NM’s conspiracy theorist Dems renew annual performative January 6 theater

On Saturday — the third anniversary of the January 6 incursion of the U.S. Capitol — New Mexico’s Democrat conspiracy theorists outdid themselves with manufactured outrage after the event, which resulted in the death of Ashli Babbitt, whom a Capitol Police Officer brutally murdered.

Democrat Rep. Teresa Leger Fernandez (NM-CD-3) inaccurately claimed an “armed mob” stormed the Capitol, which was not true, as a vast majority of protesters that day were not armed whatsoever.

“On this day three years ago — just my fourth day in Congress — an armed mob of Donald Trump’s supporters desecrated our beloved Capitol Building in a deadly attack on Congress and American democracy itself,” Leger Fernandez wrote, adding, “Trump will undoubtedly try to attack our democracy again.”

Far-left Democrat Rep. Gabe Vasquez (NM-CD-2) wrote in an email, “John, today marks the 3-year anniversary of a dark day in American history. On January 6, 2021, extremists launched an egregious attack on Capitol Hill and our democracy.” 

Extreme far-leftist Melanie Stansbury, representative for New Mexico’s First District, wrote on X, “Three years ago we watched Trump spark an insurrection. We saw our capital attacked by extremists and we saw our very Democracy shaken. Today is a reminder that our voice and our vote matter and in 2024 we must defeat Trump.”

Socialist Sen. Martin Heinrich appeared to say January 6 was worse than horrific terrorist attacks, such as September 11, 2001, writing, “Three years ago, I witnessed the most foundationally shaking moment of my adult life. It is a sobering reminder that even our great democracy is vulnerable to those willing to hold on to power at all costs. That day, democracy prevailed. We must work to make sure it always does.” 

“Our Democracy isn’t given. We have to work to protect it. Three years ago this was proven. We all have the sacred responsibility of honoring the outcome of our elections. Those who do not must be held accountable,” wrote Sen. Ben Ray Luján.

The New Mexico Democrat Party added, “Even three years after the January 6th, 2021, attack on the US Capitol, NM Republicans are still beholden to insurrectionist MAGA ideology. Despite being largely rejected by the voters ever since the insurrection, New Mexico Republicans and their prominent figureheads refuse to respect our democracy.”

The Party continued, “New Mexican voters spoke loud and clear in the 2022 election and rejected Trump’s radical brand of extremism. But the New Mexico Republican Party continues to put Trump’s MAGA agenda ahead of the needs of everyday New Mexicans.” 

Unconstitutional Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham wrote, “As we celebrate the 112th anniversary of statehood, we are also reminded of the duty we all have in upholding democracy. The acts of insurrection on Jan. 6 have no place in the United States. As governor, I commit to safeguarding democracy today and for generations to come,” despite unilaterally taking away New Mexicans’ gun rights via executive order — the opposite of “democracy.” 

Note: Not a single individual has been convicted for the charge of “insurrection,” while Democrats attempt to pursue “insurrection” charges to forcibly thwart President Trump from the ballot in 2024. The U.S. Supreme Court will soon hear the case on the matter. 


29 thoughts on “NM’s conspiracy theorist Dems renew annual performative January 6 theater”

  1. If the truth be told, the true insurrectionists here are the Democrats. Here in New Mexico they include everyone listed in the artile, and should all be held accountable for thir actions of doing everything they can to hide the actual truth from the people of New mexico. And for the people of New Mexico..lilsten and listen carefully. The democrats are the true insurrectionists. Not Donald Trump or the republicans. Look at our open borders south of us, and the millions of murdered babies that our governor keeps open and gleefully kills. If that doesn’t let You know how is wrong on this, there is NO HOPE for us.

    1. Robert, You are correct with everything you have said. I only hope and believe that New Mexicans are not following the Democrat leaders in this state that still think we are all lemmings. The days of you leaders thinking people want their hands held and lead throughout life are over. People are going to vote this time based on what’s best for them, and it’s sure not SLO-Joe.

  2. JMJ. Let the truth be told.

    John 8:31-32
    The Truth Will Set You Free

    31 So Jesus said to the Jews who had believed him, “If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, 32 and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

  3. Just a propaganda piece to distract from the 2020 election steal and justify all manner anti-democratic acts – hold political prisoners, keep Trump off the ballot, etc.

