25 and 3.5 lease sales in New Mexico per year, respectively, as President, while the Biden administration has only held or scheduled a total of two sales, with a current average of 0.67 lease sales per year. Even if the Biden administration were to hold three lease sales in 2023, it will have only offered an average of 1.7 lease sales per year in New Mexico – significantly less than the Obama and Trump administrations,” wrote the group.

Under the administration of New Mexico Gov. Lujan Grisham, many anti-energy bills have passed the state legislature, including the state’s version of the Green New Deal, which will wipe out the energy industry in New Mexico.


8 thoughts on “Pro-energy group sounds the alarm on Biden slowing down oil leasing in NM”

  1. Liberal New Mexicans this is your fault, climate morons

    Well those who keep voting for these evil democraps you reap what you sow. Not sorry for New Mexico any longer. We are a democrap hell and there are many people in this state too stupid to realize the democrap leaders they keep voting for want to destroy our state, take our freedoms and steal all our money. Good job democrap liberal voting morons! Hope you like walking and freezing to death.

  2. We should take away anything in their mansions that are oil energy based. Then, put the damn turbines and large power lines in their compounds. This whole country has gone stupid and complacent. When they wake up it will be too late to fight. Let’s go Brandon.

  3. I’ve come to realize NM is a lost cause. At this point there is no fixing what ails this state. The corrupted Democrat party and the Sinaloan Cartel own NM. The stupidity and ignorance is deeply ingrained. We are last in education because far to many here are educated by KOAT TV, or what I call BTU, Boobtube University. Albuquerque, Las Cruces, Las Vegas and Santa Fe have all become sh!tholes. And even among the conservatives there is no unity. I’m a native here but I’ve seen enough. There is writing upon the walls and I have read it. We are leaving this God forsaken state. Hasta La Vista baby. Adios

  4. Bad things are heading our (Planet Earth’s) way. Incredibly COLD temperatures are set to hit North America and Europe. Read below, two forecasts from those who know.
    ” If you aren’t privy to the facts, or worse still, are willfully blind to them, then this is the danger. The virtuous (elites) think they know what is best for EVERYBODY.”

    The last few paragraphs here should scare the hell out of you.

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