Only the thrice-jabbed may enter the Roundhouse for legislative session

It was reported by the Santa Fe New Mexican that only those who have been vaccinated three times, which includes the “booster” shot may enter the Roundhouse during the 2022 Legislative Session — leaving a vast swath of the population out of the lawmaking process. Only 37.8% of New Mexicans have a booster shot, according to New Mexico Department of Health statistics.

Chris Nordstrum, a spokesman for the Senate Democrat caucus, “said the health care guidelines in place during a two-week special session on redistricting in December will apply in the upcoming 30-day session. That means visitors will need to provide proof of vaccination, including a third booster shot, to get inside the Capitol. And face masks will be required,” according to the report.

“We are continuing to require that everyone in the Roundhouse wear masks and social distance and that all visitors must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or have a valid medical or religious exemption and test negative for COVID,” Democrat Speaker Brian Egolf’s spokeswoman Camille Ward told the New Mexican. “We will also continue to allow virtual public comment in committees during the session. We are monitoring the current surge closely and will update these policies as necessary.”

Although the 2022 30-day session is meant to be strictly budgetary in nature, scandal-ridden alleged serial groper Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham has demanded legislators ram through extreme proposals to weaken New Mexico’s elections, including letting absentee ballots be delivered seven days after an election, automatic absentee ballots, electronic nominating petition signatures, among other measures that will let fraud seep through. 

Multiple other bills have been proposed, including extremist joint resolutions attempting to enshrine “environmental rights” into the New Mexico Constitution, among others. Anyone without the jab will be forced to attend and testify via Zoom, as in the last three legislative sessions where the public was denied access to the Roundhouse.

During those sessions, Democrats rammed through some of the most extreme bills, including abortion up-to-birth legislation, the stripping of Law Enforcers’ qualified immunity, and the legalization of recreational marijuana.


5 thoughts on “Only the thrice-jabbed may enter the Roundhouse for legislative session”

  1. This is getting old, what is the old expression? Oh yes “NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION.” If we the citizens only have conditional access to our government I don’t believe it is incumbent upon us to pay taxes.

  2. This cute little system is working quite well for the NM Democrat Rulers in position.
    It’s all about Power & Control for them.

  3. Welcome to Communist NM

    Not surprised. Republicans will do nothing, they will just let it happen. There are no laws democraps follow. Three vaccines that don’t work required, along with masks that don’t work etc. Not sure how the legislators keep getting away with this. New Mexico is mini communist California.

  4. This is discrimination. Contact, repeatedly, your state legislators and tell them you will not vote for any of them who supported any infringements of our liberties/freedom.
    Masks and vaccinations (with a quasi-vaccine) are medical interventions. Ask your legislators is they, along with the state of NM, will be responsible for any side effects suffered from forced medical interventions.
    Any politician that is afraid of a virus with an approximate 98% survival rate does not deserve to represent us. Tell them that.

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