NM House passes eco-left bill that will significantly raise gas prices

The New Mexico House of Representatives voted Sunday to pass a “clean transportation fuel standard” that will increase gas prices by around 50 cents per gallon or more. The passage was narrowly secured with a vote tally of 36-33, reflecting a divided stance among the legislators, with Democrats joining all Republicans to reject it.

The bill in question, identified as a modified version of House Bill 41 by the House Judiciary Committee, seeks to lay the groundwork for a statewide initiative focused on diminishing the carbon intensity associated with transportation fuels. The ambitious targets set by this initiative aim for a reduction of at least 20% from the levels recorded in 2018 by the year 2030, escalating to a minimum of 30% by 2040.

Proponents of the bill, such as sponsor Rep. Kristina Ortez from Taos, argue that the establishment of such standards is crucial for attracting clean fuel businesses to New Mexico. Ortez highlighted the potential financial and environmental benefits at stake, emphasizing the risk of missing out on substantial federal investments and the opportunity to improve air quality.

The bill faced heavy criticism from Republicans, particularly concerning the potential impact on fuel prices. They voiced concerns that the implementation of clean fuel standards could lead to higher costs for consumers at the pump. GOP Rep. Jared Hembree from Roswell proposed an amendment aimed at enhancing transparency regarding compliance costs, which, however, did not pass.

States that have adopted similar standards, such as California, Oregon, and Washington, admit that they directly increase fuel prices in these states.

The discussion also delved into the specifics of how fuels with significant greenhouse gas emissions would be evaluated under the new standards, with assurances that they would indeed be assessed.

As the debate concluded after three hours, the bill now faces its next hurdle in the Senate, with a tight timeline to secure approval if it is to be enacted into law.


20 thoughts on “NM House passes eco-left bill that will significantly raise gas prices”

  1. The Dems that voted for this bill do not represent the majority of their constituents, many whom already have trouble budgeting for gasoline. They only aim to appease the rich elite and the enviro extremists. Shame on them.

    Hope a majority of the Senate Dems have more sense and help defeat it.

  2. This is the rich, wealthy “bourgeoisie” in communism. The common people can’t afford gas in their 10+ year old cars while the rich Santa Fe politicians are buying 50k+ electric vehicles and taxing the poor.

    Politics used to be public service. Now we have Communists in Santa Fe who have used it to oppress and wield power against the people of New Mexico.

    We are under Communism.

    1. Sorry JT, those rich santa fee elites are all state employees, sucking off the government teat and “sacrificing for goobmint service”.
      The only sacrifice these greenies make are children captured by Jeffrey Epstein and sold to them for sex slaves, adrenochrome and ritual sacrifice. New Mexico is their proving ground, a backwater to learn dimmoKKKrap 101 politics – Bribery made Easy, How to Steal a Red Hot Stove, Lie with Conviction, Milking the Rubes, How to Make The BIG MONEY in Politics, Insider Trading – A Primer, A How To Manual for Outright Theft (and don’t get caught)
      Our own plump dumpling, Her Thighness, queen mlg tried out for the big time a few years ago but failed badly, hauling her very large posterior back to New Mexico (it took several trips) just a couple steps ahead of a Grand Jury indictment for her dalliances with that Pakistani Spy Ring – the Awan Gang.
      But deals were made, “campaign contributions” were exchanged (perhaps some VERY hush hush midnight romps) and she was demoted to the minor leagues for more experience. She’s hoping that Yankee carpetbagger Reinhard Heydrich will quit pretending to live in New Mexico and trade Lil queenie the Valle Vidal Ranch, or Spaceport America for his senate seat. Who knows, JT, but whatever it is, you can count on us taxpayers taking a beating on the deal and being left holding the bill.

  3. The round house is being run by evil ungodly people (And MLG is the worst of them all) who think that communism and/or socialism is the way to go…. People need to wake up and realize that if this continues, we will be in a 3rd world situation. They first take away our right to bear arms, and our rights guaranteed in the Constitution of the United States, And then our wealth. And tell us how to live. If people would research and realize that socialism or communism will turn this state and the USA into another Cuba, Venezuela, Russia, China, etc…. into a 3rd world country. I just pray the people will wake up and research for the truth before (if not already) it’s too late…. Praying for Gods mercy.

  4. No matter how much our carbon footprint is reduced, even to zero, it will have no effect whatsoever on the rest of the world. China and India are the worst polluters and they have no intention of ever reducing their fossil fuel use. China continues to build coal plants like they are going out of style. What is wrong with all the brain-dead people who keep voting for Marxist/Communist democRATS in our country? All this climate change and eco bullshit is nothing more than their goal of wanting to control every single aspect of our lives. We need to fight back against this totalitarianism with every fiber of our being.

    1. What is wrong with them? They just do not care about America; They want to destroy much of it. Some are just stupid/ignorant. But most have a globalist agenda that is unconstitutional and evil.

  5. No one can afford food, now we can’t afford to drive to buy food or anything else for that matter. This state is going to hell under Grisham.

  6. Who does this to the people in the poorest state in the country.We are a 100% democrat controlled state and we have a castrated republican leader named Steve Pierce,with the exception of Block and Lord I am ashamed of RPNM !!.

  7. Everybody is correct. The problem is we have allowed these mental midgets to take over and run the circus. The republicans are no better. They like being bullied by the Marxist midget! They always have the same excuse “ we are outnumbered and we need more money”. Pay attention to who is pushing all of this socialist legislation. There are about 4 or 5 women in the house and 2 or 3 in the senate that are behind all of this. They need to go!

  8. I will drive to El Paso ten minutes away. Let the Dems pay the extra cash. Maybe New Mexicans will get off there high democrat horses if they cannot afford to drive. Go vote these Marxists out of office. Most NMs are conservative, WTH does it take to wake folks up???

  9. There doing this cause they want to force people to go green. I’m sure the dumbcrats have gasoline operated cars. It’s funny how they can just change it. I thought Biden was in charge of gas prices. It doesn’t surprise New Mexico dumbocrats are joke. They want everyone to follow their rules. I use to love living here. Midget with no lip and no eyebrows ruined it for everyone.Shes like a dictator.Just like Hitler.

  10. the DemonRats are idiot’s!!!!! Wait until the next election hopefully New Mexicans are waking up and will vote these idiot’s out for good.

  11. They don’t listen to common sense. People need gas to go to work to pay for their rent or mortgage and put food on the table with increasingly increasing costs on groceries! The first thing to go will be food before they are homeless and there are so many poor New Mexicans already! They can’t lose their job so gas will be the priority to keep the roof over their heads. This communist Democrat State government has us over a barrel of sharks!

  12. Living in Lea County I get my groceries and gas in Odessa or Lubbock. I try my best not to send revenue to chairman Luann

  13. Silly people!!!!!
    If that bighorn sheep wants to identify as an elk, who are we to discriminate!!!
    You go Timmy boy( go back to your deep hole)

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