NM Supreme Court orders governor’s response to GOP’s lawsuit

On Tuesday, the New Mexico Supreme Court, which is comprised of mostly appointees of Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, ordered the governor to respond to a lawsuit lodged against her by all Republican members of the state Legislature, the Republican Party of New Mexico, National Rifle Association, among others, relating to her emergency powers.

The lawsuit came following Lujan Grisham’s unconstitutional order saying that she was “suspending” all Bernalillo County residents’ constitutional rights by banning them from open or concealed carrying for 30 days under the guise of a “public health emergency.” During the announcement, the governor claimed that no rights are “absolute” and that her oath of office isn’t absolute either. 

The Court wrote in the order, “WHEREAS, this matter came on for consideration upon the Court’s own motion to request a response to the verified petition for extraordinary writ and request for stay, and the Court being sufficiently advised, Chief Justice C. Shannon Bacon, Justice Michael E. Vigil, Justice David K. Thomson, Justice Julie J. Vargas, and Justice Briana H. Zamora concurring … that a response shall be timely if filed on or before October 16, 2023.” 

Since the lawsuit challenges the governor’s executive authority, the response time appears to be a chance to give her as much time as possible to formulate a defense of flagrantly abusing her powers. 

“We are thankful for the resounding support we have received throughout New Mexico as we are standing up and defending our American freedoms,” said House Minority Leader Ryan Lane (R-Aztec), announcing the lawsuit earlier this month. 

“We are filing in the New Mexico Supreme Court to continue the fight to defend our constitutional rights. We cannot allow one political stunt to undermine a document that guarantees our rights and has been a beacon of hope for so many globally. We are confident that our State Supreme Court will expedite this request and make certain our fundamental freedoms still hold strong and are upheld.”

He added, “From day one, we have made it clear that action on crime should be taken up with the Legislature and not played out on national media under a stunt that was destined to fail. We will continue to push the practical and commonsense crime reforms that we know will work in New Mexico to help save lives. We look forward to robust debate on our legislation, instead of the silencing of these topics, as now the world is watching how we solve the crime problems plaguing our communities.”

Senate Minority Leader Greg Baca (R-Belen) wrote, “Our fight is not over,” adding, “We intend to ensure that the temporary restraining order becomes permanent injunctive relief. We will not let up the pressure until we ensure no New Mexican is subjected to the removal of their rights through executive order ever again.”


34 thoughts on “NM Supreme Court orders governor’s response to GOP’s lawsuit”

  1. Holding my breath for MLG’s ridiculous response…

    Am I turning blue yet?

    This was yet just another test of the “emergency broadcast system”. Any loss of our liberty as a result of her evil edict will be a victory for her and her Dem allies.

    1. This is proof that power makes some people think they can do anything. She will think twice before she tries this again. If she is still in office.

      1. No.she.won’t……3 years ago, she extended the “Public Health Emergency” that some call Covid, repeatedly to keep her thumb on us New Mexicans…remember “2 weeks to flatten the curve” turned into 2 YEARS. But that bish did whatever tf SHE and her ILK wanted…Kobe Steaks, wine, parties, etc on OUR tax dollars while we couldn’t get together for Thanksgiving with our families. Politicians will NEVER willingly give up their power. WE THE PEOPLE need to drag them into the streets, tar and feather them when they VIOLATE their OATH OF OFFICE, and make it serve as a reminder to the next person who wants to be tyrannical! I HATE POLITICIANS AND THE DAY THEY ARE ALL DECEASED WILL NOT COME SOON ENOUGH. They only destroy…prove me wrong…anyone.

    2. 💯 Truth and Facts we give these people an inch they’ll take our entire arm, leg all in the name of whatever they think is correct at the moment. Just like the lockdowns, mask and vax mandates.. enough is enough. It’s time to show them no matter what political party you’re from we are all Americans and will defend our Country 🇺🇸 from foreign and domestic terrorists. Are Country is being invaded at the southern border it’s no time for us not have a way to defend ourselves. Period…

  2. Why is the Supreme Court of New Mexico giving MLG until October16 to respond to the GOP lawsuit? As Martin Luther King said, “Justice too long delayed is justice denied.”

