Member of NM House GOP leadership tapped for open state Senate seat

In a recent development within New Mexico’s political landscape, Greg Nibert, a Republican and a member of the State House since 2017 and the House Minority Whip since 2023, has been appointed to the State Senate.

Sen. Greg Nibert’s official photograph.

This appointment, announced on January 5, comes from Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham and fills the vacancy in Senate District 27. This seat was left open following the retirement of Republican Senator Stuart Ingle in October.

Senate District 27, which Nibert will now represent, is situated around the Roswell area. This move to the Senate marks a significant shift in Nibert’s political career, offering him a broader platform and increased responsibilities within the state’s legislative framework.

As Nibert transitions to the Senate for the 2024 legislative session, his departure from the House of Representatives triggers a need for a replacement. The process to fill his now-vacant House seat is set to commence, overseen by the Chaves County Commission alone, as his former House district only covers one county. 

The upcoming legislative session will likely be an important period for Nibert as he adjusts to his new role and tackles the challenges and opportunities that come with being a state senator. 

As the process of finding Nibert’s successor in the House begins, attention will also be paid to how this change affects the balance and dynamics within the New Mexico legislature. However, the Chaves County Commission must work fast to name Nibert’s successor, as the 2024 Legislative Session begins on January 16.

It is immediately unclear who the potential candidates are to replace Nibert in the minority whip position following his promotion to the Senate.


3 thoughts on “Member of NM House GOP leadership tapped for open state Senate seat”

  1. I hope he doesn’t get too comfortable!
    We need Larry Marker in that seat, someone who isn’t benefiting from the state.
    Vote for Lead in the 2024 election Sen. Dis. 27
    God bless New Mexico!

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