Stolen election vs. unfair election

Big Gov, Big Tech & Big Media put their thumb on the scale for Big Dems

Was the 2020 Presidential election stolen from Donald Trump, or was the 2020 presidential election unfair to Donald Trump? There is a difference between the two, and that difference is essential for Americans in future elections. 

Stolen Election

Donald Trump led by wide margins in multiple states on election night, only to lose by large margins the following day or days. Trump supporters believe this indicates that Joe Biden and his supporters manufactured millions of votes. However, this “false election day Trump win” was predicted in the AXIOS article, “Exclusive: Dem group warns of apparent Trump Election Day landslide.” Because the Democrats’ strategy was for Democrats to vote early or by mail which takes longer to tally, at the same time, the GOP’s strategy was to get Republicans to vote on election day, which takes substantially less time to add. These two strategies caused the lead to switch from Trump to Biden.

Joe Biden Democrats collected ballots before they reached the voters, filled in the votes, coerced voters, or destroyed Republican ballots.  Trump supporters believe there were enough close states that illegal activity associated with ballot harvesting could make a difference. However, without knowing which states will be “close enough,” millions of ballots would have been created, destroyed, or changed across many states, and there is no evidence that happened. 

Democrats are said to have changed votes from Donald Trump to Joe Biden by hacking Dominion Software. Do Trump supporters believe that since software/websites/databases are susceptible to being hacked by evil characters of the world, why couldn’t voting tally software by Dominion be any different? Changing a few hundred votes could occur unnoticed, but not millions of votes. 

Unfair Election

Big Tech Companies solely censored Trump. Media Research Center headline on October 19, 2020,” Twitter, Facebook Censored Trump, Campaign 65 Times, Leave Biden Untouched” NPR on December 8, 2020 headline, “How Private Money From Facebook’s CEO Saved the 2020 Election, their $400 million to Democratic strongholds got out the vote for Biden. Fortune headline on October 22, 2022, “The RNC is going to court to prove it. 

Big Government fabricated the Russian Collusion that hamstrung the Trump presidency and hobbled the 2020 campaign. The November 5, 2021, National Review article headline, “Durham Is Steadily Exposing the Real “Russia Collusion” Scandal.” Clinton’s campaign team must have been shocked by their Trump opposition research; the FBI and NSA used the Steele Dossier to justify investigating Donald Trump and Trump Presidency.  

Big Government with Big Media & Tech Companies censored negative stories about Joe Biden. In the New York Post story “Revealed: Ukrainian exec thanked Hunter Biden for “opportunity to meet’ veep dad,” the underlining premise was that Hunter and Joe Biden used the office of the VPOTUS to enrich themselves. This story had the potential to keep Trump in the White House is why Big Government, Big Media & Tech Companies squashed the story. The Associated Press, “The FBI is investigating whether emails published by the Washington Post… connected to a possible Russian influence operation…”. The Hill headline, “50 former intelligence officials warn NY Post story sounds like Russian disinformation”, Recent Insider headline, You may think Twitter was wrong to censor the Hunter Biden laptop story, but it wasn’t a violation of the First Amendment.

Moving Forward

When you are asked, “Do you believe the 2020 Election was stolen?” respond with, “Evidence shows Big Gov, Big Tech & Big Media covertly supported Democrats and silenced Republicans. As a result, those organizations made the 2020 election unfair to Donald Trump and Republicans. 

You can call out the media when they propagandize and do not report the news. An example is the Albuquerque Journal’s article by Elise Kaplan, “Trump lawyer’s ties to NM run deep,” in which the reporter used others to slander John Eastman. Kaplan quoted individuals who described Eastman as “a prick,” “He was a jerk, he was arrogant,” Mr. Traitor.” “This is not reporting; this is propagandizing. You can email the Albuquerque Journal’s managing editor at AND demand that they correct the story. 

