NM Secretary of State says ballots will be counted ‘within a day or two after Election Day’

On Friday, the Santa Fe New Mexican reported that according to the New Mexico Secretary of State, Maggie Toulouse Oliver, county clerks in New Mexico could take up to two days to count ballots after the polls close, raising red flags about the integrity of the November 3rd Election. 

The New Mexican reports: 

In a virtual news conference Thursday, Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver warned unprecedented voter turnout is likely to leave county clerk’s offices counting ballots for at least a day or two after polls close, potentially delaying results in tight races.

She did not rule out the possibility of delayed New Mexico results for the presidential election…. 

“I’m feeling optimistic that we should be able to get through the absentee vote count within a day or two after Election Day,” said Toulouse Oliver. “I think that we’ll know what we know on election night in terms of the distribution of the votes and the margins of potential victory, and we should be able to make some pretty clear calls on election night in a lot of races.”

There is “no doubt many races around the state will be impacted by outstanding ballots still to count,” she added.

The extra time the Secretary of State is allowing may raise red flags as to the integrity of the election, with the New Mexico Supreme Court rejecting to hear a suit from the Republican Party of New Mexico regarding the Secretary of State barring Republican poll watchers from observing the counting of ballots on election night. 

According to the Secretary of State’s data as of October 27, 265,739 absentee ballots had already been mailed back to county clerks across the state, 166,655 being from Democrats, 56,747 from Republicans, and the rest from minor parties and voters who decline to state a party affiliation.

The Democrat Party of New Mexico has already begun its ballot harvesting initiatives, according to Pameyla Herndon, a caucus chair for the party, who urged supporters during a closed fundraising call to harvest votes from senior citizens to favor Democrat candidates.

As of October 30, Republicans outnumber Democrats with in-person early voting, while Democrats outnumber Republicans dramatically with absentee. During the 2018 race in New Mexico’s Second Congressional District, thousands of irregularities were found in Doña Ana County, where Republican Yvette Herrell won the race on Election Day. However, once absentee ballots were “counted” later, the race was swung in Democrat Xochitl Torres Small’s favor. An audit revealed multiple signs of election fraud.

Just this year, two individuals have been convicted of voter fraud using absentee ballots, following New Mexico’s long track record of fraudulent election activity, which can be read more about here.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, even more absentee ballots are being cast for the November 2020 election, and the more absentee ballots without oversight from poll challengers are ripe for fraud.


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  1. Dont they keep saying voter fraud isnt real….yeah sure if you are Republican….they better understand a lot of people changed there party affiliation from demorat to Republican….they better count those correct….

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