NM legislator who disrespected police brags about buying luxury Hermés products: ‘Treat yo self’

Over the weekend, state Sen. Jacob Candelaria bragged on Instagram about his new purchases from the expensive French fashion house, Hermés. The legislator is known for mercilessly berating State Police officers who he called to help him with hate mail. 

When the officers arrived at Candelaria’s home, which appears to be an apartment building, he repeatedly mentioned that he was a state senator, that he would call Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham on the officers, and finally kicked them out after he did not receive the answers he was looking for.

He also filmed a 30-minute-long video where he dramatically cried about the issue and claimed that he did not feel safe, later saying in a tweet that he now has Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) from the experience. The Governor’s office appears to have blocked out Candelaria and dismissed his melodramatic tirade.

Now, after the experience, it appears the state lawmaker, who also likes to mention in his Twitter bio that he attended the Ivy League Princeton University, has decided to treat himself to luxury goods that range from hundreds of dollars to tens of thousands of dollars from Hermés, one of the most expensive fashion houses in the world.

In a post showing off the signature orange and blue boxes with the company’s logos, Candelaria wrote, “Treat yo self. The road is long and the fights are hard—-celebrating your joy is a seditious act.” 

Although the image does not disclose what specific products the state lawmaker purchased, the box’s large size means he may have purchased any number of items. Men’s scarves on the site range from $455 to $870, belts range from $825 to $5,435, and wallets range from $590 to upwards of $20,200. 

Candelaria’s likely $1,000+ purchase of luxury French goods comes as New Mexicans are feeling the effects of Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s strict COVID-19 lockdowns, which now threaten even more businesses with having to close for good. Working families are still struggling to put food on the table, small businesses are not allowed to operate due to their “non-essential” status, and families are not allowed to gather for the Thanksgiving holiday with more than five family members. Candelaria has supported such lockdowns.


6 thoughts on “NM legislator who disrespected police brags about buying luxury Hermés products: ‘Treat yo self’”

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  2. What a scum grifter just like his master gruesome. How vile to brag about buying expensive things, while unconstitutionally forcing others out of their jobs to now have to beg for food. When are people going to stop complying to unconstitutional fraudulent orders and do their research about the pcr test and the great reset as well as agenda 21.

    Anyone who would vote for such a disgusting creature deserves being treated like the morons they are.

    Is anyone willing to file complaints with their sheriff and demand per sections 3 and 4 of the 14th amendment, the removal of all public servants who perjure their oath and violate the God given rights of the people? This is a republic, our servants do not dictate to us, we dictate to them, no matter what lies and excuses they come up with.

  3. This guy needs an audit. Donald Trump is the only one who lost money after taking office. Everyone else somehow magically increases their wealth…
    Gary and Joseph, your response is actually accurate. A fag, a stick, is short for fasces, a bundle of sticks, which is where the term fascism came from. Hillary’s slogan stronger together is the definition of fascism, for a bundle of sticks together are stronger than a single one.

    Except our republic is not a collective, it is a patchwork of vibrant individuals joyfully exercising their God given rights, and contributing their gifts and talents in an equal exchange of appreciation. That is capitalism, and I would encourage anyone who is envious of those who produce, to go set up your communes and prove to everyone how well your system works vs freedom liberty to make your own decisions and enjoy the fruits of your labor, which no one has the right to steal. Government over reach is always wrong, and we must take back our country and put these servants in their place. Government always destroys the people if allowed to.

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