You can file a complaint with the Federal Election Commission that Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Pricilla Chan, should be prosecuted for manipulating federal elections. Click on the link to learn How to file a complaint with the FEC.  You can also file a complaint when Federal Government employees abuse their office to favor one party or candidate at Where to Report Fraud, Waste, Abuse, or Retaliation.”

Your Independent media are working to report the real news. That is what Mick Rich 2 the Point is about. As well as… Harvey Yates with the Artesia and Espanola newspapers, Mary Alice Murphy with the Grant County Beat, John Block with the Piñon Post, Dinah Vargas with ABQ Off the Cuff, Carla Sontag with New Mexico Sun. Support these independent voices.

Being a Republican in New Mexico is difficult, especially on voting day. To stop voter intimidation of vulnerable Republicans, the NMGOP should assist those Republicans to vote by mail and help them mail their ballots. For the remaining Republicans, encourage Republicans to vote early or by mail to foil the Democrat’s strategy of hindering Republican voters.

In 2020 I stood before five hundred people and announced my four goals, one of which was to bring conservatives together under the broad tent of the Republican Party. The first step of uniting Conservatives was our event in January. Next week I will report my progress in uniting conservatives and the challenges ahead.  

Host, “To the Point with Mick Rich.” 2018 Republican nominee for U.S. Senate (NM). Founder & CEO, Mick Rich Contractors. Husband, father, grandfather. Read more from Mick rich at

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35 thoughts on “Stolen election vs. unfair election”

  1. The Democrats didn’t hack the machines, the machines are produced and designed by the global elite. The global elite use both Democrats and Republicans under their control and influence in order to further their global goals. Right now their goal is controlled demolition of America, so they installed Biden as the public face for their hidden operation. This is much much bigher than Democrats.

  2. WTF Mick, not enough guts to mention the nefarious machines (Dominion, ES&S, ETC) and SOS homegrown computer systems? How about your stellar GOP chairman, Steve? Uniparty clap trap at its finest!!!

    1. Labguy,
      Sorry to say, Pearce won reelection as Party Chair on the up and up. I was there, voted for another candidate, but there were plenty of folks there who viewed Pearce as having more experience than any of the challengers. The good news is Steve is old. He will eventually move on, and someone else, not Steve, will take the reins. Why not get out there and help the folks in Albuquerque get their city and multiple districts back into GOP hands? 3 out of 5 of the party chair candidates were from ABQ. There should have only been 1, and that 1 would have gone head-to-head against Pearce and won.

      1. His “experience” sure helped your party out didn’t it🤪.
        How do you become a GOP precinct chair or member, invitation?

      2. It’s always divide and conquer. I jumped ship a long time ago after there seemed to be no support for Republican candidates that were really excellent. It may happen again in 24 if DJT decides to make his own party and runs against DeSantis.

  3. “Changing a few hundred votes could occur unnoticed, but not millions of votes.” Really! Tell that to the people of Brazil with their closed machine, black box voting. Wake up!!!

  4. Global goal… reduce the population by sneaky subversion means. Best way to do this is make sure the commentators of the ‘news media’ controls the population with the message the technocrats want the less educated to hear – fear of something unknown works quite well. “Evidence shows Big Gov, Big Tech & Big Media covertly supported Democrats and silenced Republicans. As a result, those organizations made the 2020 election unfair to Donald Trump and Republicans.” Are we pumping out students to be less educated – trained to follow the masses over the cliff? Are we making sure the three R’s are at the bottom of the list in schools. After all, if you can learn to read and COMPREHEND well, we might actually move from the bottom of the heap to at least move midway upwards on school standings. HOW MUCH TIME IS ACTUALLY DEVOTED TO THESE BASICS? I was taught how to individually think and query. What ever happened to allowing volunteers to help teachers by sitting with individual students to help boost reading/comprehension and math skills – or is this too dangerous – for the technocrats? Believe it or not, we individuals learn and comprehend differently. How else can we learn then, as individuals, to find the truth if we are told what to think?

