Democrat gov. denies press credentials to two conservative news outlets

By John Block and Nick Wilbur

On Wednesday, both The Conservative New Mexican and the Piñon Post were denied entry into Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s media briefing regarding her support for abortion in the State of New Mexico.

Left-wing media went head-over-heels when a far-left reporter, Shaun Griswold, for the foreign-owned “Source New Mexico” was not admitted entry into Republican gubernatorial nominee Mark Ronchetti’s private campaign rally with Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) earlier this month.

According to the campaign, “Source New Mexico was denied a credential because they are ‘a left-wing advocacy group, not a legitimate news organization.’” The online newspaper’s liberal founding, dark-money funding, and one-sided “reporting” indicate this to be true.

Regarding Griswold not being allowed into the campaign event, leftist media collectively lost it over “freedom of the press.” 

The Las Vegas Optic wrote in a melodramatic editorial, “It’s a gross overstep of authority, and one everyone should be concerned about,” adding, “We don’t know about everyone reading this, but that sure doesn’t sound like freedom of the press to us.”

The Santa Fe Reporter chimed in, claiming Griswold’s denied entry was “an obvious affront to press freedom.” 

New Mexico Foundation for Open Government (NMFOG) whined that booting Griswold was “a dangerous precedent to let any public servant decide who is and is not a ‘legitimate’ reporter.”

To test this theory of supposed “press freedom,” both the Piñon Post, a news site initially founded in 2018, and The Conservative New Mexican, founded in 2021, requested press credentials for Lujan Grisham’s Wednesday press briefing. 

The event was scheduled for 10 a.m. Wednesday. As of this writing, the governor’s press secretary has yet to respond to either of our requests for access.

We will see if these supposed beacons of journalistic prowess will be crowing from the top of their lungs about “open government” and “press freedom” now that two conservative-leaning outlets were denied access—to a PUBLIC event, no less.

At the presser, Lujan Grisham announced that in the 2023 Legislative Session, if re-elected, she will designate $10 million of public capital outlay money to build a new abortion facility in Doña Ana County, according to the Santa Fe New Mexican, which was granted access to the briefing.

Even more damning, every single correspondence sent from the Piñon Post requesting comment on a story or access to an official press conference has gone unanswered, both by press secretary Nora Sackett and former communications director Tripp Stelnicki. 

The shameless hypocrisy of these leftist “news” outlets like the Reporter and Optic and “open government” groups like NMFOG prove that the crowing over “press freedom” is all a political ploy meant to dredge up more controversy and take jabs at Conservative voices. 

We will patiently wait for these leftist editorial boards and “transparency” groups to denounce Lujan Grisham for her administration’s “affronts on the freedom of the press.”

John Block is the founder and editor of the Piñon Post. Nick Wilbur runs The Conservative New Mexican

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9 thoughts on “Democrat gov. denies press credentials to two conservative news outlets”

  1. MLG believes the US Constitution is just a suggestion, she is a tyrant and believes she is the dictator of NM. She has now decided to move into direct murder of the citizens of NM with the State building and running an abortion clinic in Doña Ana County. Sorry for the reference but this compares directly to the Nazi’s crimes against humanity.

      1. Statement to all. Vote. The more people that vote the better. Majority rules in a democracy. The voter fraud narrative is the real fake news.

  2. “Abortion clinic moving from Mississippi to Las Cruces opening soon” is the title of a YouTube that explains Mississippi is moving a clinic to Las Cruces; the video is from August this year. This abortion clinic was at the center of Roe v Wade being overturned. Will New Mexico be funding the abortion clinics coming from out of State? Are there kickbacks to certain people? Will there be more bodily organs sold? How about the border? How does this play in?

  3. John, don’t hold your breath waiting for our fat little Nazi, Not My Governess, mlg to grant The Pinon Post a pass to attend her propaganda sessions. It’s all BullSchiff lies anyway, her true actions will be revealed shortly – she will probably be harvesting veal and sweetmeats from her new Las Cruces abortion mill…

  4. This is from the pinonpost’s terms of use… Fully caps are a product of the copy and paste. From the pinonpost main page scroll to the bottom and click “terms of use” for fully context.


  5. The opinion and the politics section as access from the pull down menu on the pinonpost main page are exactly the same….just saying… Website is more satire than news really.

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