MLG announces extreme eco-Marxist agenda at ‘climate summit’ as New Mexicans protest

On Monday, far-left eco-Marxist groups and public figures gathered at the Capitol in Santa Fe to talk about the “climate change” conspiracy theory put on by House Speaker Brian Egolf (D-Santa Fe). As previously reported exclusively by the Piñon Post, Egolf’s “New Mexico Climate Summit” is costing New Mexico taxpayers at least $14,134. 

At the event, scandal-ridden alleged serial groper Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham announced radical job-killing proposals she aims to ram through the 2022 Legislative Session that will not only cripple New Mexico’s energy economy but will harm the poor in significant ways. 

These proposals include “net-zero” greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, “clean fuel standards,” and the introduction of a hydrogen hub act. In 2021, the clean fuel standards bill died after it did not achieve final passage on the House floor. The bill would have resulted in at least a 20-cent gas tax that would harm the poorest New Mexicans, already struggling in Lujan Grisham’s economy.

“If you don’t have that framework in statute, it’s too easy to not work as diligently or as quickly or as effectively — to not have future commitment,” Lujan Grisham said. “This should be indicative of the work we’re going to do to preserve future generations.”

“For a small state with some pretty interesting challenges, we are, in fact, leading the country in any number of environmental strategies, policies, and statutory frameworks at reducing our emissions and increasing our renewable energy,” the Governor added.

Outside, protesters gathered from across New Mexico to oppose the job-killing proposals being implemented in the state. Signs read things like “MLG’s Green New Deal Kills” and “You Are The Carbon They Want to Reduce.” At the protest organized by activist Marcie May and others, Piñon Post editor John Block, GOP secretary of state candidate Audrey Trujillo, GOP lieutenant gubernatorial candidate Ant Thornton, GOP former U.S. Senate candidate Elisa Martinez, and others spoke about how eco-left policies are killing jobs in America.

Egolf briefly came outside, but once confronted by the Piñon Post about the job-killing Green New Deal, also known as the “Energy Transition Act”, he scurried away and did not give an opportunity for questions. State Sen. Harold Pope (D-Bernalillo) was asked about his support for the Green New Deal, and he said he supports it. When asked about the jobs that will be killed, he said, “It creates jobs.” When pressed further, he also scurried away. 

Fringe enviro-Marxist groups Somos Un Pueblo Unido, Rio Grande Chapter of the Sierra Club, Natural Resources Defense Council, OLÉ, Center for Civic Policy, Western Resource Advocates, Environmental Defense Fund, Conservation Voters New Mexico, NM Wild, Power4NewMexico, the Angelica Foundation, and the Energy Foundation are all sponsors of the summit.

Pro-energy group Power The Future’s communications director Larry Behrens said, “New Mexico is a national leader in unemployment and rising electric bills so it’s no surprise Governor Lujan Grisham wants to jet off to Scotland and leave her record behind. Additionally, it is the height of hypocrisy for the Governor to hop on a plane instead of appearing virtually. New Mexicans deserve better than a Governor who depends on fossil fuels to travel and for her budget but then undermines our energy workers at elitist resorts among her friends.”

Lujan Grisham is set to fly to Glasgow for a climate summit, in which she will join world leaders to discuss the climate change conspiracy theory.


15 thoughts on “MLG announces extreme eco-Marxist agenda at ‘climate summit’ as New Mexicans protest”

  1. These people in office are evil and their actions are sickening, twisted and satanic and if the People in this state remain silenced, then they support and abide this evil and satanic agenda.

  2. Loserjan Gruesome is doing everything she can to destroy New Mexico! Somebody please drag her out of the roundhouse and save our state!

  3. Wuhan Lujan and Her Reich Ministry of energy and the lefties who think there is a climate crisis has two brain cells they could rub together..
    Climate has always changed and they cannot prove what we are seeing in modern times is worse than what they have seen in the past…. the Mayan empire experienced hurricanes and that that’s where hurricanes name came from a Mayan God huran the god of life..
    We had many worse droughts in the past like what China experience in the 1600

    All they want to do is get rid of our life giving.. CO2 plant food producing ..fossil fuels and go to the total unreliable green energy….. they are just puppets for the Democrap Party

  4. Someone ought to ask her about her “carbon footprint” jetting off to Glasgow to a brainless, useless summit but then, she’s not known for a high IQ!

  5. You thought COVID lockdowns were bad? Just wait until you find out about the ENVIRONMENTAL health crisis lockdowns. MLG is in violation of NM Stat § 12-4-1. Period.

  6. Environmental whackos have been making false assertions about earths destruction by all of us the little people ,while the elite literally jet set around the world scolding us and planning environmental “fixes that are very profitable for themselves. Although their lies are easily refutable re: Al Gores book where non of his dire predictions came true. Nevertheless they continue to pass off lies and use terror tactics to keep people believing their “religion “ of earth worship while fattening their bank accounts. Another scam much like the rebranded flu.

  7. First she calls New Mexicans Lizards. Now wants to ram Clement change another bill up our —- well New Mexicans will not take it any longer. Why do we need solar? Just to give them the $$ and make us pourer. Nope we will not take this type of treatment any longer.

    Hey MLG. Explain to us where this money will be going to? Believe me New Mexico will not be getting any of it. It’s probably going to out if staters and leaving NM.

    Stand up New Mexico. Take our state back and fight for us. They hear us loud and clear.


    Somehow the fools who blindly follow this idiot governoress must wake up…but how? Gas need to rise. It needs to rise to $221.99 a gallon…at the pump… right now. Navajo Refining in Artesia needs to pause itself….right now. Anything to do with oil and gas…EVERYTHING with oil and gas…needs to shut down…RIGHT NOW. That will be the only way the blind fools in the DNC will stop supporting this baby killing infacidial maniac. Yes, it will hurt all of us.. and that is what it needs to do to turn the full negative attention on the porcelain queen sitting on the throne in Santa Fe right now. We need to hurt everyone in order to crawl out of the ashes and return to normal…and it needs to be without the DNC party as our leadership and in those leadership roles. Scorched earth is the only way to do it. Shut down every truck stop and gas station for a week. No gas, no heating oil or propane shipments. Put the price of gasoline at an unattainable level for everyone. Stop all interstate travel into the State, and ship all the oil and gas out of the State to Texas. Move every oil and gas corporate headquarters into Texas and stop paying all taxes to the State of NM. Do it before winter which is right around the corner… one week shutdown… if she dont resign, then add another week until she does.

  9. The Marxist idiots need to look at the damage the wind turbines and the 500 KV Godzilla power lines are doing to the health of New Mexicans and the environment to send power to California. Are they all brain dead? They just care about the almighty dollar but will eventually have to answer to the One and only God Almighty. God help our state and country.

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