    The Democrats stole it and we know it.

  4. The real insurrection was the election theft and the installation of a drooling idiot as the face of a communist coup .

  5. First it was “Russia,” ” Russia,” ” Russia.” Now, it’s ” Insurrection,” ” Insurrection,” “Insurrection.” The Dems will try anything to keep Trump from winning. MAGA! MAGA! MAGA!

  6. Funny, these clowns didn’t mention the real insurrection that occurred during the “Summer of Love,” 2020, following the death of George Floyd; that was when BLM and Antifa torched many buildings and killed several people.

  7. How on the world did New Mexico manage to dig up so many whacko. get them elected to Congress and allow them to spew their craziness. The rest of the country must wonder if rather than disposing of the drugs coming across #GovLujans open border if democrats aren’t having weekly parties that include the use of the drugs. I can’t imagine any other reason for so many nuts in our government. Believe me when I say they don’t represent the respectable folks of the state.

  8. I challenge all to talk to fellow NMs about politics. Do not tell them your party, ask questions ref what they are for and against. I would be most NMs are conservative in their beliefs. Many just vote democrat because our schools teach us to be democrats. Enlighten fellow NMs, they should vote there believes not the party. This option may not work on many folks in Santa Fe nor on professors in our colleges and universities. This group of folks are dead set on destroying NM and the rest of the country. But it would be worth a try and fun as well. Maybe you can sway folks without getting upset.

  9. When I went over the Referendum documents outlining the six house and senate bills seeking signatures to rescind them becoming law in June of 2023 the people signing the petitions had no idea of the verbiage in these bills. They could not believe what they read. I had no problem obtaining signatures regardless of party affiliation. Unfortunately we did not collect enough signatures to defeat these bills. Our goal is to present these bills on the ballot for our voters to decide in 2024 not the crazies in Santa Fe who are protecting our democracy… a quote from MLG.

  10. May GOD help us! What a bunch of idiots. I tell you that until someone stops the criminally corrupt Secretary of State “to loose Oliver” we are never going to see a fair election in NM. These 5 idiots that represent NM in DC are an absolute disgrace. I seriously doubt if any of them actually won an election. The inmates are running the asylum.

  11. There isn’t enough voices in NM to alter what the DNC sells. They sell abortion, not what it is that they support… which is “Execution at late stages for any purpose”.

    Then the unGodly and deceived eats it up.

    1. Then… the DNC sells gun control with the old worn out phrase “If it saves just one life”… while across the globe… war In Ukraine, Gaza, the threat in the Red and Caspian Seas, Nuclear threats from North Korea and Russia makes headlines… Yet we must further regulate law abiding and forces gun buy backs, turns ins, and registering what firearm they decide they don’t like is the cats meow.

      1. ,,,and then they retain companies like “Venture Data Survey” from Utah, using a NM phone number 575-339-2097 to call your home asking if your safe and can talk without harm or fear, fully name you, confirm your address, question your relationship with the internet and posting political posts and are registered to vote…and the survey is suddenly finished. Ahhh the subliminal threats are …real.

  12. Then to confirm that the States Judiciary has been fully corrupted by politics, here in the 6th Judicial District for Hidalgo, Luna and Grant Counties, when selecting a jury on the voi dire, they actually ask you what your political party affiliation ship is… Even before your seating in a pool for a jury trial. The judiciary is supposed to be blind and unbiased… but the voi dire already identifies you politically… Wonder why?

  13. Sen. Martin Heinrich said the January 6th event was worse the Sept. 11. This is a @$$ hat who represents us and thinks the thousands of people who died he obviously doesn’t care about all the families affected. Yeah you’re right a lot more people died on January 6th.

  14. It’s all bunk, they are being investigated not only for Jan. 6th but many more! The true insurrection is them all around the board and God is bigger than that, we got the election 2024. God doesn’t want them there!

  15. Could someone, anyone, please try and teach the Left that we are NOT a democracy? We are a Democratic Republic. Study history, civics and learn a bit. I don’t believe for a second that the protest was an attempt to take over our government. It is silly to even ponder. No… it was a protest. That is it. Nothing more, nothing less. Moreover, our Constitution provides us the right to peacefully protest. Dis some people misbehave? Probably so. But… an insurrection? It would take thousands of people to make that happen. What is it now? A witch hunt. Nothing more, nothing less.

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