Liberal media outlet releases last-ditch suppression poll to drive down turnout for Trump, Republicans

On Sunday, the Albuquerque Journal released its latest suppression poll showing Joe Biden in a comfortable lead with 54% of the vote, while Trump sat at 42%, according to the Research and Polling, Inc. survey they released.

However, the same suppression poll was massively off in 2016, predicting Libertarian former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson to win 24% of the vote share, with Donald Trump only garnering 31%. The final results in 2016 had Johnson at 9.3%, with Trump at 40%, trailing Hillary Clinton only by 8.3%. 

In a later poll the Journal released right before Election Day, it showed Trump at just 36%, with Clinton at 50% The poll underestimated Trump’s performance while overestimating Clinton’s performance, and overestimating Johnson’s performance.

However, the Journal’s latest poll shows President Trump picking up 3% since its previous poll in late August, showing Trump at just 39%, while Biden’s performance has remained the same at 54%.

One interesting thing noted in the suppression poll was that only 89% of Democrats will be voting for Biden, while 92% of Republicans will be voting for Trump. 

In recent weeks, massive crowds of Trump supporters have rallied across the state, holding events at the state Capitol Building in Santa Fe, in Roswell, Hobbs, Carlsbad, Las Cruces, Corrales, Rio Rancho, Albuquerque, and everywhere in between. 

On the other hand, no events by pro-Democrat demonstrators have occurred, showing massive enthusiasm and support for President Trump and Republican candidates, while Democrats’ enthusiasm lags dramatically.

The voter numbers have backed up the enthusiasm, with the latest early voting numbers showing Republicans outpacing Democrats 193,929 to 175,516 with in-person voting, while Republicans’ absentee ballot return rate has crept higher than that of Democrats, beating them by .5%. 

Republicans are expected to outnumber Democrats on Election Day, which will help them close the gap from the Democrats’ large absentee voting numbers. In 2016, despite the polls, Americans sent President Trump to the White House, and it is likely in President Trump’s second election, New Mexico will be a state that helps him stay there. 

President Trump and Republicans have noted their excellent chances at flipping New Mexico, with unheard-of enthusiasm in the Land of Enchantment, as Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham and Democrats have locked down the state, leading to poverty and economic catastrophe amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Early voting ended on Saturday, October 31, but polls will be open from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on November 3rd for in-person voting.

5 thoughts on “Liberal media outlet releases last-ditch suppression poll to drive down turnout for Trump, Republicans”

  1. Woo hoo! I hope you’re right. I would vote for Trump even if I were a Mexican immigrant. I don’t want Socialism here. Why come to America if it’s just another Socialist disaster? Keep America Free!

  2. Repeating false baseless speculations is not news reporting, I believe it is called propaganda. A news organization comprised of one person sounds like a fancy face book post, not impartial reporting.

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