PNM asks to raise rates by up to nine percent due to MLG’s Green New Deal

According to new reports, the Public Service Company of New Mexico (PNM) is requesting the state Public Regulation Commission to allow it to raise rates — the first time in six years. The proposal includes a first-year billing increase of 1.74 percent, which is around $1.20 more per month for residential customers, according to reports. 

The rate hike will help the company pay to “begin a six-year grid modernization project with $344 million in upgrades to its distribution system,” according to the Santa Fe New Mexican.

“But in a news conference Monday, Darnell said the total average impact for residential customers will be lower than 1 percent, or about 75 cents a month. However, when commercial and industrial rates are added in, the overall increase would be about 9 percent.”

The cost hikes are due to the passage and forced implementation of the anti-energy “Energy Transition Act,” the state’s version of the Green New Deal signed by Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham in 2019.

The New Mexican notes, “PNM’s proposed grid updates would apply to the company’s entire service area and are a response to the state’s zero-carbon initiatives stemming from the 2019 Energy Transition Act.”

As we previously reported, utilities such as PNM and El Paso Electric are bracing for blackouts and brownouts due to the Green New Deal:

During a special Public Regulation Commission meeting [in September], Public Service Co. of New Mexico (PNM) said it is being forced to PNM executives said the utility will fill “quite a hole” next summer due to “green” replacements taking longer to materialize as the San Juan Generating Station is set to close next week.

According to PNM spokesman Ray Sandoval, PNM “generally has a 2,000-megawatt system with about 500 megawatts provided by the San Juan Generating Station.” 

With the closure of the San Juan Generating Station, it has purged countless jobs, with only around 80 employees able to retire. “For the rest of the employees, though, they’re going to have to go find some other form of employment,” said plant manager Omni Warner. 

The AP reports, “El Paso Electric, a utility that serves customers in southern New Mexico, also is expecting a capacity gap next summer. Like PNM, El Paso Electric will have to buy power from other producers to ensure adequate capacity when customers crank up their air conditioners during the hottest of days.”

PNM’s senior vice president for public policy, Ron Darnell, said the utility expects “a final decision within 10 to 13 months” on the rate hike to keep the company afloat.


17 thoughts on “PNM asks to raise rates by up to nine percent due to MLG’s Green New Deal”

  1. Wuhan luhan is totally insane she should do some research about what is really happening in Germany and other countries because of the not so green deal… Those countries are going back to Coal.. gas.. and even nuclear because they are realizing that the renewable energy is garbage.
    Is global warming and CO2 bad as she is telling us of course not… But please don’t let facts interfere with her emotions and insanity

      1. I disagree with MGL. She needs to pay our raised utilities. Many of us can’t afford to pay high utilities. Some of us are barely getting by because of inflation. Let’s get her out of her job.

  2. Both Repubs and Dems signed off on the ETA. The Uniparty at its finest decided to punish New Mexicans so we can compete with Venezuela. Nothing but stupidity and incompetence running NM and/or massive malevolence.

  3. Our Generac natural gas powered HSG (Home Standby Generator) is being installed this week. I’m prepared are you? NM’s energy transition policy is doomed for failure. (Note I am a retired electric utility engineer with 40 years of experience)

    1. Thats nice for you boomers who got pensions on the socialist government pension system, but us working youth can’t afford thousands of dollars for prepper survival machinery in 2022.

      1. Take it easy on Boomers. Many of us were ruined in the 2008 housing crash. Many of us cannot afford a $10k backup generator. Many of us struggled like you probably are. I’m sorry that the American dream is dead. The only way to get rid of the radical demonrats is fix the voting system, and that doesn’t seem likely.

  4. Lujan took bribes from Azerbaijan on an illegal Congressional trip funded by SOCAR energy.

    She loves money and power and has no fear of God.

  5. Grisham believes in tyrannical lockdowns and the masking of our kids. MLG will not, does not care about the people of NM. She does as she is told by the Democrats except when grabbing crotches of her employees.

  6. We could cover every square inch of America with solar panels and build wind generators in any gaps and we would not be able to meet the energy needs of TODAY.
    The idiots of Global Change/Climate Warming refuse to admit their “science” is powered by unicorn farts and will be paid for by the cash falling from the money tree forest they are planning to develop “in the near future”
    I recall El Paso Electric being granted a hefty rate increase back in the 70’s to pay for the Palo Verde nuclear power plant. The promise was we would have plenty of cheap electricity forever when the reactors came on line. But when P.V. came on line all the power went to California, the EPE ratepayers took it up our @##, the executives at EPE and the Public Utilities Commission got some huge payoffs and the rate increase racket is now a full time scam. But this all pales in comparison to the future the elites have planned for deplorables.
    Blackouts, brownouts and what power that is available will be unaffordable. So the elites’ plan is coming with the latest pandemic de jour, lockdowns and mandated ☠️ Death☠️Jabs☠️ for all.
    Stock up on ammo folks, it’s fixing to get interesting….

  7. Green energy is in fact a big farce that the globalists including Wuhan Gruesome, Heinrich, and the unelected president are pushing to destroy not protect our environment. They are destroying New Mexico with turbines and Godzilla power lines that are detrimental to our wildlife, landscape, and health. All to transport power to California. We have been fighting with Sun Zia to keep the 500 KV power lines from being put on our land. Look up Sun Zia projects, Pattern Energy, RETA, and all others involved. It is egregious. Most of the people in this state are not even aware. I say everyone who wants these turbines and towers are clueless. They can’t even keep our county roads in shape, (some infrastructure, huh) but we can put billions towards so called green energy. I say to the gov and unelected pres. and all the “elite” liars……stop flying your jets, stop driving in big limousines, stop heating your house, and perhaps put a turbine and 500KV tower in your own back yard. SUCH BULLCRAP

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