Districts begin closing schools after union demands in-person learning reduction

Some far-left New Mexico school districts, such as the Santa Fe Public Schools (SFPS), are already taking the advice of the National Educators Association of New Mexico (NEA-NM), which is calling for “reduction” on in-person learning in New Mexico.

“Currently, educators sell their preps to cover classes without breaks throughout the day,” the union said in a letter to SFPS Superintendent Hilario “Larry” Chavez and the school board, referring to teachers giving up their preparation periods. “Also, the practice of adding 10-15 students to teachers’ classes when colleagues are out sick, increases class size and eliminates recommended safety procedures that are in place to mitigate the transmission rate of [infection] in our schools.”

It urged SFPS to consider shifting to a four-day week on campus, reserving Fridays for remote, “asynchronous” learning, citing increased cases of a new strain of virus.

SFPS now is shuttering schools starting on January 18, with Chavez writing, “​​We are pausing because, with so many staff — teachers, bus drivers, custodial staff and nutrition workers — quarantining, we cannot currently ensure the safe operation of schools. Staffing shortages are placing extreme stress and additional duties on those who remain at work. We are currently unable to provide adequate coverage due to the increased number of absences.”

There is a possibility SFPS students may return to in-person learning by the end of January, however, it is unclear if they will follow the timeline provided.

Keeping students out of the classroom has life-altering and even deadly effects, with increased suicides, increased risk of abuse, learning loss, among other negative impacts that appear to be an afterthought to the NEA and SFPS.TAKE ACTION: Reach out to your local school board and demand they keep in-person learning for children in your community. Don’t let them be bullied by the NEA, the American Federation of Teachers (ATF), or any other group lobbying to once again shutter schools and harm children’s development.

6 thoughts on “Districts begin closing schools after union demands in-person learning reduction”

    1. It appears that the New Mexico version of the Chicago union just wants paid for not working! Additionally, they want a three day weekend when returning to class. With the Governor wanting to give these deadbeats a raise for not working the education system in New Mexico is failing. Worst Governor in the Country is promoting the second worst education system in the Country. More pay is not the answer. Hiding behind Covid is not the answer. Voting them out and busting the Union is the answer.

  1. To He!! With NM Woke Schools

    New Mexico parents in extremely woke Santa Fe and worthless APS need to demand schools stay open. Or as taxpayers we should stop paying taxes to support these evil school boards, teachers, and teachers unions. No schools, no money, no pay!

  2. Let SFPS & APS pay the parents’ salaries when they have to stay home because school is closed. Teachers: no work = no pay.

  3. I agree. I teach high school for APS (physics teacher) and its ridiculous the way schools have you become “mask police” and `scare’ kids about COVID. No matter the opinions expressed on COVID, keeping students out of the classroom does more harm than any biologic.
    And if you want to know, those students that were out of school recently were out due to “sickness” from getting the `jab’–several of them had to stay home due to “bad” side effects–from taking the `jab’ or getting their 1st booster. You’re not hearing that from the `lame stream’ media (ch4, ch7, or ch13).
    To the fellow tax payers/parents out there–as long as our voices remain silent/minimal, these knuckle heads in Govt will continue to push draconian policies in education.

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