NM House passes extreme abortion, transgender, election bills

On Tuesday, the New Mexico House of Representatives passed two extreme pieces of legislation, one regarding abortion and transgenderism and one regarding elections. 

H.B. 7 by Rep. Linda Serrato (D-Santa Fe), which would force public bodies to facilitate abortions and “gender-affirming care,” passed the chamber on a vote of 38-31 after a lengthy three-hour debate. Six Democrats joined all Republicans in opposing the extreme bill.

Serrato claimed the bill would save lives due to access to abortion and gender procedures, despite statistics showing such access either increases suicide (regarding abortion) or doesn’t statistically affect suicide rates (gender procedures). 

Republicans offered multiple amendments, including creating standards of care and mandating parental involvement in a gender or abortion surgery.

The bill explicitly bans municipalities and counties from passing local laws to protect children in the womb from being aborted, meaning places like Roosevelt County would be banned from enforcing their ordinances.

The bill would “prohibit public bodies from discriminating against persons based on their use or non-use of reproductive or gender-affirming care,” meaning it could push teachers and any other public workers to support body mutilation for all ages, including children, as well as abortion, according to the bill’s fiscal impact report. 

So-called “gender-affirming care” means “psychological, behavioral, surgical, medication, and other medical services to support a person’s gender identity,” while “public bodies” are defined as “state and local governments, commissions, or boards established by the state and any branches of state government, such as school districts and universities, that receive state funding.” It would also open up conscientious objectors to civil suits.

H.B. 4, by Rep. Gail Chasey (D-Bernalillo), passed the chamber after a three-hour debate at around 11:21 p.m.

The bill would create an automatic absentee voter registry and automatic registration at the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) without customers’ consent and allow felon voting, among other measures that would be ripe for fraud. 


49 thoughts on “NM House passes extreme abortion, transgender, election bills”

  1. NM residents

    What are your 1-2 year plans? Have you given SERIOUS consideration to leaving NM? If not, why not?

    I have been a lifelong resident native of NM. Almost all of my elder relatives are dead and buried here in NM. I have really enjoyed the outdoors activities, hunting, fishing, hiking, site seeing, history, photography here in NM over the past 60+ years. I also had a good career here and have retired comfortably. It hasn’t been all bad by any means. But a new chapter has been written in the history of NM, and this is an EVIL chapter. I hate to admit this myself, but NM is a LOST CAUSE. I don’t say that lightly. I had planned on living out my life here and passing on and being buried next to my parents. That’s not going to happen now, We are moving out of this state in the next couple of months. I’m not going to say exactly where we are going but I’ll divulge this, we are moving to the heartland.

    Just a few notes on this past election in 2022. It wasn’t a complete disaster in most states, with the exception of NM, CO, and a couple other states. Most red states turned considerably redder and even a good number of blue states turned redder including CA and NY. I studied and researched this extensively. Here’s a list of places you should consider. I do not recommend many of the SW states mostly because there are huge water issues that do not bode well for these states, as well as political issues in the SW. The 2 SW states I do recommend are TX and UT. I also recommend MT, ID, SD, ND, WY, OK, KS, NE, MO, IA, TN, NC, GA, FL, AL, AK, AR, OH, WV, IN, KY, & LA. If you have relatives in any of these states ask them to help you. I would also caution you to stay out of the population centers of any state, TN, FL, TX, MO, OK, GA, AR OH, LA, IN, & KY in particular. There are a good number of rural properties in all of these states. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. We found a good number of properties we really liked and made offers on during our search.

    Give some serious consideration to this post. Its come to this, the ONLY vote that counts for us conservatives/Christians in NM, is when you vote with your feet.

    Good luck all.

  2. Let’s see the State has record money to spend, the roads and bridges are falling apart, crime is out of control, drugs are out of control, the schools are a complete failure. Yet, yet this is the priority, tranny nonsense and abortions. Oh, let’s not forget and double down on voter fraud. NM’s legislature is a complete failure but you knew this already.

    1. This breaks my heart. So much could actually BE DONE to help the people of NM. It is clear that the legislature is only interested in pushing the far left agenda…and they are succeeding!