  5. Mick, good points. R’s should remember when Susana Martinez was Governor and Dianna Duran (a former county clerk who knew election law inside and out) was Secretary of State we spend upwards of $1M and a year looking for election fraud in N.M. After a year of study, we found less than 200 ‘suspicious’ ballots. That may be enough to affect local city council or legislative races, but not state or federal races. R’s need to stop complaining about election fraud until they find sufficient
    evidence, it’s not a good look.

  6. Like incredibly unpopular, creepy, dumb, stumbling, corrupt Joe got 81 million votes by not campaigning and residing in his basement. Really. There are suckers born every day, in droves.

  7. This is disgusting. The machines are rigged and the fraud is ILLEGAL. I will not say anything other than the election of 2020 was stolen from the PEOPLE and Trump. Articles like keep these dems in NM in power especially knowing the machines were not certified properly in this state. I have sent information that shows they weren’t certified. Illegally changing laws set by the legislature also played a part.

  8. I agree with much of what has been stated. I do believe the republicans are not doing enough to push for paper ballots. I even wrote to my rep at the country and he did not reply. I have no representation at the state nor federal level. I also plan to switch my party to independent once I vote for Trump at the primary. The Republican Party is a farce. They are almost as bad as the dems. When Pierce voted for the same lame leader of the RNC I decided the republicans of NM are worthless. Why was nothing done when a rep from Otero county arrested for visiting Washington on J6? This used to be a free country. Now NM is forcing officials to support abortion and sex changes, taking our guns away. The Republican Party is way too much Rhino even in NM.

    1. Strongly agree. Maybe those individuals who voted for Steve Pearce to serve another term as state chair should resign and let someone else vote and use their brains and get rid of Pearce and his group. Until that happens the Republican Party of New Mexico is just a name and does not reflect the wishes of those conservative republicans nor does it encourage democrats to change parties.

    2. Mike,
      In NM we have paper ballots. That’s not the issue. The issue is who is filling out those ballots and handing them in. Mail-in paper ballots have an issue – charge of custody. If the ballot is going through the mail to reach the voter, what if the voter never asked for it and it got intercepted by someone else who filled it out? That’s another reason R’s need to vote early in person so their vote will not be stolen by the phony voter system.

  9. Mick Rich is your average uniparty apologist to keep “Charlie Brown” aka the public, kicking the football. Judging by the previous comments you can see that it’s not working. Saying there’s not election fraud is merely gaslighting the public. Cleverly trying to confuse election “fraud” with election “fairness “ is a most devious attempt at keeping the status Quo where communists of both parties have had great success at destroying this state and country!

    1. Norteno: No one has clicked on how to file a FEC complaint for campaign contribution violations. Today it was announced that Sam Bankman-Fried is facing campaign finance violations. The money will most likely have to be given back. If Trump supporters file FEC complaints against Zuckerberg for his 2020 contribution it will accomplish two things, hinder the lefts continued buying of elections and maybe, just maybe you can make a difference.

  10. Stephanie McKenzie

    I find this article thought provoking. But in the end it does not change my mind. We must get rid of the machines, it is proven they can and have been hacked to count the ballots the way the programmers want the election to go. Mail in ballots are a crooked joke. I, myself received 6 mail-in ballots, 2 for me and 4 for other people who I assume lived here before. could I have filled them all out and they would all be counted? And I found out that you can register to vote online just with your address – how many are fake registrations – AND from illegal aliens. The dems really are evil in their plotting but the republicans are just as guilty because they continue to be wimps and do not stand up for what is right. Now the legislature is making it easier to falsify elections and even let 16 year olds vote. I have known some very mature 16yr olds but really the majority do not have enough wisdom to research candidates and make good voting decisions. Now I wonder about most Americans.

  11. IF we are to have fair elections in NM, we must go back to paper ballots and voting only on Election Day. No experimental shot requirements or mask requirements to work at the polls. We currently need actual elected not seated people who take an oath to uphold the Constitution, to do such, or they need to be taken right out of office. With that, I see most seats vacant as they are obviously not upholding their oath of office. Steve Pearce was not elected by the people to hold that office or anyone else. So he should not have the right to pick who the R candidate was. The whole thing is shameful and disgusting what is going on in the Round house. No Bills to address the real problems going on in this state.