    1. 💯 truth and facts. But either we give up and let these people win or we push back and say enough is enough. Staten Island NY the citizens just got their courts to side with the citizens of their state. The city council voted to take away a assistant living facility from the elderly, so they can give it to the illegals coming in. Telling families they had a month to find a nursing home, take them home or out of state for all the elderlies. I don’t know about anyone else but that would have been horrifying. Well the citizens never gave up, even when peacefully protesting, cops were told to arrest a few to see if they would scare them off. But they didn’t, more people showed up. The city could appeal and respond just like these courts said about this governor, but as of now the elderly don’t have to leave, the illegals that have already moved in Have to vacate the property. This governor has to respond and they did stop her from enforcing the 30 day mandate. And no one is standing with her. So it might feel like we are losing to these corrupt politicians, but we are a strong America. We can not give up, and demand that hired officials respect our Constitutional rights. Period. We’re not asking, we have to demand. Enough is enough.

    2. AFTER Balloon Fiesta! This whole stunt is to shore up security for State Unfair ($15 turkey leg) and Balloon Fiasco. $750,000 for law enforcement. Then, the morning after, back to full crime wave!

      REMEMBER! Only 89 shoplifting days until Christmas. Because nothing says happy birthday Jesus like a stolen present.

  3. New Mexico has always been a testing ground experimenting with the limits of Statism in general. How far can we dumb down the schools before the people stand up and complain? How long can we be a sanctuary state for illegal criminal immigrants before we reach the limit? How many rights can be stolen from the citizens through corruption before they make a stand? And so on. As it turns out, they can go a long ways toward Marxism because of the acquiesence of the patient New Mexico citizens. The patience is running out.

    1. This is exactly what I have been telling people: we are a test ground. Remember a month or so ago when Biden made that seemingly-unrelated visit here? I don’t think that was a coincidence, and here is my thought on it. She originally wanted the federal health position that was given to Rachel Levine. She was passed over because she already has skeletons. I think a lot of her covid mandate response was due to feeling like she had to prove what a badass she is. Now, she has to angle for her next job since she can’t run for another consecutive term. So I’d bet my firstborn that she either invited Biden to come here or he came here to discuss that new federal gun violence position. Since this whole gun grab backfired, even Biden is like, “Oh shit…this is even too much for me to explain away.” Hence why Kamala was given that job. I do not think they anticipated the shock and pushback her actions received. This is good! Now keep it up….

      I don’t know how much louder I can shout, because frankly, most people here are stupid (also the incentive to not improve education here….an ignorant populace is easily controlled). DO. NOT. COMPLY. Learn what your government is supposed to do. Learn what your rights as an American are. And DO NOT tolerate your rights or our Constitution being trampled on!

  4. Dems sure know how to milk a glaring mistake made by one of them to make themselves look like the good guys. This is probably the only way they can put a stop to her various power grabs.
    Or should I say mandates and masks??
    She was probably testing the waters to see if she could get away with it again. Even the dems couldn’t have enjoyed that one.
    As of yet, no one has explained what guns and public health have to do with each other…

  5. All great comments. We are uniting as a people and when the tipping point comes-and it will, New Mexicans will see who has been holding them back, not helping them out.

  6. Elections have consequences. New Mexicans regardless of party should ask themselves these questions.
    Am I for a large controlling government?
    Should the state cut off my children’s sex organs or give them live changing drugs that will hurt there possibility to have children with out my knowledge?
    Should the state take the right for me to protect myself and my family?
    Should our schools teach CRT or any form “equity” training?
    Should the state take our tax dollars to push unproven sources of energy that does not support most of NM rural areas?
    If you answer “No” to these questions you are not a democrat. You are one of majority of NMs. If you recently voted democrats you may need to do further research in what you are voting for. NM is famous for mislabeling on voter forms what we vote for. If you vote for “improvement of energy” you may be voting to force New Mexicans to purchase EVs that most of us cannot afford nor can they pull our horse trailers, our work trailers, even transport your family in one trip. Wake up NM.

    1. Give her three weeks and her 30 days will be up. No more ban, case closed and they look like they were going to do something about it.

  7. What happened to just enforcing the laws that are already on the books in reference to criminal behavior? Enforcing all laws, including the rush on our southern border. If the Justic System would just do their job, we would not have the crime that is plaguing our state. Over reach of our government and Governor BIG TIME!!!