      1. I have spent 3 YEARS trying to educate people on how to hold legislators acccountable. They refuse to do it! It takes personal effort…calling, writing letters, registering to speak on the public comments of the Zooms. I work 60+ hours a week and “somehow” find time to get invoved, so if I can do it, anyone can. It’s laziness on the part of people who live here! If you are heartbroken over all of this, what are you personally doing to help remedy it? And if you’re unhappy with how current legislators are doing their jobs, step it up. Call or email their offices regularly. Become their worst nightmare. When campaign season comes around, align with their opponents and campaign for them.

        One of the things that needs to happen in this state is getting Maggie Screwloose Oliver out of office, and until that happens, make her life miserable. Call her out on social media. Write letters to other legislators. When you see her CYA interviews in the papers, call or wrote the editor, give them the facts and demand a correction. She is at the heart of a lot of the election BS in this state and has gotten away with so much because most citizens are lazy.

        1. You don’t get it. They are cheating elections. They just redlined the entire state to give them a permanent majority. They don’t answer to their constituents anymore, only the DNC, and Schwab at the WEF. Wake up.

        1. Agreed! There are very, very few Doctors in NM worth going to already. I am now going to TX for dental work to fix the dental mess they created here in NM. This is all so sad and so bad. As if the State needed any more bad.

  3. Are there any Christians in this state?!? This is Pure evil! 3 Satanic abortion clinics…but we can’t have one safe county. Sure don’t want to, may have to move from my beautiful home state, if this passes. Doesn’t anyone care anymore?

  4. New Mexico adds insult to injury upon the nation by this action, turning even further from the God of our fathers into abomination.

  5. Stephanie McKenzie

    These people only got elected because they used all the fraudulent processes that they just passed to become law. They have no values, they do not care about the people of New Mexico, especially the children, and they can no longer continue on their evil path of destroying the people of New Mexico.

  6. A few months ago driving down Cerrillos I was behind a huge red jeep with the license plate: LUCIFER. Windows tinted dark. Need more be said.

  7. This state is a cesspool of crime and moral bankruptcy including the slaughter of unborn/newborn children and is populated and ruled by liberal/leftist fools aka democrats who are too stupid to comprehend their complicity in the destruction of not only this place but of the country and, therefore, of the entire world as it continues this journey into the annihilation of human liberty. To be on the wrong side of history now, as we face the End of the Age, is a grave error and the eternal consequences of that choice will be terrifying for those who made it. May God have mercy upon us as we walk the narrower path and make our way home.

    1. Brother take it easy. Trying to always scream and yell about people trying to keep and maintain their own autonomy of their bodies does not mean Satan is winning anything. Ridiculous to say so

      1. Does your concern for “people trying to keep and maintain their own autonomy of their bodies” include unborn children murdered before and after birth and children being brainwashed by ‘woke’ parents and other authority figures into doubting which gender they are? One does not have to believe in the existence of Satan to recognize what evil is.

      2. Is autonomy another word for selfishness? Seems to me that the use of birth control BEFORE indulging in sex would eliminate this conversation 🤔. And before you get your shorts in a wad, I’m not talking about rape, incest, child molestation or the life of the mother.

  8. That’s the final straw for us. We’re putting the ABQ house on the market and heading to Florida. We will not allow any of our tax money going to support this depraved and corrupt agenda. The bloodlust these NM Democrats have for sacrificing the lives of unborn children is beyond belief! You can almost see them salivating at the thought of ripping more babies apart in their mothers’ wombs. And then the children who somehow manage to survive the abortionists’ knives are to be subjected to psychological and physical mutilation to change their birth sex. We’re done. We’re out of here. There’s no coming back from this. If God doesn’t soon judge New Mexico, he owes an apology to Sodom and Gomorrah.

    1. New Mexico has become a rolling dumpster fire. While no state is perfect, moving elsewhere is better than tolerating this with your tax dollars.

    2. Bill, perhaps God wants us to stand against these demons instead of fleeing? Yes, it is a sacrifice, but now is the time to stand up. I see everyone running to Florida, WHERE IS YOUR FIGHT? Why are the men retreating in the face of evil? You would leave us behind to fight on our own with no backup?

  9. New Mexico’s Democrat-controlled State Legislature have assumed the oppressive mantle of “Big Brother” (& “Big Sister”) a la Orwell’s 1984 dystopian depiction of totalitarianism with these latest impositions.