    1. You probably agree with those of us who see the Republican Steve Pearce as a RINO only to protect what he wants and to hell with the rest of the state republicans

  12. The Republicans here in NM cowardly did not oppose the 2020 election in spite of seeing the indications of fraud. Our own county commissioners in Sandoval County wimped out on their duty to stand up. Because of this, I don’t trust any of our own Republican county commissioners. They failed. They have no courage. They could have and didn’t.
    That includes you; John Block.

  13. Was 2020 stolen or unfair? The correct answer, unlike the drivel above, is “yes.” While what was described above also happened, it is naive to think that computers are not also being used. The scam is intricate and those, apparently like Mick Rich, who cannot think outside the box enough to believe that some criminals are mastermind geniuses able to pull off intricate scams. And since politicians benefit the most from the uniparty setup, the computerized aspects of the scam are denied. The gaslighting continues and the Dems continue to win by a small margin as Independents are totally disenfranchised.

    1. When Republicans lose by 10 to 20 percent of the votes in New Mexico, that is not evidence of election fraud, that is evidence of failing to reach the voters. Of the thousands people that read the article, only two people clicked to send an email to the editor of the ABQ Journal to push back on the bias reporting. Two people can be ignored, not hundreds, make your voice heard. Email ABQ Journal Editor

  14. The Republican party of New Mexico is being led by a RINO chairman whose only interested in what is best for him and his group. When do they go out and visit those counties that are voting democrat and when do they try and get someone from the Republican party to run for these positions. I know from experience that if a democrat runs in the primary he/she automatically wins the position because there is no one running in the general. The party should start early (like right now) to find someone to run for all the positions available. Don’t be like they were with that idiot from Albuquerque who lost and then started shooting up the homes of commissioners. After all he was an ex-convict who was not vetted by the party. Oh and now we are going to have a law addressing ex-cons can vote. That is what we get when we don’t have good conservative Republicans running for offices in those strong democrat counties. When was the last time San Miguel, Rio Arriba, Taos Counties elected a Republican to a state
    office? Where was the Republican candidate for District 3 when she ran against Leger Fernandez she only showed up a couple of weeks before the general election. Now that is no way to say you want to win.

  15. I think Trump good president and Is thinks good for the worlds. Americas not dumb and knowed Russia is friend and Putin good man, rich like Trump. No fraud only russias wnat to helps america from big governmnt which is bad.

  16. Since the election was certainly stolen, it was also certainly unfair to President Trump and to every person who voted for him and, ultimately, to the entire country as our liberties continue to be trampled while we are driven into misery – assisted by herd mentality voters incapable of critical thinking and criminals in both parties. The current regime in NM is led by a ‘governor’ who is running a criminal enterprise which includes rigged Dominion machines she proudly purchased. How difficult is it to comprehend that the 2020 election was stolen?

  17. I hope this article does not reflect the opinion of the Pinon Post about corruption of the machines and ballot harvesting not only in the 2020 election but in all elections especially 2022 in Arizona where you had every type of voter fraud.

  18. The election was rigged, stolen, and they have been for years. Until you go to a written ballot on election day that is hand counted there will be cheating. New Mexico is all but lost. The U.S. Constitution is still the Supreme Law of the Land and right now that is what New Mexican have to cling to.
    And compromising, head in the sand people, that don’t understand the seriousness of the election fraud are a part of the problem.

    1. That’s why republicans lost the popular vote TWICE in the the past twenty years but still won the electoral college. Who would ever vote against a divisive president hated by many in his own party. Great idea- Hire Cyber Ninjas to audit New Mexico election. It worked great in Arizona.

  19. Apparently, you haven’t been paying attention when you say there is no evidence of a stolen election. There is lots of video footage of people stuffing ballots into drop boxes. There is plenty of evidence of fraudulent ballots and destruction of ballots.

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