Egolf resigns from PRC committee after ethics panel rules he violated law

Retiring New Mexico House Speaker Brian Egolf (D-Santa Fe) has resigned from his position on the Public Regulation Commission Nominating Committee after appointing himself to the post. The committee was formed after voters in 2020 changed the PRC from an elected board to a governor-appointed board. A legal challenge to the constitutional amendment was thrown out by the majority Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham-appointed New Mexico Supreme Court.

The move comes amid an ethics complaint filed by state Rep. Miguel García (D-Bernalillo), who charged that Egolf broke the law and the state Constitution with his self-appointment. 

According to the State Ethics Commission (SEC), García’s charges were found to be valid. SEC executive director Jeremy Farris wrote that the Commission “has determined that probable cause supports allegations asserted by the complainant [García] … that you violated the Governmental Conduct Act.”

The Santa Fe New Mexican further reported, “Farris wrote that Egolf could ‘correct the violation’ by resigning from the nominating committee in 10 days. Otherwise, he wrote, Hearing Officer Alan Torgenson would preside over a public hearing ‘to determine whether a preponderance of the evidence establishes a violation of the Governmental Conduct Act.’”

Now that Egolf has resigned no hearing on the matter will occur, according to House Democrats’ spokeswoman Camille Ward.

The resignation came the same day the committee had nominated nine individuals for Lujan Grisham to pick from for the PRC. The previous five-member elected commission is now a three-member panel — all of whom Lujan Grisham will select.


14 thoughts on “Egolf resigns from PRC committee after ethics panel rules he violated law”

  1. You don’t think he’s going to say/do something ethical at any time in the future, do you? He needs to be permanently barred from any kind of government involvement other than casting a vote in elections. I have no idea how this could be done but it should be.

    1. Most of what is done in NM politics is not in the best interest of anyone living here. It is the absolute best state to learn how to get away with anything and everything even changing the way education will be scored. If you are breathing that’s good enough to pass.

    2. Egolf was responsible for redistricting D2? So he appoints himself, re-establishes D2 to be Dem leaning, and then he simply steps down before he’s forced to have a hearing……wow, and that’s it…?

  2. “The resignation came the SAME DAY the committee had nominated nine individuals for Lujan Grisham to pick from for the PRC”….Did Egolf resign before or after the nominating committee picked the individuals?!?

  3. The cookie is starting to crumble!! Keep taking bites out of it and expose all of Loserjans buddy’s so New Mexico can get back on her feet!

  4. OH GREAT. Giving MLG more corrupt power. I hope it’s not as bad as the disgraceful as the NM Racketeering Commission, lead by the disgusting wrecking ball chairman Bregman who is destroying the industry and is defying a court order.

    Oh and on the subject of “ETHICS” when is MLG crotch grabbing sexual discrimination going to brought to the forefront? Is she some sort of “elitist” that the rules don’t apply to her?

  5. Egolf did what he was put in office to do. With the People’s silence, he was able to achieve whatever it was he did in office. This is not a win for the People because there are already scums ready to take his place who are probably far worse. Any time one of these individuals step down, another far worse steps into place. It is what an apathetic population allows its state government to do when it refuses to be responsible.

  6. Never ending democrap evil in NM

    Evil Egoff got off easy. He is just as corrupt as MLG. Question is who gave NM’s evil b!tch the power to appoint anyone to any position? Sounds like more democrap corruption from Northern New Mexico. The hell that never ends.

  7. How wonderful that MLG will hand pick to fill the positions… RIGHT? Just a bit stressful knowing we have a state with one sided rulers in place, leaving many of us with no recourse to even be heard. Pushing legislation that is actually harmful to the environment (PEOPLE please do your homework on how harmful their GREEN agenda really is to the environment – and WHY we haven’t pursued avenues that have been proven to be GREENER – methods that excel in other countries – like Iceland being carbon free, or the Netherlands who export a massive amount of food and farm with 90% less WATER than farming methods traditionally used here).

    1. BINGO! the so-called GREEN agenda IS way worse for the environment and also way, way worse for us little people. It will not affect the elites way of life tho, so no biggie, right?

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