  10. New Mexico interests have shifted away from families, education and religion. We are destroying the very foundation of our God given rights. Many of our leaders are merely puppets who cannot think for themselves. We do not need dictators to tell us we have NO rights to OUR children.
    Our children need to be educated that a fetus in the womb is a life. Their identity is in Christ. Let us not loose sight of who God is. Woe to those who deceive the little ones for they are the heritage of the Lord.

  11. It’s not my problem nor a burden taxpayers should have to bear because you have a mental issue and want coddled because your are “different”.. Also it’s not my problem nor a burden taxpayers should bear because you failed to use proper birth control or abstinence!

  12. Automatic voter registration. Interesting that the powers in charge want to increase the number of registered voters not only at state offices but to include 16 & 17 year olds. Check out David Clements with the Dominion voting machines information. A fellow New Mexican who gave up his professorship when UNM wanted to silence him. The larger the “voting base” the easier it is to mess with the algorithms and the count.
    It was interesting to watch the great amendments voted down one after the other with the excuse that other states do it. Which states and to rephrase an old saying “If your friends jumped off the Taos bridge, would you follow?” Apparently so.
    As for the other putrid bill, comments made by REP. Chandler with her hand on her hip- all knowing-all seeing attitude in my opinion is the poster child for New Mexico.
    See if you agree.

  13. The will of the unhinged leftist democrats rule here in NM and will continue until people understand what it is they are voting for. Democrats want to control everything in your life, taking away your free will to do as you please. They will make it a crime to have your own differing opinion. Did people have a choice to receive the VAX? No, the governor was giving powers far exceeding her authority. Businesses were shut down, people lost their jobs, medical workers were chastised, no jab, no mask no job. The people did nothing, they voted her back in to continue her destruction of our state.

  14. I’m a public school teacher of 30 years. I WILL NOT COMPLY to these Satanic “laws”. Let’s see them try to enforce this on believers. I won’t happen! They can threaten me with whatever they want to threaten me with……”What does it profit a man to gain the whole world, but lose his soul?” They can take everything I own, put me in prison or murder me…..but I will not comply!

  15. I have an idea, in light of recent legislation, who’s time has come. Aligning with the “abortion up to birth” bill, my idea carries that legislation to the next logical step. “The post-partum abortion bill” which would allow an abortion to be done from birth to the 100th anniversary of said birth. A licensed doctor would not be necessary, any citizen with a reasonable belief that the subject
    – was a waste of oxygen
    – had a mental defect
    – was a danger to others
    – held dangerous ideas
    – was REALLY deserving
    could perform the P.P.A. at anytime, anywhere, by any means, with full and complete immunity, the only requirement being they state their reasons for said P.P.A.

    Liberal P.P.A’s would be judged by a more liberal interpretation of reasons
    “They deserved it” = O.K.

    Any Conservative P.P.A’s would require a very high bar of actual facts and proof given to the P.P.A. court system PRIOR to application of any P.P.A.

    I anticipate liberal whines such as “WAAAAHH” or
    “A double standard” to which I reply “Too bad” or
    “Life’s NOT fair.”

  16. I truly believe that the majority of our residents in New Mexico do not approve of the House and Senate behavior and evil bills against God teachings. I ask all to pray, for the glory of God word is powerful. I surrender to you my Lord and Savior. Have mercy on us.

  17. Some people may be lazy but do not go accusing everyone of not trying. There are so many corrupt politicians in this state. They are Satan’s minions. The responses I have gotten from them are hideous and insulting if I get a response at all. Maybe we should all refuse to pay taxes. Furthermore, although I voted I understand my vote did not count. To all you woke liberal demonic legislators repent or you will burn in hell.

  18. Many good points made by sane God fearing patriots. I would only add that Billy Coronado has it right , through fraud, the politicians no longer have to pretend that they are beholden to the public, that’s why they come out with their masters satanic plans despite the fact that most people are in opposition to these despicable and unconstitutional “laws”. Our will and well being are never considered, only the will of their communist masters.

  19. This bill is over and above WRONG. Make birth control easily available.. Make abortions available only if and when they are TRULY medically necessary, not because they are inconvenient or a means of ‘birth control ‘. Gender affirming care should only be available to adults over 21 NOT children!! Also, you should not have to register to vote at the DMV!!

  20. Every politician in Santa Fe has the blood of innocent children on their hands. God will judge them, and God says it’s better to have a millstone tied around their necks and to be thrown into water than to harm these innocent ones…

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