    1. They R all out in the open showing you the globalist criminal cartel they belong too bought & paid for by the bankrupted USA INC dba STATE OF NEW MEXICO, now under newly formed CORPARATION WHITEHOUSE INC. They are all guilty of USC Title 18. The POLICE , SHERIFFS OFFFICE, THE CONGRESSMAN-SENTATORS on and on with color of law criminals not upholding the agency of doing the work of government for & by the people.

  8. She should have been arrested the minute she filed her EO. Sheriff Allen and the AG have a legal obligation to uphold their duty,now it’s time they be arrested as well!

    1. Yep, MLG said her oath isn’t absolute, well are the Sheriff’s oaths not absolute either? Because they swore an oath too and they aren’t doing their jobs defending the Constitution. More people need to be telling them to protect the people from domestic criminals who violate Constitutional law.

  9. It was a 30-day ban on open carry and concealed weapons. The NRA sure does know how to rally their gun-loving troops. That takes lots of money. The magas are out for blood. I’d say, Governor Grisham tried to get in good trouble but the fearful right wing can’t possibly stand for making anything but noise.

    By the way, judging from the comments, you all want to get rid of climate friendly changes, critical thinking and, from the looks of things, books and better education for our children. At least there are those of us who know that owning a gun does not make you safe, it makes you paranoid and fearful.

    1. Look everyone, another liberal confusing their opinion for “scientific” fact. Look how much it “knows”!!!!

      It doesn’t even understand Constitutional Rights!!!

      My apologies, Yolanda, I wasn’t sure which pronouns you preferred. I pity you; you don’t have the reading comprehension to realize that we want critical thinking and not the group think offered by the NPCs on the left.

      And you are damn right we’re fearful of the criminals let loose upon us by the leftist politicians. Have you been the victim of a violent crime? Let’s hope you wake up before that happens.

      Turn off NPR and go walk central. If you dare.

    2. Climate change?

      You still don’t understand that corporations, universities, and governments all work together to LIE TO YOU to form cohesive power-preserving agendas which give them MORE POWER and MORE CONTROL over the world? You don’t know by now that climate change was fabricated to ensure control over all the world’s resources by a few elites? You never heard if Carnegie, Rockefeller, Cecil Rhodes, Rothschilds.. They have monopolized the entire world and its money systems and its resources. But you believe their propaganda?

      For thousands of years mankind has always had those who lust for power and global domination.. And you think we live in a world where that no longer exists? That US is immune from propaganda? Time to wake up, sunshine.

  10. Am I the only one noticing there are very limited avenues that WE THE PEOPLE can even take anymore? The system is designed against the citizens. The legal system is weak and powerless. Almost like we have been pushed out from our own nation. These politicians have become autonomous despots to the degree that they might as well be foreign nations acting against us.

  11. We do not have a legitimate government they R part of a coop. The R a private for profit CORPARATION trading on the Open market. They have a duns & bradstreet #. They were a sub company of the now bankrupt USC INC. which is now WIHTEHOUSE INC. A real government would arrest this traitor and bring her to justice for her repeated oath violations and law violations USC Title 18 acting in the color of law with others. Breaking the bill of rights and both constitutions. This is just another example of the fraud they continue to roll out against we the people on the land. This will continue until we stand and impeach there bonds and remove them. Real government does not operate in all upper case letters CORPARTE FICTION, SENTEX aka legalize . They all stand with a flag of no nation with gold fringe around there flags!!!! We contract with fraudsters. We the people are the real government and we R suppose to be common law with rights that can not be taken away.

  12. If this half wit governor truly believes in this unconstitutional ban she needs to lead by example disarm her personal security detail for 30 days
    Her ignorance is astounding

  13. How do you impeach an illegitimately elected governor? You can’t, therefore military (under martial law) must remove her by arresting her for treason, sedition, crimes against humanity, and crimes against our children by using a (non)”government” agency, namely, CYFD!
    Wake up NM don’t forget the number one international paedophile, jeffrey epstein bought the zorro ranch from a former NM governor…bruce king (king ranch), that is not 40 minutes from Santa Fe!!
    We will find that NM politicians, bankers, doctors, judges, attorneys, big name community members and some law enforcement will be exposed in child and human trafficking in New Mexico. Time to expose and remove ALL 3 and 4-letter agencies posing as government agencies.

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